Amiibo Training Guide: Young Link (SSBU)

Welcome to the Young Link training guide! With the imminent release of his Smash amiibo figure (and the fact that I’ve finally managed to pull off a tournament win with it), I thought it would be a good time to write this up. Let’s get to it!

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Konoha Seishin – amiibo Tournament Announcement

Konoha Seishin is a reoccurring Spirits tournament with multiple stages, held on March 1st and streamed on my personal twitch. This tournament will begin with all amiibo split into 8 groups for a round-robin. The top 2 of each group, 16 amiibo, will move on to a Swiss stage. After the Swiss stage, we will finish off with the top 8 moving on to a standard double elimination bracket.

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Introduction to Amiibo Doubles

“It’s easy to get good players.  Getting them to play together, that’s the hard part.” -Casey Stengel, 3-time champion baseball manager

In one-on-one combat, you can develop a good idea of the metagame. After all, in one-on-one it’s easy to analyze the data on which attacks are best, what match-ups are difficult for specific Amiibos, and which training techniques can be best used to condition an Amiibo’s AI to act a certain way. These data points lead to an understanding of the metagame and lead us to create things like tier lists.

In doubles, you can almost throw the entire concept of tier lists out the window. This is because once you have two Amiibos to a side, you can make up for one Amiibo’s shortcomings with another Amiibo’s strengths. But that in turn introduces new quirks into the AI as you now have Amiibos trying to process the data of two enemies and one friendly.

But this complication and lack of definition is exactly what makes the world of Amiibo Doubles combat so intriguing. You’re not trying to create a warrior but a team. This allows for pairs of Amiibos who you would never consider strong contenders in single combat to form powerful teams. So, if this new concept intrigues you, step on in and let’s discuss how you can get your team ready for Doubles Combat!

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