Amiibo Dojo’s Ness is entering a tournament!

Why does the Ness in the featured image have a heart? Because the idea of entering a tournament for the first time fills me with DETERMINATION.

Hey there, guys. I’m proud to announce that Amiibo Dojo will be entering its first tournament on January 10th, 2015. Which tournament am I entering? Amiibo Dan’s World Tournament that is open to anyone. You just need to have an Android phone, a Powersaves, or Amiiqo. Then, you send your amiibo’s data over to him, and he uses an amiiqo to create a full tournament. This is very valuable, because actual tournaments at physical locations are very rare. In this article, I’ll tell you everything I’m doing to prepare for this tournament.

Tournament Rules

  • 2-stock, 6 minutes
  • Best 2 out of 3
  • Single elimination
  • Smash Balls on, set to low

Banned Bonuses:

  • Explosive perfect shield

Above are the tournament rules. I don’t really agree with banning Explosive perfect shield, but I respect Amiibo Dan’s rules, so I’m going to be entering my contestant without using the bonus. So, who am I going to enter? Well, if you didn’t notice from the featured image…it’s going to be Ness.

Ness is an S-Rank amiibo who is known for his nuclear back throw and strong attacks. My Ness amiibo, while he isn’t quite perfect, has literally over 3,000 matches of experience. I’d say he stands a chance against the others in this tournament. Only problem is, my Ness has never faced an amiibo that isn’t mine or one of my family’s. I’m not sure how much of a problem this actually is, because I do own a lot of other amiibo that would be considered strong tournament picks.

I’m specifically training Ness to rely on defense. I don’t want to take any chances with this tournament. I do not want Ness to take risks like launching himself with PK Thunder while on-stage. Well, even if I teach him not to do that, he’ll still do it. But still. In terms of stats and bonus effects, I’ve built Ness to be suited for any battle. What are his bonus effects? I can’t tell you that until after the tournament is over. I don’t want anyone to get the upper hand on me before the tournament starts!


This tournament is my chance to show you guys that the information on Amiibo Dojo works. I’m going to be working very hard training Ness over the next few days, so you won’t see any new guides until after January 10th, which is my birthday. Even if I lose this tournament…everything will be good. It’ll mean that I have more room to improve as a trainer. I hope you’ll wish me the best of luck here. I’ll be writing an analysis post on the tournament, where I’ll be briefing you on my Ness’ equipment, bonus effects, and the like. I’ll also be going into detail on why he won / lost, and what I can do to make him even better.


12 thoughts on “Amiibo Dojo’s Ness is entering a tournament!”

  1. That’sounds an interesting way to do things! I may have to consider it one day because I’m pretty sure physical ones are going to be anywhere CLOSE to me. I also need to try and build up one that’s remotely good…

    Hopefully Ness kicks ass!


    1. Thank you. I’m going to try to enter a lot of Amiibo Dan’s tournaments, if I can. A tournament is a tournament, y’know? If my amiibo is fighting other people’s amiibos (who have no relation to my training whatsoever), it counts in my book. I’m hoping Ness does good too. I’m pitting him against top amiibo like Bowser, Ganondorf, and Little Mac so that all of his flaws are slowly ironed out. This week, I’m going to be sinking a lot of time and effort into getting Ness to block and dodge with impunity, and set priority on the Smash Ball.


    1. Thanks! I’m hoping I win as well, of course, but whatever happens is all good. If I lose, it means I have more room to grow as a trainer. Which is great!


  2. This is Awesome!I just hate the fact I practically ruined recently doing some testing (I didn’t expect to have such averse effects.) I will still try and join 😀


  3. Cool, Im also entering, will trying to enter, the tourney as well. So i wish you the best of luck, sir! Im debating who to pick though. Hopefully our amiibos do well!


  4. I wish i could join but i dont have 2 things:

    1: a youtube account

    2: idk how to use my powersaves to send the data over

    But i believe you can win! Good Luck, Cloud!


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