Time to get S.A.L.T.I.

Hey gang. I’m Splice and I’m here to announce a new kind of Amiibo League that some of you may not have seen before. First off, I want to thank Cloud-Sensei for giving me this opportunity. Secondly, let me explain what S.A.L.T.I. is- the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational.

Let’s break those pieces down. What do I mean by Seasonal? A lot of tournaments are one-time affairs. SALTI however is based around my life-long love of sports. In most sports, there is a regular season where teams play one another to accrue wins. The teams with the most wins are admitted into the playoffs to compete for the championship. I like the storylines that tend to emerge of the course of a season and we will emulate that by having a regular season which leads into a playoffs.

This gets me to the second big piece of what SALTI is- a team league. I have run a separate team league for a couple of years now (called S.L.A.P.) and it’s been a blast. Amiibos can be trained to fight well alone but teamwork is something they, at times, struggle with. I know for some, watching Amiibos stab one another in the back to get to their targets may not be ideal, but to me, it’s half the fun. At a certain point you just embrace the treachery and have to laugh. Amiibo AI can be a strange thing and teamwork is not a concept they understand with ease.

The other reason I love the Team nature of SALTI is, and maybe this is dumb but I love it anyway, are the team names. We’ve had some interesting team names in SLAP and I hope SALTI is no different. Some of the standout names in the past were a Mario/Mega Man team called “Jump’n’Shoot Man”, a Pit/Dark Pit team called “Pits of Despair”, a Little Mac/Captain Falcon team called “Falcon Punch-Out”, a Duck Hunt/Dr. Mario team called “Quack Doctor”, a Peach/Olimar team called “Flower Power”, and, my personal favorite, a Mega Man/Ness team called “The Rock Ness Monster.” Really the combinations are endless and I look forward to the punny creativity you all put forward.

Another difference is prizes. That’s right, there is a prize at the end of this League. In my other tournament, the winner of receives a trophy that looks like this.


The cool thing about that trophy is that it doubles as an Amiibo. That’s right! Every season we buy an Amiibo, rip it’s NFC chip (ie: Soul) out and shove it into a 3D-printed trophy shaped body. I plan to be doing the same for SALTI (though the actual trophy will be shaped like a salt-shaker because SALTI and I’m clever and how dare you say otherwise!)

Let’s talk about levels. Personally, I find Ω stages to be boring. I like variety. We’ve had votes in previous polls I’ve conducted and we’ve come up with a list of stages a majority of people said they enjoyed (or hated). You can find the full list of stages we’ve banned at the bottom of this post. If you don’t see it, it’s playable as voted by the people who responded to my polls. All banned stages CAN appear as Ω stages however. Let’s face it, some of the worst levels have the best music and I don’t want to lose out on those sweet jams just because the stage is poorly designed.

Oh, and statistics. I’m a total stat nerd and I like to keep running statistics so that we can determine which Amiibos are doing the best and worst in certain statistical categories. Here are a few links so you can see how those standings, schedules, and stats end up looking on your screen. Oh, and here is a link to actually explain what all those acronyms mean. You can see everything is very colorful. Those colors are the team colors selected by the team owners. Every team will have a unique combination so please pick good ones. It’s first come, first serve on those color combinations so be sure to sign up early for ones you want.

While a full list of rules can be found at the bottom of the post, I’d like to point out one more difference in this League than others you may have participated. Maybe the biggest difference. SALTI is an equipment-less League. Cloud-Sensei has recently posted on the positives/negatives of equipment vs. no-equipment and I am someone who prefers the accessibility of a no-equipment league. Many people just don’t have the time to grind equipment and I’d prefer my players spend their time training their Amiibos to behave the way they want rather than force them to focus on finding just the right item to get their stats where they want. That is not to say equipment tournaments are bad (they can be rather entertaining) but it’s just not the part of Amiibo-fighting that I enjoy.

Now, I know a lot of you may have Amiibos you were hoping to submit but they have equipment attached. This can put you in a bind of having to completely erase and retrain the Amiibo you’ve worked so hard on. For that reason, I’ve invested in Amiibo PowerSaves. If you want to submit an Amiibo with equipment attached I’d be more than happy to edit the .bin file you send me so that you don’t have to completely start from scratch if that’s what you’d like me to do. I don’t want people to feel like they have to choose between equipment and equipment-less events since the Amiibo community enjoys both.

So, you know what SALTI is (for the most part). How do you join? Click this link here and you will be directed to a Google Form I’m asking all teams to fill out. This will give me your contact info, what team you’re thinking of submitting, and will also ask you a few questions that will help us determine what levels we shall use in the playoffs.

Regular season matches will be broadcast on my twitch channel every Tuesday & Thursday at 5pm Pacific time starting July 10th. The deadline for team submissions is July 8th. EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO JOIN NEEDS TO FILL OUT THAT FORM! I’m not asking for .bin files just yet. The protocol will be you fill out the form, I review your team, and if you’re accepted, I’ll email you back and ask for the .bin files with some extra information. I do it this way because I’m trying to be hyper organized so that I don’t lose anyone in the shuffle.

At the time of this writing I’m up to 16 teams. I’m going to have a maximum of 32. So get your apps in fast! Even if you don’t know for sure what amiibos you want to submit, fill out he form to reserve your slot. I’m more than okay with people changing their amiibo submissions before July 8th. Just get the slot reserved so you don’t miss out on the Innaugural season of the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational.

Good luck on your training and I hope to see you all on the battlefield! Until then…

Stay fit. Keep sharp. Make good decisions.

Splice out.


  • Trainers can submit ONE team of two Amiibos
    • Alternatively, two people can team up to submit one Amiibo each but one person must act as the contact
  • You may not submit the same Amiibo character twice (example, a team cannot consist of two Donkey Kongs)
  • Team Attack is ON
  • Equipment is NOT allowed. All the Amiibo’s stats must be set to 0 (if you don’t want to rest your Amiibo feel free to send me an Amiibo with equipment and stats. I have Amiibo PowerSaves and can edit it to make it tournament viable without having to ruin your Amiibo)
  • All items are turned OFF
  • All custom moves ARE allowed. If this becomes a problem it will be addressed in later seasons
  • The league will be seasonal in nature with a regular season followed by playoffs. The playoffs will be double-elimination, Best of 3 sets until we get to the finals. The finals will be determined by a Best of 5. How many teams get into the playoffs will be dependent upon the number of teams entering the League and will be communicated at a later date.
  • Matches have no time limit and three lives
  • Matches will be broadcast Tuesday & Thursday on twitch.tv/splicestream at 5pm Pacific time. Matches start July 10th
  • Maximum number of teams in Season 1 of SALTI will be set to 32. Slots will be on a first come first serve basis
  • All levels are allowed except for the following levels (these levels can appear as Omega stages)
    •      75m
    •      Big Battlefield
    •      Boxing Ring
    •      Bridge of Eldin
    •      Flat Zone X
    •      Gamer
    •      Garden of Hope
    •      Gaur Plain
    •      Jungle Hijinxs
    •      Mario Circuit (Brawl)
    •      Mario Galaxy
    •      Norfair
    •      Onett
    •      Oribital Gate Assault
    •      Pac-land
    •      Palutena’s Temple
    •      Port Town Aero Dive
    •      Pyrosphere
    •      Suzaku Castle
    •      Temple
    •      Great Cave Offensive
    •      Wooly World
    •      Wrecking Crew
    •      Wuhu Island
    •      Yoshi’s Island
  • Team names may not exceed 40 characters
  • Team and Amiibo names may not be vulgar, sexual, or in any other way offensive in nature. Splice gets to be the one who determines what crosses those lines as this is airing on his stream.
  • A contact email is required so that I can push out announcements as needed
  • If you watch the matches on stream you’re expected to behave yourself and follow the rules of the Splicestream chat. Show good sportsmanship. Failure to follow the rules could result in suspension or even bans from future SALTI tournaments. The rules aren’t hard to follow. Basically don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.

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