Character Guide: Marth

The information in this guide is up to date, but the format is not. I will be updating this guide with a smoother, cleaner format, as well as additional tips and tricks, in the near future.

Welcome to Amiibo Dojo’s Marth character guide! Marth made his debut in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light for the Famicom, where he and a small group of stalwarts fought to save his homeland, Altea, after it was invaded by the kingdom of Doluna and the dark dragon, Medeus. In Super Smash Bros., Marth is one of the most unique swordfighters in the game. In today’s guide, we’ll be going over some tips to training your Marth amiibo.

Table of Contents

I’ve set up a table of contents that’ll help you navigate this guide. You can click any part of the table of contents below, and the page will automatically scroll down to the section you clicked on!

  • Section 1: Amiibo Overview / Pros & Cons
  • Section 2: Training your Amiibo
  • Section 3: Conclusion & Credits


In this section, we’ll be discussing Marth’s pros and cons, and the reasoning behind his S-Rank placement on my amiibo tier list.

Marth is undoubtedly among the top five best amiibo in the game. He possesses an incredible skill set that gives him all the tools he needs to succeed. One of his most important tools is his down special, Counter. For this move, Marth goes into a fighting stance, and if he’s attacked during the animation, he’ll strike back with incredible force. This allows him to tear apart amiibo characters that have high attack power, such as Bowser and Ganondorf. Your amiibo will need to be taught to use this move effectively, which may take a while, but it’ll be well worth your time. Another advantage Marth has is his side special, Dancing Blade. It’s a four-hit move that your amiibo will be able to execute perfectly, even if you have trouble with the timing. The move itself is very good at catching opponents and racking up damage fast, so it’s a great move for your Marth to use often. He’s also very agile and fast, meaning he has no problems keeping up with quick characters like Sonic and Zero Suit Samus. But Marth’s biggest advantage is the fact that his sword, the Falchion, will inflict significantly more damage on foes if they’re hit with the tip of the blade. The amiibo will learn early on that it needs to position itself in such a way that it can land “tippers”, and is, in general, very good at sweetspotting its attacks.

Marth does have a few flaws, however, but they’re very minor. First up, you may find that your amiibo “spams” its side special and down smash. Personally, I’m fine with this, because these are really good moves, but I figured I’d let you guys know in case you come across this. Second, Marth may randomly use his up special, Dolphin Slash, even if he’s standing on the stage – this leaves him vulnerable to attack. If you see your amiibo do this, be sure to punish it in any way you can. Another problem Marth has is that he’s not too consistent with his tippers. He has around a 60% tipper rate (at least in my experience). I trained my Marth amiibo to be reliant on tippers, and when I had him fight some of my other amiibo, there would be some times where he would not attack at all. I think this is because he knew he couldn’t land a tipper, and did not attack as a result of that knowledge. I’m not sure if your Marth amiibo will have the same problem, but I’m listing it here anyway. Finally, without his tippers, Marth’s attacks are relatively weak.

The Consensus

Overall, Marth is an incredible amiibo that can rack up damage and score KOs fast. He’s very slightly held back by minor issues, but he remains as one of the most viable tournament amiibo. It may take a while to teach him to consistently use Counter and land his tippers, but once he learns, he’ll become a very strong opponent that not many other amiibo will have prepared for. All of his strengths add up to his placement in the amiibo tier list‘s legendary S Rank.


We’ve now gone over Marth’s pros and cons, so you should have a general idea of how well he performs. In this section, we’re going to go over the equipment I fed my Marth amiibo, alternate spreads that could work for you, and raising the amiibo from Level 1 to Level 50.

I want to mention one thing before we begin. I used to give guides on training an amiibo without equipment. However, I don’t believe in that anymore, and I don’t want to encourage it, so I won’t have a guide on it. If you want to read my reasoning behind feeding all of my amiibo equipment rather than leaving them vanilla, click here. Now then, let’s get started.

My Marth amiibo’s Stats and Bonuses

My Marth’s name is Vader. Get it? Marth Vader? Haha…ha. Anyway. Above is an image of the stats and bonuses I gave to my Marth amiibo. For stats, he’s got the classic +40 in Attack, Defense, and Speed. This spread gives him a respectable boost to all of his stats, and helps to make him a balanced character. The bonuses I decided on were Critical-hit capability, Improved escapability, and Lifesteal. Critical-hit capability works really well on Marth since he can get tippers. A critical-hit tipper is sometimes enough to KO an opponent at around 50%, which is absolutely insane. Lifesteal takes advantage of Marth’s incredible damage-racking capability by allowing him to recover HP just by attacking! The final bonus here is Improved escapability, which allows your amiibo to escape from grabs and stuns more easily.

Custom Moves

There aren’t really any custom moves on Marth that I’d recommend you use. There is one that you could consider, but I don’t think it is necessary: Dolphin Jump. This move replaces his up special, and deals no damage, but goes higher than the default version of the move. The reason I don’t wholeheartedly recommend it is because there’s no horizontal movement in the jump, and that the move has a lot of landing lag. Other than Dolphin Jump, all of Marth’s other custom moves are mediocre at best.

Feeding your Amiibo

Of course, you can always copy the setup I gave my Marth amiibo, which is completely fine. Or maybe you want a different setup, which is also fine – in which case, I recommend you read my free guide to feeding your amiibo. In this guide, we’ll go over all sorts of different stat and bonus effect setups for your amiibo, so you can pick one of those spreads, if you like.

Keep in mind, you should have your amiibo fully fed with the exact stats and bonus effects you decided on before it even levels up. You’re probably thinking, “But wait, how is that possible? Amiibo get full after they eat just a few pieces of equipment. I can’t possibly have my amiibo fully fed at Level 1!” Well, it is possible, thanks to a method brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. When your amiibo becomes full, take it into a 1-stock match. When the game begins, immediately run off of the stage and KO yourself. Your amiibo will win, but it won’t level up, no matter how many times you do this. After the match, you’ll be able to feed your Marth amiibo once again. All you need to do is repeat this until he’s got the stats and bonuses you wanted him to have. Once you do, it is time to start training!

Training your amiibo

Now that your Marth amiibo has been fed equipment, it’s time to start training him. Even for a character like Marth, I recommend that you teach him to play defensively. In fact, defense is how my Ness amiibo managed to win his first tournament. This guide’s going to teach you how to emphasize defense, and how to turn your amiibo into a powerful fighter who can handle any kind of opponent. Let’s begin!

Step 1: Tipping the Scales (Levels 1-25)

For this step, you’re only going to use one move: Forward smash. If you can manage to land a tipper, this attack is the strongest move in the game bar Lucas’ up smash, King Dedede’s forward smash, and Lucario’s forward smash when he has max aura. It goes without saying that, if your amiibo can learn to position itself to get a tipper forward smash, it’s going to be able to win battles much easier.

Scan in your Level 1 Marth amiibo. You’ll need to play as Marth for this step (Lucina won’t cut it, since she doesn’t have tippers). Go into the item settings and turn on the timer items to high – by the way, the idea of using timers to train your amiibo was originally brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. But wait, why are we turning on timers? Because this is the step where you teach your Marth amiibo to use tippers. Be sure to also set your amiibo to 80% handicap. So, if your amiibo’s at 80% handicap, you chose Marth as your character, and the timer item is on high, you’re ready to begin. Select an omega stage and start the match.

This step is probably going to be hard for you, I won’t lie. You need to space yourself perfectly in order to get a tipper. This is why your amiibo’s handicap is set to 80% – if you land a tipper, your amiibo will instantly die from the tipper forward smash, but not the non-tipper forward smash. Does that make sense?

When the match begins, wait for the first timer to appear, and when it does, grab it. Your amiibo will be slowed down, but you’ll remain at the same speed. Approach your amiibo and try to position yourself in such a way that a forward smash will hit your amiibo with the tip of the blade. Then, use forward smash. If your amiibo instantly dies, you’ve got it. If not, then your spacing was not correct. All you’re going to do is try your best to hit your amiibo with as many tipper forward smashes as possible. Aim to get 3-4 tipper forward smash kills in this match. If you get less than that, I’d say quit the match – if you don’t impress tippers into the amiibo’s mind early on, it’s going to be difficult to get him to use them.

Don’t understand my explanation for this step? Not to worry, I’ve prepared a video demonstration! It’s 3 minutes long, so sit back, grab a snack, and watch me do this step. For 3 minutes. Here we go.

Please ignore the fact that my Marth is Level 32. Okay, so the match starts out with my Marth instantly getting a tipper forward smash on me. And I get KO’d. After respawning, I grab a timer and am able to kill my amiibo with a tipper forward smash. Those red sparks are what to look out for – if you get them, you know you’ve hit the sweetspot.

You’re going to continue this match archetype until your Marth amiibo is around Level 25. I hope the video helps you to understand this step more!

Step 2: Dancing Blade + Tippers (Levels 25-35)

Now that you’ve impressed tippers on your amiibo’s mind up to Level 25 or so, it’s time to hone your amiibo’s skills. Turn off the timers and handicap, and relax. This is going to be the easy part. And don’t worry, I’ve got another video demonstration for you!

Again, please ignore the fact that my Marth is Level 36. Anyway, this step focuses on refining your amiibo’s skills. Pick an omega stage, and continue to play as Marth. Up until now, we only used forward smash on your amiibo. We’re going to introduce three new moves to that pool. These moves are Marth’s side special, Dancing Blade, his Counter, and grabs. For this match, you’re going to rotate these moves. With Dancing Blade, you need to have certain timing to get all four hits in. If you can’t nail this timing, it is fine, because you will not butcher your amiibo’s ability to do so.

If you get knocked off the edge, your Marth amiibo should walk to the edge of the stage and start using its forward smash. If this happens, position yourself in front of Marth, but far enough away that, if he forward smashes, he will get the tipper and kill you.

For Counters, just counter whenever you feel like your amiibo will attack you. If your Marth is above you and is falling towards you, it will most likely use its down aerial attack, so you will be able to counter it. If you miss the Counter, don’t worry.

And finally, for grabs, don’t teach Marth any of his true combos. For his true combos, he needs to jump, and we don’t want him to jump. If we encourage him to jump, he may randomly hop around later on, which will result in him getting punished by opposing amiibo.

Continue to do this until your amiibo is at or around Level 35.

Step 3: Tipping the Scales Again (Levels 35-45)

It’s time for the final stretch. Similarly to step 1, you’re going to turn timers on high. Set your amiibo to 100% handicap this time. And, yup, you need to grab the timers and slow your amiibo down. Then, try to hit it with tipper forward smashes. The difference between this step and step one, however, is that you are now going to use Counter. Your Marth amiibo will be slowed down by the timers, so you’ll have ample time to react. For this step, rotate tipper forward smashes and counters. Don’t use Dancing Blade or grabs this time around.

I recommend you aim to get 3-5 tipper forward smash kills during each match. Continue doing this step until your amiibo is around Level 45.

Step 4: Entering the Ring (Levels 45-50)

Now that your Marth amiibo is Level 45, it’s time to round out his initial training by having him face other Level 50 amiibo in your collection. It doesn’t matter how badly they may have been trained – have your Marth face them in 2-stock battles with no items (preferably on omega stages).

If you don’t have any other Level 50 amiibo, that’s fine. You can just continue to use timers against Marth to improve his reaction times and tipper-hitting capabilities like we did in Step 3.

After each battle, you should hop into a quick session with Marth. Turn timers on, set his handicap to 100%, and do nothing but hit him with forward smash tippers and Counters. If he uses his forward smash, try to get hit by its tipper. You’ll need to do this many times after Marth reaches Level 50 in order to have him retain this knowledge.

Continue to have your Marth amiibo fight other Level 50 amiibo (or keep fighting him with timers, if you don’t have any other level 50 amiibo) until Marthhimself reaches Level 50!

You’re done your initial training!

Your Marth amiibo has reached Level 50! You’re on the right track to creating a champion. However, this is where your training really begins. In order to become a champion, your Marth will need to square off against as many different amiibo opponents as possible. You will also need to do some spot training for Marth to retain his tippers – you can just repeat Step 3’s match archetype on your amiibo (timers on high, do nothing but tipper fsmash and counter) as needed. I’ve also written up a guide that talks about further training you can put your amiibo through after it reaches Level 50. If you want you’re interested in making your Marth even better, I recommend you take a look at this free guide by clicking here.


File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations Classic Marth.png

Alright, we’re done. Thanks so much for reading this guide! I hope you can put it to good use so that your Marth amiibo becomes a true champion! And hey, if you liked this guide, check out Amiibo Dojo on Twitter. I post to-the-minute updates on new guides and content heading to the Dojo every day, so if you’re interested in that, give it a follow! If you haven’t done so yet, you should check out my post-Level 50 amiibo training guide by clicking here. And if you have any questions, please don’t hesistate to contact me!

Credits-wise, I’d like to thank Megar for grammar checking. The images I used were from the official Super Smash Bros. website.

Secret Password: tippers!




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