How I’ve trained my amiibo

Hey there. Are you curious as to how I’ve trained my amiibo? How I’ve taught them to act, and the stats and bonus effects I have given to them? If so, you’re in luck. This page serves as an archive where I list all of my amiibo, their nicknames, playstyles, custom moves, stats, and bonus effects for you fellow trainers to look at.

Now, before we begin, there are a few things you’ll need to keep in mind as you read the spreadsheet I wrote up. You’ll notice that each amiibo is assigned a playstyle. This playstyle is what I want the amiibo in question to take on in order to win. Below is what each playstyle consists of:

  • Balanced: If I trained an amiibo to be Balanced, it means I want it to defend well, and be able to counterattack after either blocking or dodging. Generally, amiibo that I train to be balanced don’t have the Explosive perfect shield bonus – and if they do have that bonus, it means that character has a really good move that I want them to use a lot.
  • Defensive: If I trained an amiibo to be defensive, it means I trained the amiibo to block and dodge with impunity, in an effort to use its bonus effects to rack up damage. Amiibo that I train defensively will always have either the Explosive perfect shield or mirror shield bonuses. The purpose here is to get them to rely on their shield to deal damage to opponents, while being safe from enemy attacks.
  • Aggressive: I don’t train many amiibo this way. If you do see an amiibo below whose playstyle is aggressive, it means I trained them to, well, be aggressive. Their aim is to overwhelm their opponents with sheer offensive prowess. In general, I only train aggressive amiibo so that my champion amiibos, such as Ness, can practice against mobile opponents who have high attack power.
  • Passive: It is very rare that I train an amiibo to play passively. These amiibo tend to play back and rack up damage with projectiles. They tend to make matches they’re in last really long, so if one of my amiibo was trained passively, it’s safe to assume they won’t be entering any tournaments.

Alright, so that’s that. The spreadsheet is below. If you find that one of the character’s names is blue, it means you can click on it to see an in-game image of their stats and bonus effects. Not all amiibo that I own have been fed bonuses yet – as I feed my newer amiibo, I’ll be updating this spreadsheet. Here it is.


2 thoughts on “How I’ve trained my amiibo”

  1. Hello. I’m curious to how you trained some of your amiibos to be passive. Are you going to release a training guide for that style of play like your balanced, agressive, and defensive guides?


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