Character Guide: Zero Suit Samus

This guide is outdated. It will be updated in the near future with new information and a fresher, smoother format. Thanks for your understanding!

It’s been a few days! School and work are catching up to me, so I haven’t had a lot of time to work on guides. Luckily, I’m back now with a character guide that’s been requested a lot – Zero Suit Samus! Samus first donned her zero suit in Metroid: Zero Mission. While the Zero Suit doesn’t possess the raw power that Samus’ Power Suit does, it allows Samus to move faster. In Smash, she’s considered one of the best characters in the game. Today, I’ll be going over how you can train your Zero Suit Samus to its full potential.

Zero Suit Samus has been placed into the Balanced group due to her balanced playstyle that relies on grabs, aerial attacks, and ground attacks. This guide’s going to teach the amiibo to use all of the tools in its arsenal.

Let’s begin with pros and cons as always. Like I mentioned in the first paragraph, Zero Suit Samus is quite nimble and can get around the stage pretty quickly. Her attacks are also very fast and don’t have much lag to them. She’s also got tools to stun her opponents: her Down Smash and Paralyzer. Speaking of Down smash, it can lead into a bunch of things. It can lead into a grab or a forward smash – the former can allow Zero Suit Samus to combo into an Up B, and the latter can outright kill opponents when they’ve taken enough damage. Zero Suit Samus also possesses a potent set of aerials, with her up air being a great damage-racker and her back aerial being a good KO move. Furthermore, she’s also got a true combo – Down throw into forward air and down throw to up air. Her Up B, Boost Kick, is also incredible – down throw can combo into it when her opponent’s at high percentages. There’s a few things that hold the Zero Suit Samus amiibo back, though – first, she doesn’t use her Down B, Flip Jump, correctly. It’s supposed to be used as a quick attack to disorient opponents or a recovery-aiding move, but the amiibo would rather use it to move around the stage (which leads to her getting punished). The amiibo also has trouble landing her Up B, Boost Kick – it’s a great move, but it hits the opponent more than once, meaning it’s possible for them to escape it even when they’re over 120%. I think Zero Suit Samus has potential, though, and this guide’s going to help you unlock it.

Before we get into the whole training business stuff, I’m going to recommend to you one custom move to consider giving to your amiibo: “Whip Lash”, which replaces her Side B, Plasma Whip. If you can position yourself correctly, the tip of the attack will deal more damage and send Zero Suit Samus’ foe towards her, which can lead into an up smash or Up B. Only the tip of the attack will do anything, though, so be careful. The choice whether to use Whip Lash or not is up to you.

The words in italics from this point on are excerpts from Amiibo Framework’s Balanced amiibo training guide. Below the excerpt are some character-specific tips I’d like to add to it.

Step 1: Start by mirror matching the amiibo on an omega stage. You’re going to do this until level 25. You can also use Slow Mode if you’d like so that you can dodge and block your amiibo’s attacks easier. During these mirror matches, I’d recommend setting a time limit – 3 minutes per match if you’re in normal mode, 5 minutes per match if using slow mode. Use as many of the character’s moves and combos as you can without spamming them, and you’ll be good. Repeat until the amiibo is level 25.

In the most shocking revelation of the decade, we’re going to be starting Zero Suit Samus’ training with mirror matches on omega stages. You can set the timer to whatever you want; I personally prefer to play a bunch of 3-minute matches up until Level 25. You can also use Slow Mode during this step if you’d like to be more precise, but it’s not necessary. Your amiibo will turn out just as good if you use normal settings. I’ve also prepared a few character-specific tips for you, so listen up! First, you need to utilize her Down smash. It’s one of the best tools in her arsenal since it can paralyze opponents on the spot. A great way to use this is to use her Down smash on an opponent with over 100% damage, and then follow up with a forward smash. If the opponent’s under 100%, you can follow up with a quick grab and then a down throw. Speaking of down throw, there’s a bunch of things you can do with it. First, down throw to forward air and down throw to up air are both true combos. I’d recommend using both of them during your matches with her. Down throw can also lead into an Up B when Zero Suit Samus’ opponent has taken a lot of damage. Just be careful when using this move, as it’s possible for opponents to escape the attack, because it hits multiple times – that last hit is the one that launches foes. I’d also recommend not using her Down B too much, as like I said, the amiibo will use it to maneuver around the stage. If you see your amiibo do this, try to attack it while it’s using the move. When you use Zero Suit Samus’ neutral B, Paralyzer, it’s important to follow up with an attack – be it a grab, forward smash, or down smash. This will teach the amiibo to attack paralyzed opponents, which’ll help it out a lot in the future. With those tips in mind, keep mirror matching the amiibo until it reaches Level 25.

Step 2: From here, it’s time to rotate four characters against the amiibo. Character number one should be your best character. Character number two should be a character in the grounded group. Character number three should be a character in the aerial group – all matches should be 3 minutes on an omega stage. Character number four should be a mirror match for 5 minutes on an omega stage. Once you’re done using these four characters, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Now, you’re going to use four characters on your amiibo. It’ll take you around 15 minutes. For 3 minutes each on omega stages, you’ll use your best character, then a grounded-group character, followed by an aerial-group character. If you don’t know what I mean, check the Grounded group and Aerial group listed within this post, and pick your favorite out of the characters in each group. After you’ve got those 3 matches done, mirror match your Zero Suit Samus once more, but for 5 minutes! Once you’ve got all that down, it’ll be time to move onto step three.

Step 3: Now that your amiibo has been exposed to three distinct playstyles, it’s time to improve the amiibo’s playstyle. Mirror match your amiibo again, but don’t use omega stages anymore – use stages without hazards. These include Smashville, Town & City, Miiverse, Dream Land N64, and Battlefield, among others. Repeat the mirror matches until Level 50 (please note, the time limit no longer matters, so set the time as long or as short as you want, as long as the amiibo gets to level 50).

There’s a few ways to go about this one. Whichever way you choose to do this, you’ll be mirror matching Zero Suit Samus again using those tips I told you about in Step 1. The point of this step is to further refine your amiibo’s skills while playing on non-omega stages. Personally, I start with Battlefield and just keep going until I’ve played on every stage (at which point the amiibo is well past Level 50). However, if you don’t want to train your amiibo on every single stage, you can just opt to have it play on stages without hazards such as Miiverse, Battlefield, Town & City, etc. Keep training your amiibo on non-omega stages until she’s reached Level 50!

And that’s that. Your amiibo’s initial training is complete! It’s got a solid foundation that you’ll be able to further build on with post-Level 50 training. If you’re interested in making your Zero Suit Samus amiibo even better, check out Section 5 of this guide (which is, by the way, the largest amiibo training guide on the internet)! Thanks much for reading, and don’t hesitate to contact me at if you’ve got any training questions, comments, or even if you just want to say hi.

Secret Password: asdfghjkl


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