Now Available: Amiibo Dojo Forums 2.0

Hey guys! No updated guide today. Instead, I have something even better – updated forums! The Amiibo Dojo Forums have been majorly upgraded with a new appearance and all sorts of cool new features. Check it out and join the largest amiibo community today!

You can also earn Gold, a virtual currency (that isn’t worth real money, I should say), by making posts. You can then exchange Gold for free prizes such as exclusive training guides, in-game items in Pokemon & Animal Crossing, and access to engaging challenges.

You can check out the newly-updated Amiibo Dojo Forums by clicking here. If you want to register an account, click here instead.

P.S. You have until tomorrow, 8/11, at 11:59PM EST, to submit your amiibo for Clash of Champions II. No S-Tier characters, critical hits, or Explosive perfect shield. 


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