More Lucina amiibo are being produced

Hey guys, I’m here with a quick amiibo news update. It seems that Nintendo has posted a CSPIA update for the Lucina amiibo. Basically, this means that her figurine was recently given another production run – this time, in both July and August 2016. This is the first time since February that a Super Smash Bros. amiibo (other than Link) has been produced.

If you can’t find a Lucina amiibo for the life of you, this could be your chance. There are currently no details on a potential restock date, but I will keep you all updated.


One thought on “More Lucina amiibo are being produced”

  1. I don’t have Lucina yet! I could, but didn’t want to overpay. And my local Best Buy is really good about restocks… Hope I can find her there and maybe pick up another tourney win with her! Thanks for letting me know!


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