Nintendo Direct – December 2015 Recap

Today was the day of the final Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. We got new characters, and thus new amiibo! We’ve got a lot to talk about today, so let’s get started. If you don’t want spoilers, turn back now.

The presentation started with the revelation of Corrin from Fire Emblem: Fates, which isn’t even out here in America yet. Corrin’s inclusion reminds me of how Roy was included in Super Smash Bros. Melee to promote the game he starred in, Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. You’ll be able to download Corrin in February of next year, and her amiibo will release sometime later.

Cloud was also detailed. We got information on his special moves and were reassured that he would be getting his own amiibo! Cloud and the Midgar stage will release tonight for $6.99.

We also got the winner of the Super Smash Bros. Fighter Ballot, who was somehow Bayonetta. I don’t know much about the Bayonetta series at all, but there’s two things with her reveal that surprise me. First, how did a character that uses realistic guns make it into Smash? And second…how did she win the ballot over other characters like the Inklings, King K. Rool, and Shovel Knight? Either way, she was confirmed to be the last DLC character in Super Smash Bros. Along with Corrin and Cloud, Bayonetta will be getting her own amiibo.

Speaking of amiibo, Famicom R.O.B., Roy, and Ryu are all set to release in the US on March 18th, 2016. Roy appears to be GameStop exclusive; the status of the other two are not known.

So that’s it for the final Super Smash Bros. Nintendo Direct. What did you think of it?



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