Character Guide: Mega Man

This guide is outdated. It will be updated in the near future with new information and a fresher, smoother format. Thanks for your understanding!

Hello hello hello! I’m here to discuss the super fighting robot, Mega Man! A third party fighter from CAPCOM first appearing in the titular Mega Man for the NES takes a break from stopping the wily schemes of Dr. Wily. The Blue Bomber has a very different fighting style compared to others in Smash – he’s far more projectile-focused than any other member of the cast, to the point where even his jab is a Mega Buster pellet. Today, I’ll teach you how to make your amiibo Rock the world around him!

Mega Man has been placed into the Balanced group due to the fact that both his ground and aerial games are proficient. We’ll be teaching this amiibo to rely on all of the tools in its arsenal equally.

Let’s start off with pros and cons! Mega Man relies heavily on his projectiles, and he’s got a lot of them to choose from. From Metal Blade to Air Shooter, Mega Man’s projectiles all have their own use. He’s also got a proficient vertical recovery, with his Rush Coil bouncing him up a fair distance. He can also kill with his back throw, so it’s good to teach him to grab whenever his opponents are in kill percentages. Mega Man’s smash attacks are also incredible. He’s got among the best set of smash attacks in the game! His forward smash, officially called Charge Shot (creative, I know), fires a long-ranged burst of energy that travels really far! Not only that, but the projectile spawned by Charge Shot moves the direction it’s shot, so if an amiibo rolls out of the way, they’ll still get hit by the blast. I believe Mega Man has one of the best forward smashes in the game – so you’ll want your amiibo to put it to good use. His Up Smash, Spark Shock, creates a powerful surge of electricity above his head. It’s also a good finisher, but doesn’t have as much utility as his forward smash. Lastly, his Down Smash, Flame Blast, covers both sides of Mega Man and deals decent damage, but it does leave him vulnerable to attacks if he misses. All in all, your Mega Man should focus on whipping out smash attacks with the right timing to get kills. Speaking of getting kills, Mega Man’s up tilt, Mega Upper, deals as much damage as a smash attack! If you can hit your amiibo with this at the right time and teach it to use this move, it’ll really help out the amiibo with racking up damage. There’s a few things the amiibo struggles with, however – first, Metal Blade. I’m not 100% sure if there’s a custom to fix the issue caused by this move, but rest assured, I’ll update this article if I find there is. Mega Man amiibo will jump into the air and fire the Metal Blade off into space, with the blade itself not even coming close to hitting its opponent. Mega Man’s Side B, Crash Bomber, also isn’t the best option – amiibo are very defensively-oriented (they generally prioritize blocking and dodging over offense), so it won’t be netting your Mega Man any kills or significant damage due to how easy it is to block or dodge. Luckily for the Blue Bomber, his weaknesses can be played around and aren’t anything crippling. 

Before we begin training, let’s discuss Mega Man’s customs. His custom moves are really unique. They’re each based off of a different move from his home series! There are two in particular I’d recommend, and two others you can try just for the heck of it. The two moves I’d recommend are “Danger Wrap” and “Plant Shield”. The former option replaces Crash Bomber, Mega Man’s Side B. This custom move shoots an explosive wrapped in a bubble! It’ll float upwards in an arc and explode after a few seconds, or if an opponent touches it. It deals more damage and knockback than Crash Bomber, too. The latter move replaces Mega Man’s useless Down B, Leaf Shield, with something that’s got a lot more utility. For this move, Mega Man’ll summon a flower petal-shaped shield that are more durable than the leaves he’d normally summon. They don’t disappear when hit, and deal more damage when thrown. To compensate for these strengths, it’s slower and has less range, making it better suited to protecting Mega Man. There are a few moves I’d like you to try out, though – you see, during my test training sessions with this amiibo, I never tried out any of his custom moves for his neutral B. The two custom moves I’m talking about are “Hyper Bomb” and “Shadow Blade”. The first move allows Mega Man to throw a bomb that deals more damage than Metal Blade in one of eight directions. Each direction throws the bomb in an arc, and it’ll only explode when it hits someone or something. I think this is a move worth testing to see if the amiibo can master it. There’s one other move you could try out in the event that your amiibo cannot master neither Metal Blade nor Hyper Bomb – Shadow Blade. It has a boomerang effect, and it’ll return to the same position it was thrown from – but not into Mega Man’s hands. It also doesn’t stick to the ground. So, to review, I’d recommend Danger Wrap and Plant Shield, and you can also try out Hyper Bomb and Shadow Blade since the amiibo’s not so good with its Metal Blade.

The words in italics from this point on are excerpts from Amiibo Framework’s Balanced amiibo training guide. Below the excerpt are some character-specific tips I’d like to add to it.

Step 1: Start by mirror matching the amiibo on an omega stage. You’re going to do this until level 25. You can also use Slow Mode if you’d like so that you can dodge and block your amiibo’s attacks easier. During these mirror matches, I’d recommend setting a time limit – 3 minutes per match if you’re in normal mode, 5 minutes per match if using slow mode. Use as many of the character’s moves and combos as you can without spamming them, and you’ll be good. Repeat until the amiibo is level 25.

I bet you never would’ve guessed – we’re starting with mirror matches up to Level 25! As usual, you’re going to teach your Mega Man how to properly use the tools he’s got. You can use Slow Mode if you’d like to be precise, but personally, I’m too impatient to do something like that unless it’s absolutely necessary – in this case, it isn’t necessary. You can set the time to whatever you’d like – I just do 3-minute mirror matches over and over until Level 25. As you might’ve thought, I have some character-specifics for you. First, if you’re using the regular Metal Blade move and not any custom moves, I’d recommend never throwing the move directly at the amiibo – when you use it, always throw it downwards into the ground, pick it up, and throw it. If you don’t know, if you press B and then quickly down, Mega Man will just drop the Metal Blade into the ground. You can then pick it up and throw it as an item – it’ll do more damage this way, too! Who knows, maybe doing this will encourage the amiibo to, you know, not throw it off-stage. You should also be really careful with Leaf Shield / Plant Shield. When you use it, Mega Man will not be able to recover with his Up B until the shield’s gone. This move really limits what Mega Man can do, so don’t use it too often. If using Leaf Shield, shoot it from afar every once in a blue moon to rack up damage. A third tip for you is to utilize Mega Man’s smash attacks. They’re, like, really good. You can also use his forward smash, Charge Shot, off the ledge to kill the amiibo. My last tip is to use Mega Man’s back throw at the edge of a ledge (rhyme unintentional) to kill unsuspecting opponents. Put these tips to good use, and mirror match Mega Man until he’s around Level 25!

Step 2: From here, it’s time to rotate four characters against the amiibo. Character number one should be your best character. Character number two should be a character in the grounded group. Character number three should be a character in the aerial group – all matches should be 3 minutes on an omega stage. Character number four should be a mirror match for 5 minutes on an omega stage. Once you’re done using these four characters, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Now, you’re going to use four characters on your amiibo. It’ll take you around 15 minutes. For 3 minutes each on omega stages, you’ll use your best character, then a grounded-group character, followed by an aerial-group character. If you don’t know what I mean, check the Grounded group and Aerial group listed within this post, and pick your favorite out of the characters in each group. After you’ve got those 3 matches done, mirror match your Mega Man once more, but for 5 minutes! Once you’ve got all that down, it’ll be time to move onto step three.

Step 3: Now that your amiibo has been exposed to three distinct playstyles, it’s time to improve the amiibo’s playstyle. Mirror match your amiibo again, but don’t use omega stages anymore – use stages without hazards. These include Smashville, Town & City, Miiverse, Dream Land N64, and Battlefield, among others. Repeat the mirror matches until Level 50 (please note, the time limit no longer matters, so set the time as long or as short as you want, as long as the amiibo gets to level 50).

There’s a few ways to go about this one. Whichever way you choose to do this, you’ll be mirror matching Mega Man again using those tips I told you about in Step 1. The point of this step is to further refine your amiibo’s skills while playing on non-omega stages. Personally, I start with Battlefield and just keep going until I’ve played on every stage (at which point the amiibo is well past Level 50). However, if you don’t want to train your amiibo on every stage, you can just opt to have it play on stages without hazards such as Miiverse, Battlefield, Town & City, etc. Keep training your amiibo on non-omega stages until he’s reached Level 50!

And that’s it! You’re done! Your amiibo’s got a solid foundation, and now it’s time to make it even better. If you want your Mega Man to truly rock, see Section 5 of this guide. It’ll tell you the methods I use to improve my amiibo, even after they’ve hit Level 50. As always, thanks for reading! Oh, and I usually tell you to email me at, but I’m trying to phase that email out and replace it with So if you’gve got any questions, comments, or training comments, email me at Or, if you want to be a rebel, email me at

Secret Password: betterthannothing


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