Character Guide: Palutena

The information in this guide is up to date, but the format is not. I will be updating this guide with a smoother, cleaner format, as well as additional tips and tricks, in the near future.

Hello and welcome to to Amiibo Dojo’s Palutena training guide! Palutena is the Goddess of Light and served as the NES title Kid Icarus’ damsel-in-distress. After a 25-year absence, she reappeared in Kid Icarus Uprising, where she served as Pit’s guide on his quest to take down the Underworld Army and its leader, Medusa. Palutena was added to Super Smash Bros. in the most recent titles for Wii U and 3DS. She also received her own amiibo figure, which is to date the only amiibo in the United States that hasn’t been in any physical stores (bar Nintendo World, which is a single location in New York) – it’s Amazon exclusive!

Table of Contents

I’ve set up a table of contents that’ll help you navigate this guide. You can click any part of the table of contents below, and the page will automatically scroll down to the section you clicked on!


If you’ve trained an amiibo before, you’d know that they can react really fast! Faster than any human can, at least. In fact, if you put enough training into your amiibo, it can block or dodge attacks in less than a half of a second! When I train my amiibo, I focus on teaching them defense. I teach them to block and dodge, and then counter with an attack of their own. It might sound boring, but defensive play is what has allowed me and many others to win amiibo tournaments. Whether you feed your amiibo equipment like I do or leave them vanilla, defense is the key to victory.

This guide is going to tell you how to turn your Palutena amiibo into a smart, decisive fighter that’ll hopefully win you a tournament at some point. We’ll talk about what kind of equipment to feed Palutena, raising her up to Level 50, and what to do with her after she reaches the big five-o. Let’s get started.


In this section, we’ll go over Palutena’s pros and cons, and the reasoning behind my decision to place her in my amiibo tier list‘s B Rank. Let’s get started.

Amiibo Overview

Palutena is one of the strangest amiibo I’ve ever trained. She has very nondescript strengths and some glaring weaknesses, but can still stand up to top amiibo like Ness and Bowser. I think this is mostly due to her superb AI, which is very good at retaining what you teach it to do. Despite having her fair share of flaws, Palutena is still a strong tournament pick. Does she stack up against amiibo in the S Rank? Not quite, but she can certainly contend against them with proper training.


  • Strong, adaptable AI
  • Good range on most attacks
  • Decent KO power
  • Good recovery

As mentioned before, Palutena’s greatest strength is her AI. It’s great at blocking, dodging, and counterattacking, which is exactly what I wanted her to do. The AI also doesn’t spam any moves in particular, so you don’t have to worry about that. Palutena’s attacks, while slow, have good range and decent KO power. She’s also got a great recovery to boot – well, when she has her default up special equipped, anyway.


  • Slow, sluggish attacks
  • Annoying windboxes that push foes away
  • Weak counter that the AI won’t use
  • Poor use of certain custom moves

The Goddess of Light possesses a slew of unfortunate flaws that ultimately hold her back from true greatness. Her most noticeable issue is the slow, sluggish speed of her attacks. Even though her moves do have decent KO power, it isn’t enough to fully compensate for the lag. Adding insult to injury, her strongest moves, down smash and especially forward smash, have annoying windboxes at their tips that push opponents away instead of dealing damage. And finally, the amiibo’s usage of three specific moves is somewhat lacking. Let’s start by talking about Counter, Palutena’s default down special. Despite my best efforts, the amiibo didn’t even try to use it once during training. In retrospect, that might’ve been because her counter is the weakest and slowest of its kind. There’s one other move I found the AI has trouble with: Super Speed. She doesn’t use it to recover (unless you teach her, which may take a while), and she may spam it when far away from her foe.


Alright, now that we’ve gone over Palutena’s pros and cons, it’s time to train her! In this section, we’ll talk about the equipment I fed my Palutena amiibo, alternate bonus and stat spreads that could work for you, and raising her up to Level 50.

Before we begin, there’s something I want to mention real quick. I feed all of my amiibo equipment, and I don’t really believe in leaving them vanilla, so this guide is tailored to those of you who do feed your amiibo. That being said, if you don’t want to feed your amiibo, this guide will still work for you. Here’s a quote that I said in section 1 of this guide: “Whether you feed your amiibo equipment or leave them vanilla, defense is the key to victory.

My Palutena Amiibo’s Stats and Bonuses

First up, we’re going to talk about the stats and bonuses I chose to feed my amiibo. Predictably, I gave Palutena a lot of defense. We’ve got +40 in attack, +70 in defense, and +10 in speed. It’s a pretty standard setup that emphasizes defense while including respectable boosts in attack and mobility.

For bonus effects, we have Easy perfect shield, Health-restoring shield, and Mirror shield. This is an ultra-defensive spread that focuses around improving Palutena’s shield. Whenever she blocks an attack, she restores health and her foe takes damage, which allows her to be a big annoyance to opponents. It’s a simple but effective bonus effect setup.

Feeding your Amiibo

Of course, it’s fine if you copy the stats and bonuses I gave my amiibo and use them on yours. But there’s probably a few of you who would like to use a different stat and bonus setup, and that’s fine too. In that case, I recommend you look at my free guide on feeding your amiibo. It’ll talk about feeding limitations that have been put in place by the Super Smash Bros. developers. It’ll go over each and every bonus effect, what they do, and how viable they are. And finally, it’ll show you a bunch of different potential stat and bonus effect setups for your amiibo! If you want to look at some alternate equipment spreads for your amiibo and learn a thing or two about feeding in general, you can click here to check out the guide.

By the way, here’s a tip – you can have your amiibo completely fed without it ever passing Level 1. This allows your amiibo to quite literally “grow up” with its stats and bonuses, which will help it get used to its buffs. Scan in your Level 1 amiibo and feed it the three bonus effects you decided on. Then, you’ll need to start feeding it equipment to boost its stats (without overwriting the bonuses) to the numbers you decided on. At some point, though, your amiibo will become full and won’t be able to eat any more equipment. Luckily, there’s a workaround that was brought to light by Amiibo Trainer. If you take your full amiibo into a 1-stock match and immediately kill yourself when the game begins, you’ll be able to feed it again. You can simply repeat this as many times as needed until it’s fully fed. Don’t worry, self-destructing on purpose won’t negatively affect your amiibo!

If you have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to contact me or email me directly at I check my inbox often. Very often.

Custom Moves

Despite the fact that Palutena’s custom moves are vastly different from each other, the majority of them are completely useless. In fact, the only one I would recommend is Explosive Flame, a custom neutral special that replaces Autoreticle. This move, hence its name, causes an explosive flame that deals damage to opponents. But really, that’s it. All of her other custom moves are either kinda useless or the AI’s use of them isn’t ideal.

Alright. By now, your amiibo should be fully fed with the stats, bonuses, and custom moves you decided on earlier. And by the way, if you lack the equipment or custom moves you had decided on earlier, I’ve written up a guide to farming equipment which you can check out here!

Training your amiibo

The most important part of training an amiibo is to teach it defense. I talked about this in Section 1 of the guide, but I truly believe that defensive play is the way to win. It’s a very consistent playstyle that allows your amiibo to take advantage of its opponents’ mistakes. I think the key to unlocking Palutena’s full potential is teaching her to use her forward smash as a counterattack, and up smash to catch airborne foes. I’d love it if the AI would actually use its counter, but I suppose beggars can’t be choosers.

Training your amiibo to play defense and rely on one or two moves as counterattacks may sound ridiculous at first, I know. But I’m telling you, it’s really important. Defense is what has allowed me and other trainers to win tournaments. So, now that your Palutena has been fed equipment, it’s time to start training. Let’s get going.

Step 1: Super Smash Bros. Fundamentals (Levels 1-15)

Get ready for the easiest step of your life. Scan your Level 1 amiibo into Smash mode, set its handicap to 300%, and you’ll need to play as Palutena. For this step, all you’re going to do is KO your amiibo with forward smash and Counter, if possible. If you need to, you can turn on timers to make it easier to counter your amiibo’s attacks, but it’s not necessary.

So yeah, all you really need to do is continue KOing your amiibo with forward smash and counter until it reaches Level 15 or so. We’re doing this because we’re trying to teach it two moves to rely on. I did say earlier that the amiibo won’t use its counter at all, but hey, it’s still worth a shot to try and teach her to use it. As you train your amiibo, be sure not to jump. We don’t want it randomly hopping around later on. Keep this up until Palutena is around Level 15.

Step 2: Standard Match Practice (Levels 16-35)

From Levels 16 to 35, we’re going to practice standard battles. Turn off handicap so that your amiibo now starts each stock with 0%. You will also continue to play as Palutena. So basically, for this step, you’re going to continue to use forward smash and counter where possible. Except now, you’ll be grabbing the amiibo. When you grab her, be sure to throw her to the closest ledge. Don’t do any “true combos”, as they involve jumping, and we don’t want Palutena randomly hopping around later on.

This should be a pretty simple step. Continue to mirror match your amiibo until she’s about Level 35.

Step 3: Perfect Timing (Levels 36-45)

This is the most important step in your amiibo’s training. You’ve taught her to rely on forward smash and counter, as well as how to properly use grabs, so now it’s time to cement all this information in her metaphorical mind. Go into the items menu and turn items on high, and set your amiibo and you to 300% handicap. When you grab a timer, your opponent will be slowed down, but you’ll remain at normal speed. This is very helpful, because it gives you more time to block and dodge Palutena’s attacks. By the way, the idea of using timers in battle was “created” (or discovered, I don’t know what to call it but you know what I mean) by Amiibo Trainer.

Before you start this step, I recommend you build a custom Palutena that you can play as (you can do this in Games & More > Vault > Custom > Characters > Palutena)  that has the Easy perfect shield and Improved shield regeneration bonuses. This will help you to more easily perfect shield your amiibo’s attacks.

Make sure timers are on high frequency (or just “on” if you’re using the 3DS version, which does not have adjustable item frequencies) and your amiibo is at 300% handicap. So when the game begins, be sure that you grab the first timer that appears. There’s a few things that could happen once you grab the timer. I’ve made a list of each effect the timer could cause, and what you should do with each effect:

First Effect: The timer slows down your amiibo, but you remain at the same speed. This is what you want. If the timer slows down your amiibo, you need to walk towards it and stop about a character-length away from her. Wait for her to attack; when she does, try to perfect shield the attack. If you successfully perfect shield the attack, you will hear a soft “ping” sound. That’s your cue to counterattack with a forward smash, which will KO your amiibo. During the time it takes for her to respawn, another timer will appear. Keep in mind that timers will not affect your amiibo if they are still standing on the respawn platform – you should wait for them to get down from the platform before you activate the timer.

Second Effect: The timer slows down the whole game, including you and your amiibo. If this happens, you should be on the lookout for another timer. Block and dodge your amiibo’s attacks and counter with a forward smash if you can, but don’t worry if you can’t pull it off.

Third Effect: The timer backfires and slows you down. If the first timer you grab does this, quit the game. If this happens towards the end of the match, though, you should hold your shield so that your amiibo doesn’t hit you with attacks you don’t want it to use. Holding your shield will lure your amiibo into grabbing you – let it grab you and kill you. It’s better for you to die this way than at the hands of a move you don’t want her to use.

So basically, for this step, you want to perfect shield and counterattack with forward smash as often as you can. Try using Palutena’s counter move if you can. Keep blocking, dodging, and counterattacking with perfect timing until your amiibo is at around Level 45.

Step 4: Entering the Ring (Levels 46-50+)

It’s time for the final step in your Palutena’s initial training. Do you have any other Level 50 amiibo? If you do, you should have your Palutena fight them, no matter how badly trained they may be. She needs to face as many amiibo opponents as possible in order to succeed in a tournament environment.

I advise that she plays 2-stock matches (best 2 out of 3 games) against each of your Level 50 amiibo. If you don’t have any other Level 50 amiibo, that’s fine too. You can just continue to use timers against Palutena until she reaches Level 50.

Post-Level 50 Training

Congratulations! Your Palutena is now Level 50. This is where your training really begins. In order to make her a tournament champion, she’ll need experience against as many different amiibo opponents as possible. Here’s a tip: if at any point you are not satisfied with your amiibo’s defensive capabilities and/or it’s not using enough forward smash counterattacks, feel free to repeat the training method in Step 3 on your Palutena at any point after she reaches Level 50.

In addition to that, I’ve also written up an entire guide you can look at that talks about training your amiibo even after it hits Level 50. I recommend you give it a look! For those of you who want to enter Palutena into a tournament and hopefully have her win, this guide is your next step.


File:SSB4-Wii U Congratulations All-Star Palutena.png

That’s it. We’re done! We’ve gone over Palutena’s pros and cons, raising her to Level 50, and some post-level 50 training ideas. Thanks a lot for reading this guide! I hope you use the strategies and info we went over to your advantage. And hey, if you liked this guide, check out Amiibo Dojo on Twitter. I post to-the-second updates on new guides, articles, and amiibo training in general. And if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact or email me directly at!

Thanks to Leitung for grammar checks. Most images here are from the official Super Smash Bros. website. 

Secret Password: heavenlylight


4 thoughts on “Character Guide: Palutena”

  1. I see what nintendo did there.

    They hid Palutena to unseen eyes unless you ordered her because she lives in the clouds ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Nice job as always, CLoud


  2. Question: Why Counter over Celestial Fireworks?

    I feel like there’s a lot of things about Celestial Fireworks that make it pop compared to her counter in amiibo play, mainly
    – It has invincibility at the beginning
    – She can edge guard with it (catches when they try to grab the ledge)
    – it kills

    Is she really that terrible at using her customs?


    1. You have a pretty good point, I must say. I was going to make minor changes to this guide anyway, so I’ll revisit Palutena with Celestial Fireworks sometime this week.


    2. After extensive training and resetting I can’t get her to make a single attempt at using Counter or Celestial Fireworks. Counter would make her (even more of) a goddess in the amiibo meta as it can easily get KOs … but she just won’t use it. I’ve been working with Lightweight since it’s the only d.B she seems to actually use.


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