Amiibo Framework: Version 3.No

geeettttttt dunked on!!!

This guide is pending removal. While the information in it was mostly correct, my views and philosophy on training has changed, and to reflect that, I’ve made brand-new content. In fact, I’ve created a new article that is essentially a replacement for Amiibo Framework. It goes over basic amiibo training facts, and will link you to one of my many character guides. Get out there and start training!


6 thoughts on “Amiibo Framework: Version 3.No”

  1. After following the beginning of the guide, as well as the Pikachu guide (for obvious reasons), my Pikachu was finally able to beat me for the first time at level 48. At level 50 it was a toss up due to the 1.5x multiplier on defense and attack. After doing step 3 of post-leveling, though, he -plummeted- in skill. Anything could beat him if they could beat a level 9 at that point. He also seemed to do fine with items on the first go, right away. I think if you don’t plan on playing with items, DO NOT DO this step. I don’t know what went wrong though. Wish I had done a practice game after the item stage to try him out before saving 😦


    1. Thanks for the feedback. Pikachu is sort of a flawed amiibo as far as his AI goes – he’s sort of dopey and likes to spam Thunder. However, playing with items must have caused him to somehow rely on them, and then when you took him into a fight after saving his progress, he acted passive because there were no items for him to use. Don’t worry – it’s still possible to make him better. Amiibo, at Level 50, learn more from defeat. If you use the Amiibo 15 on your Pikachu, mirror match it a few times, use your best character, and maybe even use the Bouncy Method to get it to rely on its aerials (don’t do this too much, I’d recommend small sessions of 5-stocks since Pikachu is balanced), I think it’s possible to get it back in action.


  2. Would Shiek be included in the Aerial group? I’m about to train my Zero Suit Samus Amiibo and Shiek is one of my better characters that I would to train with her.


  3. Would Sheik be included in the Aerial Group? I’m about to train my Zero Suit Samus amiibo and Sheik is one of my better characters to use on her. Great Guide though too!


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