Amiibo Dojo now has a Patreon!

Hello, dear readers. Today, I would like to inform you that, in my in my everlasting quest to further improve the Amiibo Dojo, I have opened a Patreon account. I’ve been carefully thinking about how to properly do one of these for a long time – and today, it’s finally come to fruition.

You are probably wondering specific reasons why I decided to do this. The answer is: I want to make the Amiibo Dojo even better, but lack the funds to do so. I want to buy streaming equipment and stream amiibo training and tournaments. I want to be able to afford site-wide upgrades. And I’ve already spend over a thousand dollars on amiibo figures so I could provide guides for you all…I just don’t have anything else to give!

Whether you choose to donate or not is your choice. I will not shove this link down anybody’s metaphorical throats. If you feel that I have helped you, and want to help me, you have my eternal appreciation. Thanks for reading – I’ll see you guys later this week with some brand-new guides.

Here is the link to my Patreon account.


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