Amiibo Tier List Update: April 25, 2018

Hey guys, just wanted to let you all know that the amiibo tier list has been updated! We’re going to try something different today: as a result of community feedback, I’m going to explain why each amiibo rose or dropped on the list. Hopefully it’ll help clue you all into what’s going on with the amiibo metagame. Without further ado, let’s begin.


  • Marth & Lucina moved up to the top of S: While Marth and Lucina haven’t necessarily moved up a rank, they have moved to the top of S Rank. These fighters are by far and away the most dominant right now. As silly as it sounds, their Dancing Blade attack is too fast for opponents to react to and block.
  • Palutena moved up from D+ to C: Palutena might not be the strongest contender, but many trainers (one in particular) have been trying very hard to prove her worth. As a result, Palutena has seen improved results that warrant a rise in her tier position.


  • Little Mac moved down from S+ to S: Recently, a number of adamant amiibo trainers have insisted that Little Mac be allowed in tournaments, with the caveat of having no Attack points and no attack-boosting bonus effects. These restrictions do significantly hinder his performance, but it’s still good enough to net him a spot in S Rank.
  • Ness moved down from A+ to A: Ness has really fallen off in recent times – his tournament results run hot and cold like a broken faucet. Furthermore, he loses to Bowser, one of the most common amiibo in competitive play right now.
  • Rosalina moved down from A+ to A: Rosalina hasn’t seen much tournament representation as of late, and her abilities are somewhat outshined by A+ Rank members such as Luigi and Lucario.
  • Ryu moved down from A to B+: Ryu was a very popular choice for a while there, but the hype has recently died down, and so he’s starting to drop back to his former position of B Rank. For now, he’s sitting pretty in B+ Rank.
  • Sonic moved down from C+ to C: Sonic’s metagame is practically empty – no one is entering him, and so he’s had no results. Due to a severe lack of representation, he’s being moved down.

And there you have it – it’s quite a hefty update, and I’m sure we’ll have another one coming up pretty soon. As always, thanks for reading. Until next time!


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