Amiibo Dojo’s Second Tournament Win!

Hey there, readers! I just wanted to let you know that my Ganondorf amiibo, Dark Lord (who was named after Amiibo Dan’s Ganondorf), just won the first iteration of Amiibo Skirmish. It’s a tournament series available to Amiibo Dojo forum members and Twitter followers. This time, we had 13 people, all of which who had incredible amiibo. A Zero Suit Samus, who is ranked low on my amiibo tier list, was my final opponent. In a few days, I’ll be updating my Ganondorf guide to Championship Edition. Ooh. Fancy. With this win, you are reassured that the methods here at the Amiibo Dojo are truly legitimate.


6 thoughts on “Amiibo Dojo’s Second Tournament Win!”

  1. I entered a non tourney trained Robin to see how he fared in the tourney. Since he got last, I now know that if your amiibo isn’t tourney trained, you’re going to fail.


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