Clash of Champions: LIVE 6/1 @ 9AM EST

Clash of Champions I is finally here- at the time of writing, tomorrow is the big day! Over 40 amiibo trainers from around the globe submitted their amiibo. Not only do we have a whole bunch of entrants, we have a wide variety of characters, too – Peach, Greninja, Yoshi, Captain Falcon, Wii Fit Trainer, Olimar, the list goes on.

The results of each match will be live-tweeted by yours truly on Twitter. You can find the official tournament bracket here. Before you ask, nope – I can’t live stream the tourney, because I don’t have streaming equipment nor the funds to get it. I will be uploading the Winners Finals and Grand Finals matches, though.

Good luck to everyone who entered! Who will emerge as the champion? 


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