Super Mario Odyssey: Cap Kingdom Power Moon Locations

The Cap Kingdom is the first kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t filled to the brim with secrets! There are 31 Power Moons just waiting to be collected. Some of them hide in tricky locations, but worry not: with the help of this guide, you’ll be able to easily track down each and every one of them!

Cap Kingdom Power Moons

First, here’s a handy map of the Cap Kingdom. Each of the numbered dots you see on the map corresponds to the location of a Power Moon. For example, location #1 on the map is where you will find Power Moon #1. Make sense? Good. Let’s get started.

1. Frog-Jumping Above the Fog

From the Odyssey, you’ll notice three question mark blocks floating high in the air. Capture a frog and jump to the top of these blocks. Jump again to reveal a hidden block. From the top of the hidden block, jump one more time to retrieve the Power Moon above.

2. Frog-Jumping from the Top Deck

Capture a frog and hop on top of the double-decker hat in the southwest corner of Central Plaza. Perform a high jump to receive this Power Moon.

3. Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

At the base of Top-Hat Tower is a scarecrow next to a bridge. Throw Cappy at this scarecrow to begin a timer challenge. Cross the bridge using rolls to build up speed and you’ll receive this Power Moon.

4. Good Evening, Captain Toad!

Captain Toad is waiting at the top of Top-Hat Tower. Speak to him to receive a Power Moon.

5. Shopping in Bonneton

This Power Moon is available for purchase at the Cap Kingdom’s Crazy Cap store for 100 coins. You can buy as many of these Power Moons as you want, but only one of them is required.

6. Skimming the Poison Tide

Jump off of Top-Hat Tower’s balcony to find a platform with a red door. Enter this door, capture a Paragoomba, and collect five Moon Shards to receive this Power Moon.

7. Slipping Through the Poison Tide

In the same area as Power Moon #6, use a Paragoomba to fly through a hole in the fence underneath the platform opposite the room’s entrance. Turn around, fly upwards, and then jump up the platforms to receive this hidden Power Moon.

8. Push-Block Peril

At the base of the east side of Top-Hat Tower is another red door. Enter it and maneuver a series of platforms until you reach the end of the room. When you’re directly above the Power Moon, press ZL to jump off of the electrical wire.

9. Hidden Among the Push-Blocks

In the same area as Power Moon #8, turn around at the second level about halfway through the room to find a Power Moon hidden in a blue block.

10. Searching the Frog Pond

The northwest corner of Central Plaza contains a red door. Open it, capture a frog, and collect five Moon Shards to receive this Power Moon.

11. Secrets of the Frog Pond

In the same area as Power Moon #10, capture a frog and hop onto a medium-level platform in the very corner of the room. You’ll come across a fluffy moving platform with a thin wall in the middle of its path. Carefully land on top of this platform, and then high jump into an alcove to receive a Power Moon.

12. The Forgotten Treasure

Talk to a Bonneter floating above a hat in Central Plaza and Cappy will remember hiding a Power Moon somewhere in the Cap Kingdom. Follow Cappy’s clues until you are eventually led to the hills around the Odyssey. Stand on top of the tallest hill and feel your controller’s HD Rumble to determine where to ground pound. Perform a ground pound on the right spot and you’ll receive this Power Moon.

13. Taxi Flying Through Bonneton

Capture the binoculars in Central Plaza and gaze at the moon. Looking closely, you’ll notice that one of the ships is actually a taxi! Stare at this taxi for a moment and it will reward you with a Power Moon.

14. Bonneter Blockade

In the Central Plaza area, a Bonneter is blocking a Power Moon inside of a hat building. Capture a Paragoomba and make your way back to the hat. This Bonneter is actually afraid of Paragoombas, so he will run away and allow you to retrieve your Power Moon.

15. Cap Kingdom Regular Cup

On the northeast side of Top-Hat Tower is a Koopa standing next to a leaderboard. Speak with this Koopa and accept his racing challenge. Use rolls and long jumps with good timing, and you will be right on track to receiving this Power Moon.

16. Peach in the Cap Kingdom

After defeating Bowser and completing the main quest, go to the north end of Central Plaza to find Peach and Tiara. Speak with Peach to receive a Power Moon.

17. Found with Cap Kingdom Art

On the side of the bridge is a piece of hint art. It depicts the Moon Kingdom – the blue sphere represents Earth, while the colorful squares represent characters looking at Earth from the Moon. Travel to the Moon Kingdom and ground pound the area behind the Lochlady to receive this Power Moon.

Postgame Power Moons

You might notice a mysterious, sharp-looking cube in the Cap Kingdom: that’s a Moon Rock. Once you defeat the final boss and collect all of the Cap Kingdom’s Multi Moons, it will glow, and you will be able to destroy it with a ground pound. Upon activation, this Moon Rock will spawn more Power Moons for you to collect. The following Power Moons only appear after the Cap Kingdom’s Moon Rock is activated:

18. Next to Glasses Bridge

On the west side of the bridge leading to Central Plaza is a levitating hat. A Power Moon is floating directly above it.

19. Danger Sign

Capture a Paragoomba and fly west of the Odyssey to find a Power Moon floating above a sign.

20. Under the Big One’s Brim

Climb to the top of Top-Hat Tower and face west. You’ll see a Power Moon floating under the hat’s brim. Jump off of the brim and collect it.

21. Fly to the Edge of the Fog

Capture a Paragoomba and fly to the very northeast corner of the Cap Kingdom. Hiding in the fog is a very tricky Power Moon.

22. Spin the Hat, Get a Prize

Head to the arch leading to Central Plaza. Throw Cappy at the hat symbol in the middle to receive a Power Moon.

23. Hidden in a Sunken Hat

Capture a Paragoomba and head to an island near the middle of the Cap Kingdom map (check the image above for a reference point). Throw Cappy at the hat’s golden point to receive a Power Moon.

24. Fog-Shrouded Platform

Return to Central Plaza and make your way to its northern edge. The Cap Kingdom’s fog is hiding a glowing spot on the ground; clear away the fog and ground pound on this spot to reveal a Power Moon.

25. Bird Travelling in the Fog

There’s a glowing bird flying throughout the Cap Kingdom. Capture a Paragoomba and wait for the bird to fly behind the Odyssey (alternatively, you can use a long jump). Touch the bird to receive its Power Moon.

26. Caught Hopping Near the Ship!

Near the Odyssey is a rabbit waiting to be caught. Chase this rabbit and touch it to receive a Power Moon. You can also throw Cappy at the rabbit to slow it down (this works best with two players).

27. Taking Notes: In the Fog

Capture a Paragoomba and head to the west side of the Cap Kingdom to find a rainbow treble clef. Collect all of the music notes and a Power Moon will appear.

28. Cap Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

There’s a scarecrow in the southeast corner of Central Plaza. Throw Cappy at the scarecrow and quickly jump over to collect the key that appears. Return to the scarecrow before time runs out, and you’ll be rewarded with a Power Moon.

29. Cap Kingdom Master Cup

Return to the area from Power Moon #15. Talk to the Koopa again and accept his challenge. This time around, the race won’t be so easy: a new golden Koopa has entered the competition. Reach the goal before your opponent to receive another Power Moon.

30. Roll On and On

A silver chimney has appeared west of Central Plaza. Enter it and you’ll find a winding race course. Roll your way to the end of the course to collect a Power Moon.

31. Precision Rolling

In the same area as Power Moon #30, remain to the left at the beginning of the course. Follow a narrow path to find a hidden Power Moon.

And there you have it: every Power Moon available in the Cap Kingdom! If you want to continue your search for Power Moons, return to the master list of Super Mario Odyssey guides.



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