Clash of Champions II Delayed

Hey guys! I regret to inform you that Clash of Champions II has been delayed. It was supposed to be held on July 1st, but there are a few circumstances that have led to this decision. Basically, the amiibo metagame is getting stale. At least, it is for me and many others. I feel like, by promoting defensive play and equipment and shutting out everything else, I have kind of restricted the possibilities that amiibo training holds.

For that reason, Clash of Champions II is delayed until further notice. I don’t have a date for it yet – but when it does come around, the tournament will be between vanilla amiibo only. All equipment will be banned. I’m not abandoning equipment entirely, though – I’m just testing the waters here. There really isn’t that much left to explore in the equipment metagame, to be honest – explosive perfect shield is the best bonus, defense rules, and Little Mac is broken. If we stick to equipment forever, we really will not find much new.

But will any of that mean anything in the vanilla metagame? There’s only one way to find out. When I’m ready to host a vanilla tournament, I will let you guys know. Until next time, and thanks for understanding!


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