Amiibo Dojo Tournament Series – Clash of Champions

Welcome! I’m very happy to announce the first-ever Amiibo Dojo tournament series, Clash of Champions! Do you think your amiibo can defeat the best of the best? Do you think your amiibo is a true champion? Well, now’s your chance to prove yourself! Click “Read More” for more information!

How to enter your Amiibo

All you need to enter is an Amiibo Powersaves or an NFC-compatible Android device. These will allow you to create a .BIN file of your amiibo, which you can send to me – I can then bring it to life with my Power Tag!

Tournament rules (no really, this tournament does rule)

The rules are quite simple. It’ll be a double-elimination tournament, with each match being best 2 out of 3 games. Each person is allowed to enter one amiibo. If you have a friend or family member that wants to enter, too, that’s fine, just make sure the owners are different. The stages will be omega-only.

All bonus effects and combinations will be allowed. However, Little Mac is formally banned from the tournament. Anyone who sends one over will be disqualified. Your amiibo’s stats must also not exceed 120 when added together – for example, 40/40/40 and 120/200/-200 are fine, because when you add them together, you get 120. Anybody who sends an amiibo whose stat total is over 120 will be disqualified. Sorry! 😦

Entry deadline

You have until Friday, May 13th to send your amiibo to me at Within your email, attach a .bin file and your nickname on the Amiibo Dojo forums (if you’re on there), or if you’re not on the forum, provide the name you want to use on the bracket.

There is no prize this time around. The first Clash of Champions will be kind of a “beta test”. Alright, get training, guys! You have until Friday at 11:59PM EST. I promise you’ll have more time to train for the next tournament! If you have any questions, please send them to Thanks!



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