Character Guide: Meta Knight

Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Guide Introduction
  • Section 2: Amiibo Overview / Pros & Cons
  • Section 3: Recommended Equipment
  • Section 4: Training your Amiibo
  • Section 5: Post-Level 50 Training
  • Section 6: Conclusion & Credits


meta knightt.png

Welcome to Amiibo Dojo’s Meta Knight character guide!

To start off, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to visit – your support is very much appreciated.

Meta Knight is a mysterious masked citizen of Dream Land who wields the golden blade Galaxia and commands the Battleship Halberd. In some games, such as Kirby Super Star, he appears to be an antagonist, but his intentions aren’t necessarily evil. When defeated, his mask almost always breaks, showing his true face – one nearly identical to Kirby’s.

In Super Smash Bros., Meta Knight is a lightweight swordsman with a unique moveset inspired by the Kirby series. He can trap opponents in a tornado, sneak up on foes, and strike with his powerful blade. Meta Knight actually has two different amiibo figures – a Super Smash Bros. version (released in February 2015), and a Kirby series version (released in June 2016)! As an amiibo, Meta Knight is…difficult, to say the least. There’s a lot working against him – his light weight, slow smash attacks, and poor range make life tough for the guy.

That being said, I still think Meta Knight is a fighter worth training. The beauty of the amiibo metagame is that any character can become a champion, and this one is no exception. In this guide, I’m going to discuss the steps you need to take to maximize your amiibo’s potential. We’ll start by talking about Meta Knight’s pros and cons!


Amiibo Overview

metaknight.PNGSeveral characters in Super Smash Bros. revolve around combos – Meta Knight is one of them. Unfortunately, amiibo cannot learn to combo. They don’t like to take risks. Instead, they prefer to perfect shield and dodge attacks. The problem is, Meta Knight’s moveset simply isn’t designed for this playstyle, which leaves many trainers (myself included) dumbfounded. While he blocks and dodges just fine, it’s his attacks that just don’t work. Forward smash is an integral move for an amiibo – it’s generally their go-to counterattack – but Meta Knight’s is very easily blocked due to its slow startup. His up smash and down smash lack both range and power, making them poor counterattacks as well. His other moves are the same – they have poor range and don’t inflict much damage. In theory, Meta Knight’s special moves are good – but in practice, the amiibo has trouble landing them and rarely uses them in the first place. But the final nail in the coffin is his weight, or lack thereof – in addition to his already noticeable flaws, he’s very easily KO’d, which is exacerbated by how common fighters like Ganondorf and Bowser are seen in tournaments.

Meta Knight has very small advantages that don’t do much to set him apart from other characters. He has no problem recovering, as he possesses multiple jumps and several special moves that extend his recovery. His back throw also has KO potential, which classifies it as a kill throw. That’s it.

The Consensus

I consider Meta Knight to be one of the worst amiibo in the game. He’s crippled by a slew of disadvantages that make him very difficult to train effectively. But don’t let his flaws deter you from training him – I still think there’s potential here. If you love the character and are truly determined to make him great, you will – it’ll just take a while.


Now that we’ve talked about Meta Knight’s pros and cons, it’s time to set him up with stats and bonuses! In this section, I’ll talk about point distributions and bonus combinations that work well for Meta Knight, as well as how to effectively feed your amiibo. If you’re one of those amiibo trainers who dislikes equipment, I understand. I used to be that way too. But I highly recommend you feed your amiibo equipment – if you disagree, click here to read my reasoning behind this belief. Otherwise, let’s get going!

Meta Knight – Recommended Stat Boosts

Meta Knight’s kind of a tough one. His damage output and defense are severely lacking, and his mobility isn’t anything to write home about, either. I think the best thing you can do is to establish a balance between attack, defense, and speed. Here’s my recommended stat spread for Meta Knight:

  • Recommended Stats: +40 Attack / +40 Defense / +40 Speed

This is a balanced spread that splits the allocated 120 points evenly between attack, defense, and speed, making for a well-rounded amiibo. Meta Knight’s poor attack power and defense will be noticeably strengthened, and the extra points in speed will increase his mobility, jump height, and reaction time.

Meta Knight – Recommended Bonus Effects

Now that I’ve given you my recommendation for stat points, it’s time to move on to bonus effects! As you very well know, Meta Knight is a light little guy, making him very easy to knock away. There’s one specific setup that can significantly improve his defensive ability, and that’s the Lame Setup.

Recommended Bonus Effects:

  • Easy perfect shield
  • Improved dodge ability
  • Improved escapability

This is one of Amiibo Trainer’s stat spreads. I tried it out on my Meta Knight amiibo when I noticed how quickly he was crumbling to some of my more powerful fighters. Easy perfect shield makes it two times easier for your amiibo to perfect shield oncoming attacks, which alone vastly improves Meta Knight’s defensive capabilities. Improved dodge ability increases the number of intangibility frames on rolls and spot dodges – in layman’s terms, it makes dodging attacks easier. Finally, Improved escapability allows the amiibo to escape from grabs much easier.

So why does this setup work well on Meta Knight? Like I said earlier, his light weight makes him very easy to KO. If you can teach him to perfect shield and dodge attacks with impunity, he’ll be able to outlast and annoy offensive-minded opponents. The goal of this build is to avoid taking damage.

So yeah! Those are my recommendations for stats and bonuses. Before you ask, yes – the 40/40/40 stat spread I talked about earlier does pair perfectly with the Lame Setup. But if you want to defy my recommendations and use a different setup, worry not. I have an entire article that talks about ideas for stats and bonus combinations. You can check that out by clicking here. Alright, with all of that said, let’s move on to discussing custom moves!

Meta Knight – Recommended Custom Moves

Meta Knight has several custom moves that are worth checking out. First up is Dreadful Tornado, a custom neutral special. It deals more damage per hit and much stronger knockback, but you won’t be able to increase the amount of spins by pressing the attack button. Another idea for you is Shieldbreaker Drill, an alternate side special. At the cost of reduced attack power and distance, the move is much more effective against shields. A good option for his up special is Lazy Shuttle Loop; which flies in a slower, larger loop that is weaker but goes farther than the default version. If you don’t change Meta Knight’s up special to a custom move version, he can actually be hit out of it by Explosive perfect shield, which can get messy. Finally, Shield Piercer, a custom down special, is something to consider as well. Reduced power and distance, but more power against shields – similar to the aforementioned Shieldbreaker Drill.

If you haven’t done so already, you’ll need to decide on stats, bonuses, and custom moves for your amiibo. I say just go with my recommendations (if you need a reminder, they were 40/40/40 and Easy perfect shield / Improved dodge ability / Improved escapability), but hey, do what you want, I guess. By the way, if you by chance are missing any equipment or custom moves, I wrote up an equipment farming guide a while ago. But if you have everything in order and are all set to begin the feeding process, let’s move on!

Feeding your Amiibo

Go to Games & More and then to the amiibo section. Tap in your Meta Knight amiibo, and you’ll see a status screen with his equipment, stats, and bonuses. It doesn’t matter if your Meta Knight amiibo is Level 1, Level 50, or anywhere in between – the method I’m about to describe will work for any amiibo regardless of its level.

You’re going to start by giving your amiibo its three bonuses. If you went with my recommendation (which I talked about earlier), the first pieces of equipment you’d feed to your amiibo would be ones that yield the Easy perfect shield, Improved dodge ability, and Improved escapability bonuses.  If you find that you’re missing one of the bonus effects you had wanted to give your amiibo, that’s fine – just leave one slot blank, and you can feed your Meta Knight amiibo the missing bonus later.

Once you’ve got your bonuses in place, it’s time to round out the amiibo’s stats. Feed it pieces of equipment that do not yield bonuses until they match up to what you want (my recommendation was 40/40/40, in case you forgot). It’s very likely, however, that your amiibo will become full before you finish feeding it. Normally, you’d have to battle your amiibo to be able to feed it more equipment, but there’s a quick workaround that was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. If you take your full amiibo into a 1-stock match and immediately kill yourself when the game begins, you’ll be able to feed it again once the match ends. Using this method, it’s possible to have an amiibo all set with its stats and bonuses before it even levels up!

Once your amiibo is all set with the stats, bonuses, and custom moves you decided on, it’s time to start training! But if it isn’t all set, and there’s a problem of some sort, I’m here to help you out. You can send me an email at explaining your issue, and I’ll give you personal advice to correct it. Emailing me is free, and I don’t get annoyed by repeated messages or anything, so don’t worry about that.

Otherwise, let’s move right along to training your amiibo!


If your Meta Knight amiibo is already Level 50, and you want to improve him without resetting (which is totally fine), please skip to Section 5.

You know, one big thing I’ve learned is that, ultimately, the method you use to get your amiibo to Level 50 doesn’t matter. In fact, it’s what you do with your amiibo after it reaches Level 50 that’s really important. Just like a real player, an amiibo needs lots of match experience and training in order to become a true champion. With that said, people like it when I tell them what to do for whatever reason, so I’ve prepared a simple yet effective training regimen for you!

From Levels 1-50, you’re going to want to mirror match your amiibo. If you don’t know what a mirror match is, it’s when you play as the character that is your amiibo – so in this case, you’d be playing as Meta Knight. I’d also recommend that you play timed matches (3 to 5 minutes is fine), and on omega stages only. I’ve also put together a list of in-depth tips you can play by to maximize your amiibo’s potential:

  • Do not jump or use aerials. I know there are a lot of you who train your amiibo to use, and even rely on aerials, but in the amiibo training metagame, they’re a big no-no. As several tournaments have shown, amiibo who use a lot of aerial attacks leave themselves vulnerable (their aerials are almost always perfect shielded, which gives the opponent a great opportunity to strike with an up smash). If you disagree, and need some convincing, head over to this post.
  • Play defense. It’s the key to victory, and it’s what has allowed me to win multiple amiibo tournaments. As you train your amiibo, try to perfect shield its attacks and then counter with a smash attack of your own. I’ll talk about this more in Section 5, but the whole ‘perfect shield and counter with smash attack’ concept is absolutely essential for your amiibo to master. Want more information on why defense is the best? Click here.
  • Use grabs a lot. It’s actually quite important in the amiibo metagame. When grabbing your amiibo, pummel once or twice and throw them towards the nearest ledge (this means you will only ever need to use forward and back throw). Be sure to teach your Meta Knight to KO foes with his back throw, too!
  • Don’t focus on combos. I hate to burst your bubble, but if you want to raise a combo-happy Meta Knight amiibo, you’ll end up disappointed. Amiibo only use “true” combos (which are strings of moves that can’t be air dodged out of – an example of a true combo is Ness’ down throw to forward aerial), which aren’t even all that reliable. Your focus should be defense and countering with smash attacks.
  • Utilize Meta Knight’s special moves. Mach Tornado, Drill Rush, and Dimensional Cape are all good in-battle options. I mentioned this earlier, but the amiibo does have trouble landing them. You should use these moves (or any custom versions of them) against your amiibo to teach it proper timing and accuracy.
  • Utilize Meta Knight’s smash attacks. Despite their shortcomings, you need to teach your amiibo to work with what it has. Forward smash is actually his strongest move, but its starting lag makes it difficult to land. Down smash’s first hit is weak, but its second hit is strong, so it’s sort of hard to properly hit foes with. Up smash hits multiple times but lacks range, yet is still good at catching aerial enemies.

With these tips in mind, continue to mirror match your amiibo until it reaches Level 50. This is a simple, yet long and sometimes tedious process, but it’s the first step to creating a good foundation for your Meta Knight amiibo.


Congratulations! Your Meta Knight amiibo is Level 50! …Or, maybe it already was Level 50, and you’re just looking to improve it. Whichever the case, I’ve got a whole bunch of advice, resources, and articles to get you started!

So, I was hinting at this before, but you can’t enter a fresh Level 50 amiibo into a tournament and expect to win. No. An amiibo needs just as much match experience as any competitive Super Smash Bros. player. When I say “match experience”, I mean that your Meta Knight should battle against other amiibo. If he plays a lot of games, he’ll learn from his opponents and become even stronger. Facing other amiibo should definitely be a priority, but you should also regularly do some defensive training sessions with him – more on that below. But of course, those aren’t the only ways to further hone the skills of a Level 50 amiibo. Here are some more ideas for you:

  • The Defensive training session is what I spoke of a few sentences ago. It’s a specific match archetype that will improve your amiibo’s defensive capabilities. It is very important for your Level 50 amiibo to practice its defense often, and this free guide is designed to do just that.
  • You can further improve your amiibo’s defense by using these defensive exercises on your amiibo. This is actually an article that was written for the Amiibo Dojo by Amiibo Trainer, a fellow training website.
  • While we’re talking about Amiibo Trainer, they actually have a guide on maximizing your amiibo’s use of specific bonus combinations. One of their multiple guides talks about the Lame setup, which I happened to recommend for Meta Knight!
  • You may have heard me talking about match experience, but are confused as to how to give some to your amiibo. Luckily, I’ve got an article that will help you out. It talks about which characters your amiibo needs to prepare for, and how you can gain an advantage over common tournament entries such as Little Mac and Bowser.

I hope these resources help you out! Your ultimate goal with Meta Knight should be to teach him to play defense, and chip away at opponents with his special moves and smash attacks.

If you have any questions, or would like some help with your amiibo, I can give you some personal advice. There are multiple ways to get in contact with me – Reddit, Twitter, the Amiibo Dojo Forums, the contact form… oh, and you can email me directly at Is that too many options? It might be. I don’t know.


File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations Classic Meta Knight.png

Still with me? If you haven’t noticed, I’m really passionate about amiibo training, to the point where I can somehow write over 3,000 words on one character. Whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing is up to you. In any case, thank you so much for reading this guide! Like the vast starscape of outer space, amiibo training is endless – there’s always a way forward. You’re never really “done”. And I’m here to help you all the way. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, hit me up at!

And hey, if you love amiibo training and want to get more involved with the community, check out the Amiibo Dojo forums. Not only can you talk about amiibo with fellow trainers around the world, but you’ll get a bunch of exclusive perks for signing up – exclusive training guides, early access to my content, challenges, and so much more! Registration is 100% free, by the way! Oh, and if you’re into social media, I’m also on Twitter.


I may have done the training and the initial guide writing, but I had some help from a few others. This part’s dedicated to thanking them for their assistance!

Please note: I don’t get notified if you comment directly on this post, so if you ask a question here, I might not see it. If you’ve got something to say, you’re better off using the forums or emailing me at

Secret Password: metalnight


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  1. I know a lot of this is old, but Im just going to add that nowadays metaknights up special is a decent kill move so focus on his DThrow>USpecial combo is extra important.


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