Character Guide: Lucario

This guide is outdated. It will be updated in the near future with new information and a fresher, smoother format. Thanks for your understanding!

Ah, Lucario. A Pokémon that made its debut in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl for the Nintendo DS – the game that shaped my childhood. I have so many memories with this game; it’s nostalgic to me. Lucario is a great amiibo if trained specifically, so today we’re going to be going over another amiibo in the Erratic group! Let’s get right to it!

Lucario has been placed into the Erratic group due to his rage mechanic. This mechanic increases the damage of his attacks as he takes more damage; so he actually becomes more powerful the more damaged he is. Since this amiibo is in the Erratic group, I strongly advise against using any other guide on the site to train Lucario.

Lucario’s unique playstyle translates quite well to an amiibo, but will require extra effort to perfect it. Lucario’s rage mechanic is his biggest asset, which drastically increases the power of his attacks as he takes more damage. As such, Lucario is best taught to respond to attacks with a shield and then deliver an attack of its own. In fact, something I’ve read on that’ll help those of you that feed your amiibo is that Lucario can eat “Improved trade-off ability” bonuses, which make him start the match with 60%. When you feed him two of these bonuses, this number can increase to 90%. While this is bad for other characters, it’s good for Lucario because his rage mechanic is already in effect when the match starts, and because the trade-off ability also gives you a significant boost in attack, defense, speed, or all three, depending on which boost you feed him. has a great article on equipping a Lucario amiibo, so click HERE if you’re interested in reading that. Lucario also has a wonderful recovery, with its distance also increasing as Lucario takes damage. However, if you hit the ground with the move and not the ledge, it will take Lucario quite some time to get moving again. Down throw to up air or forward aerial are also both true combos, so mix these up during gameplay. Lucario also has good range, as his Side B’s length also increases as he takes damage thanks to his rage mechanic (which I’m going to call aura from now on). His projectile, Aura Sphere, also compliments this. He also has a Counter, though it’s not as effective as Marth’s, for example, and it’s highly punishable if missed. Lucario may also shoot uncharged aura spheres, which won’t help him in the slightest. If trained via the specific method I have listed here, though, I think Lucario can become dominant.

Before we get going, there’s one custom move I’d like you to consider for your Lucario: Snaring Aura Sphere. This move is slower than the default, but it has a vacuum effect that pulls opponents in towards the sphere, which Lucario can take advantage of to dish out a strong attack. Other than that move, there’s not much else of worth hidden within Lucario’s custom moves. The choice on whether to use Snaring Aura Sphere or not is yours.

Step 1: In slow mode, mirror match Lucario on an omega stage. The time doesn’t matter, because you’re going to be doing this up until level 40 or so.

I won’t lie, this part’s going to be difficult. In slow mode, you’re going to mirror match Lucario like normal, but perfect shield and dodge his attacks whenever you can. Don’t act campy; act offensively, but dodge and shield when the amiibo attacks, and afterwards respond with an attack of your own. As always, I’ve got a few tips for you. First, always charge Aura Sphere, never fire an uncharged one. This is a problem with the amiibo that you want to avoid worsening. If you’re using Snaring Aura Sphere, fire the fully-charged ball of energy close to the amiibo, and when it gets sucked in, attack it! Something else to consider is that Lucario has the fastest pummel in the game, allowing his grabs to rack up damage. See if you can get a couple of pummels in before throwing him! Speaking of throws, down throw to up air / forward air are both true combos. After blocking or dodging an attack, it’s a good idea to repsond with a grab. Lucario’s smash attacks are also quite potent, so put them to good use as well. Those are his main killing moves, so teach him to use them to finish off opponents. Keep mirror matching Lucario until he’s around level 40.

Step 2: Use your best characters against the amiibo, as well as train it against other level 50 amiibo. If you don’t have any other level 50 amiibo, keep using your best characters against the amiibo. Keep doing this step until the amiibo reaches level 50.

Use your best characters against the amiibo. You can keep slow mode on if you’d like to keep focusing on defense, otherwise go into a normal omega stage. Keep perfect shielding and dodging to the best of your ability, but other than that, go all-out. You can also have Lucario face other Level 50 amiibo. If you have no other level 50 amiibo, keep using your best characters until Lucario is level 50.

So that’s your initial training! The next step is making Lucario ready for anything you can throw at it. Check out AMIIBO FRAMEWORK: CHAPTER 2a free guide that’ll go in-detail on training methods that you can use to improve your amiibo – the best part is, it works with every character! As always, thanks for reading, and if you have any questions or comments, send them to!

Secret Password: wreakingHavok


4 thoughts on “Character Guide: Lucario”

  1. Have you considered updating this guide? It looks pretty plain compared to your other guides and I’m sure you have learned something more about training a lucario amiibo since this guide is like 10 months old


    1. You’re right. Several guides here need to be updated, and I just started my “update spree” today. I’ll get around to Lucario very soon, don’t worry!


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