Character Guide: Mr. Game & Watch

This guide is outdated. It will be updated in the near future with new information and a fresher, smoother format. Thanks for your understanding!

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Welcome to Amiibo Dojo’s Mr. Game & Watch character guide! To start off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit the Amiibo Dojo – your support is much appreciated.

Character Background

Mr. Game & Watch is an amalgamation of various generic characters featured in Nintendo’s Game & Watch products. He’s the only fighter in Super Smash Bros. who lacks a third dimension – this is a nod to the LCD display of Game & Watch units. In the United States, Mr. Game & Watch’s amiibo was released alongside R.O.B. and Duck Hunt in a GameStop exclusive 3-Pack. In all other territories, he’s only available in a standalone box.

Amiibo Information

You know, Mr. Game & Watch is a character a lot of amiibo trainers struggle with. In hindsight, it’s easy to see why – he’s got laggy attacks, a slow pummel, and suffers from some minor AI issues. It also doesn’t help that he’s one of the lightest characters in the game. Luckily, I’ve cooked up a guide that will help your amiibo get past all these flaws and become a top tournament contender. With all that said, let’s get started!



Now that I’ve introduced the guide, it’s time to get down to business. In this section, we’re going to talk about Mr. Game & Watch’s pros and cons, and the reasoning behind my decision to place him in the amiibo tier list’s B Rank.

Amiibo Overview


Mr. Game & Watch’s small list of pros doesn’t mean he isn’t a capable amiibo – the strengths he does have area really good. Despite him being a lightweight, he packs a big punch. A good, clean hit from certain attacks can KO opponents as early as 95%. Because of this, he can rack up damage and KO opponents very well. One of Mr. Game & Watch’s defining moves is his side special, Judge, where he holds up a digital display and attacks with his hammer. The display shows a number anywhere from 1 to 9 – the higher the number displayed, the more devastating the attack’s effects are. In fact, a 9 can one-hit KO some opponents! This means that he has a chance of turning the tide of the entire battle in just one move! His recovery is also superb; it’s a strong launch that sends Mr. Game & Watch high up into the air. At the apex of the jump, he’ll deploy a parachute that will allow you to control his descent easier.

If you haven’t noticed, Mr. Game & Watch is lacking a third dimension – he’s completely flat, so his defenses are literally paper thin. He’s the lightest character in the game bar Jigglypuff, and this means that he struggles against powerful opponents like Bowser and Ganondorf. While he does have a high damage output, as mentioned before, his actual attacks are very slow. They’ve got a lot of start-up and ending lag, so you’ll need to teach Mr. Game & Watch to properly time his moves. This trait is also true for his pummel, which is the slowest in the whole game. Ouch. He also suffers from a few (albeit minor) issues in his AI. First, he may randomly use his up special on the stage, which does leave him vulnerable. He also prioritizes aerials and jab (he doesn’t spam them, per se, but if you let him hit you with them, it will become an issue). These are problematic at first, but as time goes on, these tendencies will thin out.

The Consensus

Overall, Mr. Game & Watch’s pros are on par with his cons. If you give him a lot of defense points and help him to stop using random up specials, aerials, and jabs, you’ll have a very capable fighter on your hands.




Now that we’ve gone over Mr. Game & Watch’s pros and cons, it’s time to start training him. We’ll talk about stats and bonuses and raising him to Level 50.

Before we begin, there’s something I want to mention real quick. I feed all of my amiibo equipment and train them to be champions, so I don’t do any “vanilla” training (vanilla in this context means to train your amiibo without feeding it any equipment). I believe that by refraining to feed your amiibo, you’re handicapping it and limiting its potential. As such,  my guides are tailored to those of you who feed your amiibo, and this one is no exception. To get the most out of it, I highly recommend you feed your Mr. Game & Watch. That being said, though, if you’re bent on keeping it vanilla, you should still find success by using this guide.

My Mr. Game & Watch’s Equipment

Above is an image of my amiibo’s status screen. As you can probably tell, I gave Mr. Game & Watch +80 in defense to compensate for his light weight. The rest of the allotted 120 points (80 of which were used on defense) were placed into attack and speed.

His bonus effects are Auto-heal capability, Health-restoring shield, and Lifesteal, which are collectively known as the First Aid Kit (the name was coined by Amiibo Trainer). This setup allows my amiibo to recover 2% health every 3 seconds, and to recover more HP by shielding and attacking.

Deciding on Stats and Bonuses

Before you take your amiibo into battle, you’ll need to decide which stats and bonus effects you’re going to feed it. By the way, it’s totally fine if you decide to copy my amiibo’s stats and bonuses. If you need a reminder as to what they are, here you go:

+20 Attack | +80 Defense | +20 Speed

  • Auto-heal capability
  • Health-restoring shield
  • Lifesteal

This setup worked really well for me, so it should work for you as well! If you want to try a different setup on your amiibo, well, that’s fine too. I’ve prepared a complete guide on feeding your amiibo, which includes a big list of potential setups for your amiibo. Read the list, and choose one that looks good to you! Once you’ve decided on stats and bonuses, you’ll be all set to begin the feeding process.

Feeding your Amiibo

Go to Games & More, navigate to the Vault, and then go into the amiibo section. Scan in your Level 1* amiibo – it’s time to start feeding it! Remember those three bonus effects you decided on in the last paragraph? Feed your amiibo those three bonuses now. Then, you’ll need to start feeding it equipment to raise or lower its stats (without overwriting the bonuses) to the values you decided on.

You will need to continue to feed your amiibo and adjust its stats until their values match up with the decision you made earlier. At some point, though, your amiibo will become full and won’t be able to eat any more equipment. Luckily, there’s a workaround that was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. If you take your full amiibo into a 1-stock match and immediately kill yourself when the game begins, you’ll be able to feed it again. You can simply repeat this as many times as needed until it’s fully fed. Using this method, you will be able to have your amiibo fully fed with the stats and bonuses you want before it even levels up (this is because KOing yourself one time in such a short game isn’t enough for the amiibo to pass Level 1)!

By the way, if you are missing one of the bonuses you decided on, don’t worry. For example, let’s say you had wanted to give your Mr. Game & Watch the Auto-heal capability bonus, but you realize that you do not have it. In this case, give your amiibo the other two bonuses you had planned on, and leave the third slot blank. When you get the Auto-heal capability bonus, you’ll be able to add it. Please note, if you leave the third slot blank, you should still round out Mr. Game & Watch’ stats to what you decided on, even though you will need to feed him again once you acquire the missing bonus.

Before you move on, make sure that your amiibo meets the following criteria:

  • Is still at Level 1*
  • Has the stats and bonuses you want

If your amiibo is not at Level 1, and you made a mistake, do not worry, you can continue. I just recommend your amiibo have all its equipment at Level 1 so that it has slightly more time to adjust to its bonuses. If your amiibo isn’t Level 1, don’t worry. You can still train a champion!

If your amiibo meets the criteria above, great! It’s time to move on! If it doesn’t, and there’s a problem of some sort that you can’t fix, please don’t hesitate to ask me over at the Amiibo Dojo forums. You don’t have to register to ask a question, and you can expect a speedy response!

Custom Moves

Mr. Game & Watch has a few interesting custom moves. First up is Short-Order Chef, a faster but weaker neutral special. And there’s also Chain Judge, a custom side special. Instead of additional defense, the number displayed indicates the number of times it will hit an opponent. And, well, that’s about it.

So, we’ve decided on stats and bonus effects, we fed your amiibo, and we talked about custom moves. Your amiibo should be all set and ready to begin training. If it’s Level 1, has the stats and bonuses you decided on, and any custom moves you wanted it to have, then you are ready to go! Let’s start training your amiibo!

If you’re a site regular, you’d know that I train my amiibo to play defense. In fact, one of my amiibo, Ness, won a tournament because he was able to block and counterattack at the drop of a hat. Defense is especially important for Mr. Game & Watch – he’s so light that any hit could spell doom. This guide’s going to give you some techniques on how to teach your amiibo to block, dodge, and counterattack with impunity.

Step 1: Super Smash Bros. Fundamentals (Levels 1-18)

  • Character you need to play as: Mr. Game & Watch
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches, amiibo at 300% handicap
  • What you need to do: KO your amiibo with forward smash and Judge.

This is the first and easiest step in your amiibo’s training. You’ll need to play as Mr. Game & Watch, even if you’re not good at him. For this step, set the game rules to a timed match. I recommend 3-5 minutes per match. Set your amiibo’s handicap to 300% (make sure you have 0% handicap but your amiibo has 300%), and choose an omega-style stage or Final Destination. All you need to do is KO your amiibo with forward smash and Judge – it’s as simple as that. Don’t use any other moves, and most of all, don’t jump or use aerials. If you do, your amiibo will randomly hop around like a rabbit later on, making it an easy target for opponents.

We’re doing this to teach our Mr. Game & Watch to use his forward smash and side special out of shield. They’re powerful moves that can turn the tide of battle in his favor.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 18.

Step 2: Standard Match Practice (Levels 18-35)

  • Character you need to play as: Mr. Game & Watch
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches, no handicap
  • What you need to do: Use forward smash, Judge, and up smash.

For this step, you’ll continue to play as Mr. Game & Watch, and fight on omega stages. This time around, though, turn handicap OFF so that your amiibo starts each stock at 0%. In addition to forward smash and grabs, you’ll also be using up smash, but only if your amiibo is above you. You see, up smash is his strongest smash attack, but its range is pitiful to the point where it is only useful against airborne opponents. So if your amiibo jumps high into the air, position yourself under him and prepare to strike with an up smash. That’s the only time you’ll use this move. Otherwise, use forward smash and side special to rack up damage.

To review, for this step, you’ll turn handicap off, and continue to play as Mr. Game & Watch. Use forward smash and Judge as your primary attacks, but also use up smash – only when your amiibo is above you and in the air. When using grabs, be sure to toss your amiibo over the nearest ledge. Don’t jump, and don’t use any aerial attacks. If you are finding it difficult not to jump, keep in mind that you can change your button mapping in the Wii U version of the game.

Why are we doing this? To show Mr. Game & Watch that forward smash, up smash, and side special are his best moves.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 35.

Step 3: Perfect Timing (Levels 36-45)

  • Character you need to play as: Mr. Game & Watch
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 3-5 minute timed matches, 300% handicap, timer item ON
  • What you need to do: Defend, and counterattack with forward smash / Judge

This step is dedicated to teaching your amiibo how to defend. It’s going to be the most difficult part of your training, unfortunately, but it’ll be worth it. Before you move on, you might want to create a custom Mr. Game & Watch set that has three Easy perfect shield bonuses and play as that. It’ll help you to more easily block your amiibo’s attacks.

Turn handicap back on, and set both you and your amiibo to 300%. Go into items and turn on only the Timer item, and set its frequency to high. If you grab this item, it will slow down your amiibo, but you’ll remain at the same speed, which will give you a lot of time to react to its movement. By the way, the idea of using timers to improve your amiibo’s reaction time was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer, so kudos to them for coming up with such a handy training method.

You’ll be playing timed matches again – set the time for 3 or 5 minutes, whichever suits your fancy. When the game begins, grab the first timer that appears. There’s actually a few things that could happen once you activate this item – here are all three possible effects:

First Effect: The timer slows down your amiibo, but you remain at the same speed. 

  • This is what you want to happen. If the timer has this effect, you should walk over to your slowed down amiibo and wait for him to attack. When he does, try to perfect shield the attack. If you successfully block with perfect timing, you will hear a soft “ping” sound. Immediately after you perfect shield, respond with either a forward smash or side special. This will likely KO your amiibo (if Judge doesn’t KO your amiibo, grab another timer and repeat the process). When it respawns (keep in mind that if a character is standing on the respawn platform, they are immune to the timer’s effects), grab the next timer that appears and repeat this process.

Second Effect: The timer slows down the whole game, including you and your amiibo.

  • This isn’t very desirable, because this effect does not give you an advantage over your amiibo like it normally would. If this happens, be on the lookout for another timer. Perfect shield your amiibo’s attacks and respond with a forward smash if you can, but you should focus on grabbing another timer.

Third Effect: The timer backfires and slows you down, while your amiibo is at normal speed.

  • This is a really frustrating outcome, as your amiibo will now have a speed advantage over you. That being said, though, it probably won’t go all-out on you while you’re slowed down. If the timer backfires on you, you should hold down your shield. Your amiibo will grab you and very likely kill you with a throw, and you’ll respawn at normal speed and will have another chance at grabbing a timer.

Basically, for this step, you want to perfect shield and counterattack with forward smash or Judge as often as possible (though you should prioritize forward smash due to its more consistent KO power). We’re doing this to teach the amiibo that he can use defensive tactics like blocking and dodging to open up an opportunity to get a strong hit in on his opponent.

Continue fighting your amiibo in this manner until it is around Level 45.

Step 4: Entering the Ring (Levels 46-50+)

  • Character you need to play as: None!
  • What stage to play on: Ω stages / Final Destination
  • Game rules: 2-stock matches, best 2 out of 3
  • What you need to do: Have your Mr. Game & Watch fight other amiibo

Your Mr. Game & Watch is now at around Level 45, so his initial training is nearly complete. We’re going to round it off by having him fight other amiibo in your collection, no matter how badly trained they may be. He’ll need to face as many amiibo opponents as possible in order to succeed in a tournament environment.

I advise that he play 2-stock matches (best 2 out of 3 games) against each of your other Level 50 amiibo. But if you do not have any other amiibo for your Mr. Game & Watch to fight, you can just continue doing the training method in Step 3 until he reaches Level 50.

Post-Level 50 Training

Congratulations! Your Mr. Game & Watch amiibo has reached Level 50. Now your training really begins. In order to make him a top tournament contender, he’ll need as much experience against as many different amiibo opponents as possible. Here’s a tip: if at any point you are not satisfied with your amiibo’s defensive capabilities, feel free to repeat Step 3’s training method on your amiibo at any point.

In addition to that, I’ve also written up an entire guide you can look at that talks about training your amiibo after it hits Level 50. I recommend you give it a look! For those of you who want to enter Mr. Game & Watch into a tournament and hopefully have him win, this guide is your next step.


File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations All-Star Mr Game & Watch.png

We’re just about done here – thanks so much for reading this guide! I hope you can put the strategies we talked about to good use. If you liked this guide, and want to learn more about amiibo training, why not check out the Amiibo Dojo forums? They’re 100% free to join, and you’ll be able to talk to fellow amiibo trainers worldwide. If you have any questions, you can ask them here. It’s a forum section that guests can post in, so if you have any burning questions, you don’t need to register to ask them!


I may have done the training and the initial guide writing, but I had some help from a few others. This part’s dedicated to thanking them for their assistance!

Secret Password: nine999



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  1. Despite trying soooo hard to teach him defense the most possible, along with the fact G&W is my main, I’m unable to make him able to beat my Ganondorf.


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