Character Guide: Bowser Jr.

This guide is outdated. It will be updated in the near future with new information and a fresher, smoother format. Thanks for your understanding!

Rank: C | US Release Date: 9/11/15 | Exclusive to: Toys “R” Us | Group: Erratic

Did you know? The Koopalings aren’t actually Bowser’s kids. Bowser’s only son is Bowser Jr., who was added to the roster of Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. He made his debut in Super Mario Sunshine for the GameCube, where he framed Mario for trashing Isle Delfino. He would’ve gotten away with it, too, if it wasn’t for that meddling red-clad plumber…in Smash, he rides his Junior Clown Car, which gives him a bunch of unique abilities. Bowser Jr. is one of the most unique characters in Smash, and his amiibo is no exception.

  • Section 1: Group Placement
  • Section 2: Amiiibo Overview – Pros & Cons
  • Section 3: Equipment, Bonus Effects, and Custom Moves
  • Section 4: Character-Specific Tips
  • Section 5: Bowser Jr. training guide
  • Section 6: Guide Results Video
  • Section 7: Credits
  • Section 8: Conclusion

SECTION 1: Group Placement

Bowser Jr. has been placed into the Erratic group. He has no style. He has no grace- wait, wrong character. He has no true combos, nor a kill throw. His AI is sort of shoddy with his special moves. He’s just got a bunch of weird properties that separate him from the others.

SECTION 2: Amiibo Overview – Pros & Cons

In this section, I’ll be going over a general overview of Bowser Jr., as well as discussing his pros and cons. Like I mentioned earlier, he’s one of the most unique characters in Smash to date. Bowser Jr.’s Junior Clown Car actually takes less damage than Bowser Jr. himself does. Attacks that strike the Clown Car will deal 12% less damage than usual to the character; if an attack strikes Bowser Jr. himself, it’s going to deal 15% more than usual. Positioning is quite important to Bowser Jr.’s play – in general, you’re going to want to have the Junior Clown Car take the heavy hits. Bowser Jr.’s special moves are also quite unique – his neutral special, Clown Cannon, fires a cannonball. The move is slow, but deals a lot of damage. His side special, Clown Kart Dash, transforms the Junior Clown Car into a kart, which zooms forward. You can even jump while using the move and follow up with an aerial attack! The amiibo can learn to do this, but it’ll take some work. Abandon Ship! is Bowser Jr.’s up special. Human players like to use this move to gimp, but the amiibo can’t learn to gimp opponents with it – it’ll only use the move to recover. For his down special, Bowser Jr. drops a Mecha-Koopa from the Junior Clown Car. The Mecha-Koopa will walk forward and explode if anyone touches it. Bowser Jr. can also pick it up and throw it! It’s difficult to get the amiibo to use this move often, but it is possible. Bowser Jr. is also pretty heavy – in fact, he’s the sixth heaviest character in the game, only beaten out by Donkey Kong, King Dedede, and Bowser Jr.’s own father, among others. For being so heavy, he’s pretty fast. Bowser Jr.’s good mobility allows him to put his quick aerials to good use. His forward and back aerials are have decent attack power, but do possess some ending lag. His neutral aerial is a quick spin, and has good combo potential. Bowser Jr.’s down aerial is also best used after jumping when using the Clown Kart Dash move. This amiibo’s got a few problems, though – in addition to the aforementioned troubles with properly using his side and down specials, he has no true combos nor any kill throws to speak of. This limits his grab game to just throwing opponents around aimlessly. None of his throws have any sort of kill potential, and his smash attacks, while strong, aren’t reliable at all due to their slow speed. His aerials also aren’t strong enough to be considered viable KO options. Because of his laggy smash attacks, troubles with using his side and down specials, weak aerials, and his lack of a true combo and kill throw, Bowser Jr. has been placed into the C Rank. Overall, this amiibo is one you’ll want to teach to hit its foes with smash attacks at the right times in order to get KOs. Bowser Jr.’s going to require some work on your part, but with enough experience, he’ll turn out awesome.

SECTION 3: Equipment, Bonus Effects, and Custom Moves

Now it’s time to discuss equipment that would be fitting for Bowser Jr. If you’d prefer to train your amiibo without equipment, you can skip this section. But if you definitely absolutely want to feed your Bowser Jr. amiibo, this is the section for you!

Let’s start off with stats. Bowser Jr.’s got a decent amount of speed, so I don’t recommend focusing on speed – that said, it wouldn’t be a bad thing to give him a small speed boost. I think you should focus on offense and defense. A setup like +40 Attack | +70 Defense | +10 Speed would work just fine. If you’d like to read more about equipment, please check out the first section of this guide written for us by Amiibo Trainer. The first section is called “Equipment upgrades and bonuses”, which, hence its name, goes over equipment upgrades and bonuses.

If you don’t really feel like sitting through another article, it’s fine. I know I can be kinda intimidating with my infamous walls of text, but hey, if you want a good amiibo, you’ve gotta read ’em. So, bonus effects. I’ve said this time and time again, but if you’re not sure which bonus effects to give your amiibo, the setup of “Critical-hit capability, Explosive perfect shield, and Improved escape” is a great one that any amiibo can put to good use.

I’d recommend you feed your amiibo before you even level it up. To do this, you’ll need to use a method I first learned about from Amiibo Trainer. If you’re going to be feeding your amiibo equipment, you should decide on the stats and bonuses you want your amiibo to have before you even scan it in-game. If you can’t decide which bonuses and stats to give it, you can email me at if you’d like, and I can give you my recommendation. Once you’ve decided, scan your Level 1 amiibo in and feed it until it gets full. When it gets full, take it into a 1-stock match on an omega stage. When the match begins, immediately run off-stage and kill yourself. Then, go back and say “OK” to tweaking your amiibo. Feed it equipment again until it gets full, and then repeat this method until your amiibo has the stat spread and bonuses that you want. Your amiibo won’t level up at all if you go into 1-stock matches and kill yourself. It also won’t negatively affect your amiibo, don’t worry.

So, at this time, you should have your amiibo’s stats and bonus effects all set. It’s time to discuss Bowser Jr.’s custom moves! I don’t think any of his customs significantly help him out, but there is one that I think you could try out – Big Mechakoopa. Hence its name, the Mecha-Koopa Bowser Jr. creates is bigger, and walks a shorter distance, but it deals a whopping 15% if you throw it at your opponent! Other than that move though, there isn’t much I can recommend to you.

Your Bowser Jr. should now be fully equipped with stats and bonus effects, as well as any custom moves you want it to have.

I think amiibo that are fed equipment are best trained to be defensive, depending on the character. Bowser Jr. is one of those characters. Amiibo Trainer is releasing an ebook on November 9th that details defensive amiibo training. They’ve also got a great free guide on training a passive amiibo. If you don’t know, a passive amiibo will generally linger at the edge of the stage and shoot projectiles at their opponent, and then smash attack them when they get too close. Kind of like a For Glory LInk player. But hey, it’s effective, so why not give it a shot? You can check out the passive amiibo guide here. My guides are best suited to amiibo fed no equipment (I believe vanilla amiibo are best trained to be aggressive). This guide will also work if you did feed your amiibo, but want it to act aggressive. If you’re still on board, and want an aggressive Bowser Jr. amiibo, let’s get this training started.

SECTION 4: Character-Specific Tips

…But first, it’s time for character-specific tips! In this section, I’ll be giving you some tips that only apply to Bowser Jr. During my training guide (which is best suited to aggressive amiibo), you’ll have to mirror match your amiibo. Meaning that you’ll need to play as Bowser Jr. I have some tips here that you can put to good use while you mirror match your amiibo. Let’s get started.

  • Up smash out of shield. After you block one of your amiibo’s attacks, try to up smash as soon as you can. Up smash is a multi-hitting move that does a lot of damage, and it’s a crucial skill for your amiibo to learn.
  • Kill with smash attacks and back air. Bowser Jr’s. smash attacks are slow, but if you can connect them at the right moment, they’ll do a lot of damage and knockback. I’d also recommend that when you kill with back air, that you only try to go for the KO when your amiibo is in the air.
  • Use Clown Kart Dash jump into down air. Let me explain that a bit further in case you don’t understand what I mean. During Bowser Jr.’s side special, Clown Kart Dash, you can jump just by pressing up. After jumping, use your down aerial (and hopefully hit your amiibo with it). It’ll take some time, but if you do it correctly, your amiibo will learn to use this strategy, too!
  • Use Bowser Jr.’s down special – the Mechakoopas. Bowser Jr. won’t use this move often if you don’t teach it to him, so I’d recommend you use it, grab the Mechakoopa, and throw it at the amiibo! With enough uses of this move, your amiibo will pick up on it.
  • Use the Clown Cannon at far range. When your amiibo’s far away, charge and fire the Clown Cannon! If your amiibo learns to do this, you’ll find it helps it out a lot – in fact, most other amiibo don’t even seem to see the move coming, somehow.
  • Only use Bowser Jr.’s up special to recover. Yeah, don’t even bother trying to himp the amiibo or bomb it with the move. It won’t learn it. Don’t waste your time trying this.Utilize tilt attacks to rack up damage. Bowser Jr.’s got great tilt moves. Two of the three involve forks, and the other one involves a tongue. They sound weird, but they do quite a bit of damage, so yeah.

SECTION 5: Bowser Jr. Training Guide

It’s finally time to get this show on the road and train this amiibo. Since it’s in the Erratic group, we’ll be using a completely unique guide I wrote up specifically for Bowser Jr. Please refer back to Section 4 if you need a refresher on character-specific tips during training! These tips are guaranteed to make your Bowser Jr. better in battle if you effectively use them.

Step 1: Mirror match your amiibo on omega stages until it gets to Level 30. 

Yup, we’re starting with mirror matches. Keeping those character-specific tips we went over in section 4 in mind, mirror match your amiibo on omega stages only until it gets to around Level 30. I’d recommend playing timed matches, and playing in 3-minute increments all the way to Level 30.

Step 2: Rotate your best characters, best amiibo, and mirror matches, all on omega stages, until the amiibo’s Level 50.

Say hello to the sloppiest step ever. It’s pretty self-explanatory, though. I’d recommend rotating your best characters and mirror matches until the amiibo’s around Level 40, and then you can add your best Level 50 amiibo into the mix. If you didn’t feed Bowser Jr. equipment, don’t make him fight amiibo with equipment. If you did feed him equipment, though, it’s fine if he fights one without equipment. If you don’t have any other Level 50 amiibo, just keep using your best characters until your Bowser Jr. hits Level 50.

SECTION 6: Guide Results Video

I’ve got a replay of an amiibo trained with this guide submitted by /u/joseph9102, so a shout-out to them for submitting!

Not only did this amiibo win, but it’s demonstrated that it knows how to use its Mecha-Koopas and Clown Kart Dash properly. If you’re still on the fence about whether to use this guide, maybe this video will sell you on it? Er, well, not sell. My guides are free. But you know what I mean!

SECTION 7: Credits

So I don’t actually have a Bowser Jr. amiibo. Thanks to the kind users of reddit who tested out my preliminary guide for him, I was able to finalize the guide and release it in a state I’m happy with. A shout-out to /u/DrakJay, /u/MadMapManPK, and /u/joseph9102 for helping out with the guide. Without them, it wouldn’t have been possible.

SECTION 8: Conclusion

Thanks for reading this guide. Once your Bowser Jr. is Level 50, it’ll be time to make him even better. To do this, I’d recommend you check out Section 5 of this guide. It’ll go over post-level 50 training methods that’ll help you make your amiibo better. If you’ve got any training questions, comments, or just want to say hi, email me at!

Secret Password: TRUceB17


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  1. I must be really lucky. When I taught my Bowser Jr., I spammed Up-smash. and had him use him use his recovery. he only does it if his opponent spams up smash though. Wierd


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