Super Mario Odyssey: Cascade Kingdom Power Moon Locations

The Cascade Kingdom is the second kingdom visited in Super Mario Odyssey – and it’s chock-full of secrets for you to find. There are 40 Power Moons hiding here – and with the help of this guide, you’ll be tracking them down in no time!

Cascade Kingdom Power Moons

First, here’s a handy map of the Cascade Kingdom. Each of the numbered dots you see on the map corresponds to the location of a Power Moon. For example, location #1 on the map is where you will find Power Moon #1. Make sense? Good. Let’s get started.

1. Our First Power Moon

Your first Power Moon in Super Mario Odyssey is obtained by knocking over a stone pillar to create a bridge over a lake. It’s required to progress the story, making it impossible to miss.

2. Multi Moon Atop the Falls

In a similar vein as above, this Multi Moon is required to progress the story. Defeat Madam Broode and she’ll leave behind the Multi Moon for you to collect.

3. Chomp Through the Rocks

Head northwest from the Odyssey to find four Chain Chomps. Capture the farthest one and use it to destroy a wall and uncover this Power Moon.

4. Behind the Waterfall

Enter the warp pipe to shift into 2D mode. Climb up the platforms until you see a gap towards the left of the wall. Jump through this gap to reveal a hidden area containing a Power Moon.

5. On Top of the Rubble

Northeast of the Odyssey is a Power Moon floating above a pile of rocks.

6. Treasure of the Waterfall Basin

Return to the stone pillar that you knocked down at the beginning of the game. Underneath is a hidden room with a treasure chest containing a Power Moon. Swim into this room and throw Cappy at the chest to claim your reward.

7. Above a High Cliff

Turn left after the stone pillar to find a Chain Chomp. Capture it and destroy a large rock nearby. This will reveal a warp pipe: enter it to find a Power Moon on a high cliff.

8. Across the Floating Isles

Go back to where you fought Madam Broode and head north. You’ll see a series of platforms: a Power Moon is floating above the farthest one.

9. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 1

South of the stone pillar is a scarecrow. Throw Cappy at this scarecrow and cross several moving platforms to receive a Power Moon.

10. Cascade Kingdom Timer Challenge 2

A scarecrow has appeared at Madam Broode’s battle arena. Throw Cappy at the scarecrow and climb a large staircase of blocks to claim this Power Moon.

11. Good Morning, Captain Toad!

South of Madam Broode’s battlefield, tilt the camera downward to reveal a hidden platform. Drop down and speak to Captain Toad and he’ll give you a Power Moon.

12. Dinosaur Nest: Big Cleanup!

On top of the cliff from Power Moon #7, head south and drop down onto a lowered platform to find a red door. Enter it, capture the T-rex, and defeat all of the enemies to receive a Power Moon.

13. Dinosaur Nest: Running Wild!

In the same area as Power Moon #12, capture the T-rex and drop down to a large area. A Power Moon is hiding in one of the rocks.

14. Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

Under Madam Broode’s battlefield is a platform with a warp pipe. Enter this pipe, capture a Chain Chomp, and use it to charge into the targets. Complete all of the challenges to receive a Power Moon.

15. Very Nice Shot with the Chain Chomp!

In the same area as Power Moon #14, continue walking to the right and jump through a gap in the wall to find a hidden challenge. Complete this challenge to be rewarded with another Power Moon.

16. Past the Chasm Lifts

From the Stone Bridge checkpoint, head east to find a lowered platform with a red door. Enter the door, make your way to the end of the platforming section, and collect your Power Moon.

17. Hidden Chasm Passage

In the same area as Power Moon #16, enter the warp pipe, shift to 2D mode, and complete this platforming segment. Exit the warp pipe to return to 3D mode. Navigate through this section and stop before entering the next warp pipe. Drop down to a lower platform and enter a different pipe. You’ll find a hidden area with a secret Power Moon.

18. Secret Path to Fossil Falls!

To obtain this elusive Power Moon, you’ll have to visit one of two kingdoms to find its warp painting. Around halfway through Super Mario Odyssey, you are given the choice of travelling to either the Snow Kingdom or the Seaside Kingdom: the warp painting you’re looking for is in the kingdom you visited first.

If you traveled to the Snow Kingdom First, go there, capture a Ty-Foo, and head northeast to blow a wooden block into place. Jump onto the block, enter the warp painting, and claim your Power Moon.

If you traveled to the Seaside Kingdom first, go there and enter one of the four water spouts. From there, jump into the water and swim to the bottom. Enter the warp painting to claim your Power Moon.

19. A Tourist in the Cascade Kingdom

After defeating the final boss, head to the Sand Kingdom and speak to a Tostarenan next to a taxi. The Tostarenan will leave for the Metro Kingdom – find him there and then travel to the Cascade Kingdom. Speak with him here to receive this Power Moon.

20. Rolling Rock by the Falls

Turn right at the stone pillar and you’ll see two circular rocks lodged in the ground. Kick and throw the rightmost rock until it breaks, revealing a Power Moon hiding inside.

21. Peach in the Cascade Kingdom

After defeating the final boss, Peach will appear next to the Fossil Falls Heights checkpoint. Travel there and speak to her to receive a Power Moon.

22. Cascade Kingdom Regular Cup

There’s a Koopa near the Odyssey who challenges you to a race. Accept the challenge and reach the goal before your opponents to receive a Power Moon.

23. Caveman Cave-Fan

Put on the Caveman Headwear and Caveman Outfit (both of which can be purchased from the Cascade Kingdom Crazy Cap store) and speak to a Bonneter near Madam Broode’s battlefield. He’ll be so impressed with your costume that he’ll reward you with a Power Moon.

24. Shopping in Fossil Falls

This Power Moon is available for purchase at the Cascade Kingdom’s Crazy Cap store for 100 coins. You can buy as many of these Power Moons as you want, but only one of them is required.

25. Sphynx Travelling to the Waterfall

Capture a pair of binoculars behind the Odyssey and scan the skies until you find a Sphynx with a sail. Zoom in and look at it for a moment and you’ll be rewarded with a Power Moon.

Postgame Power Moons

You might notice a mysterious, sharp-looking cube in the Cascade Kingdom: that’s a Moon Rock. Once you defeat the final boss and collect all of the Cascade Kingdom’s Multi Moons, it will glow, allowing you to destroy it with a ground pound. Upon activation, this Moon Rock will spawn more Power Moons for you to collect. The following Power Moons only appear after the Cascade Kingdom’s Moon Rock is activated:

26. Bottom of the Waterfall Basin

Underneath the stone pillar is a glowing spot on the ground. Jump into the water and ground pound onto this spot to unearth a Power Moon.

27. Just a Hat, Skip, and a Jump

At the easternmost portion of the map, you’ll see a series of floating hats. Throw Cappy at them and they’ll grow into full-sized platforms. Cross these platforms to find a Power Moon waiting for you.

28. Treasure Under the Cliff

Near the Stone Bridge checkpoint flag are more floating hats. Throw Cappy at both of them and perform a backflip to retrieve this high-flying Power Moon.

29. Next to the Stone Arch

Go back to Madam Broode’s arena: specifically, the bridge leading to it. A Power Moon is floating in midair towards its southern end. Jump off the bridge and collect your Power Moon.

30. Guarded by a Colossal Fossil

Near the Fossil Falls Heights checkpoint flag is a Triceratops fossil. Throw Cappy at its nose (hold down the Y button to make him spin) to reveal a hidden Power Moon.

31. Under the Old Electrical Pole

Capture the T-rex and return to the Odyssey. Attack and destroy the electrical pole to reveal a glowing spot. Release the T-rex and ground pound this spot to receive a Power Moon.

32. Under the Ground

Capture the T-rex and destroy the rocks around its spawn location. You’ll reveal another glowing area on the ground. Release the T-rex, ground pound the spot, and collect your Power Moon.

33. Inside the Busted Fossil

There are two Chain Chomps in front of the Fossil Falls Heights checkpoint flag. Capture one and destroy the fossil behind the electrical pole to receive a Power Moon.

34. Caught Hopping at the Waterfall!

Near the Odyssey is a rabbit waiting to be caught. Chase this rabbit and touch it to receive a Power Moon. You can also throw Cappy at the rabbit to slow it down (this works best with two players).

35. Taking Notes: Hurry Upward

Return to 2D mode via the warp pipe near the Fossil Falls Heights checkpoint. Activate the glowing treble clef and collect all of its music notes to receive a Power Moon.

36. Cascade Kingdom Master Cup

Return to the Odyssey, talk to the Koopa again, and accept his challenge. Reach the goal before your opponents to receive another Power Moon.

37. Across the Mysterious Clouds

Northwest of the Stone Bridge checkpoint is a grey chimney – enter it and navigate the obstacles and you’ll find a Power Moon at the end of the room.

38. Atop a Wall Among the Clouds

In the same area as Power Moon #37, progress through the room until you reach the segment seen above. Jump up from the question mark block to reveal a hidden block. Climb this hidden block, jump on top of the red cube, and cross a set of platforms – a Power Moon awaits.

39. Across the Gusty Bridges

North of the Top of the Big Stump checkpoint is a grey chimney. Enter it and find your way to the end of the room to receive a Power Moon.

40. Flying Far Away from Gusty Bridges

In the same area as Power Moon #39, there’s a secret switch on the left side of the room about halfway through the course. Throw Cappy at this switch to reveal a hidden path to a Power Moon.

And there you have it: every Power Moon available in the Cascade Kingdom! If you want to continue your search for Power Moons, return to the master list of Super Mario Odyssey guides.



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