Character Guide: Lucina

The information in this guide is up to date, but the format is not. I will be updating this guide with a smoother, cleaner format, as well as additional tips and tricks, in the near future.

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File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations Classic Lucina.png

Welcome to Amiibo Dojo’s Lucina character guide! To start off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Amiibo Dojo – your support is much appreciated.

Character Background / Amiibo Release Information

Lucina is a character from the Fire Emblem series. She’s a distant descendant of Marth and the daughter of Chrom. When the antagonistic dragon Grima and his legions bring Lucina’s timeline to ruin, she travels back in time to prevent the revival of Grima in Chrom’s timeline.

Lucina’s amiibo was (notoriously) released on May 29th, 2015. There were severe stock issues with this figure – many stores didn’t get any, and the ones that did only got 1 or 2 at best. It was just a huge mess, and a lot of people were left unhappy.

For those of you who were able to pick up a Lucina, you’re in luck. Not only is she relatively easy to train, but she performs very well in battle. Something tells me you’re here because you want to train it. In this guide, I’m going to show you the steps you need to take to turn your amiibo into a top tournament contender. Let’s get started.


Now that I’ve given a formal guide introduction, it’s time to get down to business. We’re going to begin by talking about Lucina’s pros and cons, and the reasoning behind my decision to place her in the amiibo tier list’s Rank.

Amiibo Overview


Lucina is a fantastic amiibo. She’s easy to train, and performs very well. One of her biggest strengths is her side special, Dancing Blade. It’s a four-stage combo move that the amiibo executes perfectly. It really helps her to rack up a lot of damage in a short amount of time. In general, Lucina has a very high and consistent damage output. She’s also got a Counter, which can help her change fate in a pinch. Lastly, her AI is above average – it’s smart and adaptive, which greatly contributes to her success.

Lucina does have her flaws, though. Her most noticeable difference from Marth is that she has no tippers on her attacks. This makes her easier to train, but also removes the opportunity to get extremely early KOs with proper spacing. Like many other characters, she may also randomly use her up special on stage, but your amiibo will stop doing this if it participates in a lot of battles. Finally, Lucina does prioritize her aerials a bit too much – forward aerial and especially down aerial come to mind.

The Consensus

Lucina’s pros outweigh her cons, and while she isn’t quite on the level of Marth, I still believe that she is a very viable tournament pick. For this reason, this amiibo has been placed into the tier list’s S Rank.


Now that we’ve talked about Lucina’s pros and cons, it’s time to really get down to business and start training her!

Before we begin, there’s something I want to mention real quick. I feed all of my amiibo equipment and train them to be champions, so I don’t do any “vanilla” training (vanilla in this context means to train your amiibo without feeding it any equipment). I believe that by refusing to feed your amiibo, you’re handicapping it and limiting its potential. As such,  my guides are tailored to those of you who feed your amiibo, and this one is no exception. To get the most out of it, I highly recommend you feed your Lucina.

Lucina – Recommended Stats Boosts

There’s two stat spreads that I would recommend for Lucina. They’re not too different from each other, but which one you go with comes down to your own personal preference. Here’s the first of the two stat spreads:

  • Stat Spread #1: +40 Attack | +70 Defense | +10 Speed

This is a spread that keeps defense in mind. If you’re an Amiibo Dojo regular, you’d know that I love teaching amiibo to put defense first. This setup gives a sizable boost to the defenses while increasing her strength and mobility – it is my go-to spread!

  • Stat Spread #2: +40 Attack | +40 Defense | +40 Speed

Like I said earlier, this spread isn’t too different from #1. It sacrifices 30 points in defense in exchange for an additional 30 points in speed. Your amiibo will take slightly more damage and knockback, but in exchange, it will be able to react faster and return to the stage slightly easier.

Once you’ve selected one of the above stat setups, we’ll move right along to deciding on bonus effects!

This is a picture of my Lucina amiibo’s stats, bonuses, and custom moves!

Lucina – Recommended Bonus Effects

There are two specific bonuses that I highly recommend you use on Lucina: Critical-hit capability and Lifesteal. The critical-hit bonus, hence its name, gives your amiibo’s attacks a chance to deal three times as much damage as usual. It works very well in conjunction with Lifesteal, which allows your amiibo to recover health just by attacking. Again, I highly recommend these two bonuses for your amiibo – they’ll really help her out in battle.

That leaves the third bonus effect slot open. There’s a few things you could go with here. The first is Improved escapability, like I did. This’ll allow your Lucina to escape from grabs much easier, to the point where she’ll essentially be immune to being thrown! Another idea for slot three is Auto-heal capability. In conjunction with Lifesteal, your amiibo will be recovering a lot of health if you add Auto-heal. One last option is Easy perfect shield. If you do choose to go with Critical hit and Lifesteal, Easy perfect shield compliments these two bonuses nicely by allowing your amiibo to more easily block incoming attacks.

Don’t want to use any of the spreads listed above? There are plenty of other options. Here are a few other setups you could potentially choose from:


Do any of these combinations strike your fancy? Pick a spread, and you’ll have your amiibo’s stats and bonuses decided. If you want to take a look at even more bonus setups, check out this article on feeding your amiibo!

Once you have decided on both stats (which you should’ve done a bit ago) and bonus effects, it’s time to move on to custom moves!

Lucina – Recommended Custom Moves

Custom moves aren’t really necessary on Lucina – you’d be fine with her standard special moves. There are, however, two specific custom moves you could consider using. The first move is Dolphin Jump. Rather than slashing upwards, Lucina merely jumps high into the air and does no damage. This makes training a lot easier, because it removes the possibility of your amiibo randomly using up special – it will realize that the move deals no damage and will stop using it very quickly. It also goes higher than the standard move, so there’s that, too. The second move is Iai Counter. The counter window is shorter, but it activates faster, deals electric damage, inflicts more damage, and launches opponents backwards. If you can react in a split second, this is a good custom move for you. If you can’t react fast, that’s fine too – you can just go with the default version instead. That’s what I did.

Feeding your amiibo

If your Lucina amiibo is Level 50, and you’re reading this guide because you want to make it better without resetting it (which is completely fine), please click HERE to be scrolled down to the Post-Level 50 Training section.

Go to Games & More, navigate to the Vault, and then go into the amiibo section. Tap in your Lucina amiibo – it should still be Level 1. We’re going to begin by giving it the three bonuses you decided on. For example, if you chose the Critical-hit capability / Improved escapability / Lifesteal set, you’d start by feeding it pieces of equipment that yield those bonuses. But let’s say you realize you don’t have a critical-hit bonus. In this case, you’d only give Lucina the Hyper smash attacks and Improved escapability bonuses – which leaves open one slot. This is so that you can give your Lucina amiibo the critical hit bonus once you get one. Once your amiibo has its bonuses, you’ll need to round out its stats to the spread you decided on.

You will need to continue to feed your amiibo and adjust its stats until their values match up with the decision you made earlier. At some point, though, your amiibo will become full and won’t be able to eat any more equipment. Normally, you’d have to battle it to be able to feed it more equipment – which would result in it leveling up. Luckily, there’s a workaround that was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer that allows you to have your amiibo fully fed before it ever levels up. If you take your full amiibo into a 1-stock match and immediately kill yourself when the game begins, you’ll be able to feed it again. You can simply repeat this as many times as needed until it’s fully fed. Using this method, you will be able to Level 1 have your amiibo fully fed with the stats and bonuses you want (this is because KOing yourself one time in such a short game isn’t enough for the amiibo to pass Level 1)!

Before you move on, make sure that your amiibo meets the following criteria:

  • Is still at Level 1*
  • Has the stats and bonuses you want

If your amiibo is not at Level 1, and you made a mistake, do not worry, you can still continue. I just recommend your amiibo have all its equipment at Level 1 so that it has slightly more time to adjust to its bonuses. 

If your amiibo meets the criteria above, great! If it doesn’t, and there’s a problem of some sort that you can’t fix, please don’t hesitate to ask me over at the Amiibo Dojo forums. You don’t have to register to ask a question, and you can expect a speedy response!

Training your amiibo

If you’re a site regular, you’d know that I train my amiibo to play defense. In fact, one of my amiibo, Ness, won a tournament because he was able to block and counterattack at the drop of a hat. Lucina can use the same techniques to become a champion – this guide’s going to teach you how to turn your amiibo into a smart, decisive fighter that uses defensive tactics to its advantage.

Step 1: Super Smash Bros. Fundamentals (Levels 1-18)

  • Character you need to play as: Lucina
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches
  • What you need to do: Use Forward smash, Dancing Blade, and Counter.

We’re going to start your amiibo’s training with a relatively simple step. You’ll be using three moves and three moves only – forward smash, Dancing Blade (Lucina’s side special), and Counter. These are the only moves your amiibo will need to use to succeed, so we’re introducing them at an early level so that she’ll rely on them later on. As you battle your amiibo, be sure not to jump or use any aerials. We don’t want your amiibo randomly hopping around later on during training, so it’s important that you send that signal now.

Training Tips: There’s a couple of quirks the Lucina amiibo has that you’ll need to watch out for. First and foremost, if your amiibo is directly above you, it will use down aerial. That’s your cue to either get out of the way or use Counter. You definitely don’t want to get hit by down air too often, so be aware that your amiibo will use the move whenever you’re in range. At some point, she’ll also poke around with her neutral special, Shield Breaker. It may seem obvious, but try not get hit by this, and definitely don’t try to block it unless you want a broken shield. As you battle your amiibo, try to connect all four hits of Dancing Blade. There’s a certain timing to it, and you might need to practice in training mode before you can comfortably pull off all four hits. It’s also a good idea to purposefully get hit by your amiibo’s Dancing Blade combos. And finally, if you gave your amiibo the default Dolphin Slash move instead of Dolphin Jump, you’ll need to be careful. When your amiibo is off stage and uses its up special to recover, she may hit you with it on accident (which, in turn, will make her use it more often). When you are off stage, you will likely hit your amiibo with up special by accident if you aren’t careful, so try to recover low.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 18.

Step 2: Teaching Specific Moves (Levels 19-30)

  • Character you need to play as: Lucina
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches, amiibo at 300% handicap
  • What you need to do: Use Forward smash, Dancing Blade, and Counter.

For step 2, you’re going to continue to play as Lucina on omega stages. Except this time, you’ll have to set your amiibo’s handicap to 300% while leaving yours at 0%. As for the matches themselves, you’re going to KO your amiibo with forward smash, Dancing Blade*, and Counter, just like step 1. Since your amiibo is at 300% handicap, it’s probably going to die to whatever move you hit it with. Be sure to only KO your amiibo with one of those four moves.

*Dancing Blade will be somewhat difficult to KO with. Your amiibo will take too much knockback, and you will not be able to score all four hits on her. Don’t use this move too much, but when you do, try specifically to KO your amiibo with the final hit.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 30.

Step 3: Standard Match Practice (Levels 31-45)

  • Character you need to play as: Lucina
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches
  • What you need to do: Use Forward smash, Dancing Blade, and Counter.

Bring your amiibo’s handicap back to 0%. We’re essentially going to repeat step 1, but now your amiibo will be smarter and react quicker. Again, keep using only forward smash, Dancing Blade, and Counter. When using Dancing Blade, once again, try to land all four hits of the combo on your amiibo. Continue to remain grounded at all times – do not jump, and do not use any aerials. There’s really not much else to say here, but the training tips from section 1 still apply.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 45.

Step 4: Defensive Practice (Levels 46-50)

  • Character you need to play as: Lucina
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches
  • What you need to do: Play defense against your amiibo.

There’s two options you can do for this step. The first and simplest option is to use the Amiibo 15 guide. This is a guide by the Amiibo Trainer website that I use on my amiibo a lot. It helps you to teach them to play defense.

If you do not want to do that, you can use the timer item instead. Be warned, though – even though I find it easy to use them, others find it difficult and frustrating, which is why I gave you the option of using the Amiibo 15 instead. The concept of using Timers to improve your amiibo was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. He uses them for passive play, but I have found success by using them for defense.

If you definitely for sure want to use timers (I still recommend you use the Amiibo 15 instead, but everyone has their preferences), you first might want to create a custom Lucina build (which you can do by going to Games & More > Custom > Lucina) that has three Easy perfect shield bonuses. This will allow you to perfect shield your amiibo’s attacks easier.

So, you’re going to need to turn handicap back on, and set both you and your amiibo to 300%. Go into items and turn on only the Timer item, and set its frequency to high. If you grab this item, it will slow down your amiibo, but you’ll remain at the same speed, which will give you a lot of time to react to its movement. You’ll be playing timed matches again – set the time for 3 or 5 minutes, whichever suits your fancy. When the game begins, grab the first timer that appears. There’s actually a few things that could happen once you activate this item – here are all three possible effects:

First Effect: The timer slows down your amiibo, but you remain at the same speed. 

  • This is what you want to happen. If the timer has this effect, you should walk over to your slowed down amiibo and wait for her to attack. When she does, try to perfect shield the attack. If you successfully block with perfect timing, you will hear a soft “ping” sound. Immediately after you perfect shield, respond with a forward smash – this will likely KO your amiibo. When it respawns (keep in mind that if a character is standing on the respawn platform, they are immune to the timer’s effects), grab the next timer that appears and repeat this process.

Second Effect: The timer slows down the whole game, including you and your amiibo.

  • This isn’t very desirable, because this effect does not give you an advantage over your amiibo like it normally would. If this happens, be on the lookout for another timer. Perfect shield your amiibo’s attacks and respond with a forward smash if you can, but you should focus on grabbing another timer.

Third Effect: The timer backfires and slows you down, while your amiibo is at normal speed.

  • This is a really frustrating outcome, as your amiibo will now have a speed advantage over you. That being said, though, it probably won’t go all-out on you while you’re slowed down. If the timer backfires on you, you should hold down your shield. Your amiibo will grab you and very likely kill you with a throw, and you’ll respawn at normal speed and will have another chance at grabbing a timer.

Basically, if you do choose to go with the timers, you want to perfect shield and counterattack with forward smash as often as you can. We’re doing this to teach the amiibo that she can use defensive tactics like blocking and dodging to open up an opportunity to get a strong hit in on her opponent.

By the way, after each timer match, you should take your amiibo into a normal game with no handicap and no items. In this match, you should focus on using all four hits of Dancing Blade, since the move doesn’t work well when your amiibo is at high percentage.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is at Level 50!

Post-Level 50 Training

Congratulations! Your Lucina amiibo has reached Level 50. Now your training really begins. In order to make him a top tournament contender, she’ll need as much experience against as many different amiibo opponents as possible.You can always check about my guide that talks about training your amiibo after it hits Level 50, but there are a few specific training methods that work very well on Lucina.

Getting your amiibo to counter more

If you haven’t gotten the message (which is fine), amiibo that have counterattacks are really good (except for Palutena, who never uses hers). It is important that your amiibo learns to use its own counter move. There’s a very simple way of doing this – simply turn on the timer item and set its frequency to high just like Step 3.

When the game begins, grab the first timer that appears. Your amiibo will be slowed down, but you will remain at the same speed (sometimes the timer backfires, though). Then, all you have to do is wait for your amiibo to attack – when it starts to make its move, you’ll have ample time to use Counter. That’s the general jist of it, anyway.

Improving your amiibo’s defensive capabilities

If you ever notice that your amiibo’s defensive capabilities are lacking, it’s not using enough forward smash, or if it’s not playing well in general, the Amiibo 15 is a great guide you can use to improve your amiibo. Me and many other trainers have used this guide to prepare our amiibo for tournaments, and you should too! Amiibo Trainer, who created the Amiibo 15, has also provided Amiibo Dojo with an article on defense, which you can read by clicking here.

Teaching your amiibo to connect all four hits of Dancing Blade

One problem with Lucina is that her side special doesn’t work well if her opponent has high handicap. A simple fix to this is to take your amiibo into a 3-minute match with no handicap and using Dancing Blade, being sure to connect all four hits.


File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations All-Star Lucina.png

We’re just about done here – thanks so much for reading this guide! I hope you can put the strategies we talked about to good use. If you liked this guide, and want to learn more about amiibo training, why not check out the Amiibo Dojo forums? They’re 100% free to join, and you’ll be able to talk to fellow amiibo trainers worldwide. If you have any questions, you can ask them here. It’s a forum section that guests can post in, so if you have any burning questions, you don’t even need to register to ask them!


I may have done the training and the initial guide writing, but I had some help from a few others. This part’s dedicated to thanking them for their assistance!

Secret Password: Crimson


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    1. I would say use timers. Timers are an item that slows your opponent down. So, turn only timers on, set them to high frequency, and put your amiibo at 300%. Set the match time to 5 minutes. When the game begins, be sure to grab the first timer that appears. Your Lucina will be slowed down, but you will be at normal speed. Wait for her to use side b. When she does, Counter it!


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