S.A.L.T.I.- What you need to know

Today at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern, the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational starts on twitch.tv/splicestream. It’s an Amiibo League format you might not have seen before so I want to give a quick rundown of how the League works. For general rules, just scroll to the bottom but I want to explain how things work in a little more detail. 

First, we don’t have equipment in this League. I personally like the IDEA of equipment but in practice it has lead to the need to grind in order to be competitve. With Amiibos already having a money and availability barrier-to-entry, I find adding equipment on top of that to be a bit onerous. We do however allow for custom moves as those are more easily attained than specific equipment types and you don’t HAVE to have certain custom moves to be competitive.

Secondly, the word Seasonal isn’t here to say this is happening in Summer. It is to say that there is a full season of matches, the likes you’d see in in a regular sports league. That means the season has two parts to it:

Part 1: The Regular Season

The Regular season will consist of each team playing every other team in their division. Each division has 16 teams. That means each team will play 15 games before anyone gets eliminated.

The reason for the divisions is because 32 teams is a lot. If everyone played everyone else in a full 32 team division this regular season would need to take almost 4 months. That’s too long in my mind. So instead we have broken everyone up into the Mushroom Kingdom Divison (Known as MKD from hereon out) and the Koopa Kingdom Division (known as KKD from hereon out). Which division a team was put in was assigned randomly.

During the regular season the map pool is randomly assigned with a random number generator from the list of the 31 accepted stages in the pre-season polls (Plus one slot for an Omega stage so we can get some flavor of the banned stages without the poor level designs)

After each team has played 15 games, the top 8 teams from each division will advance to the 2nd half of the season:

Part 2: The Playoffs

The playoffs are double-elimination-best of 3 series. How well you finished in your Division will determine your seeding. #1 of the MKD will face off against #8 of the KKD. #2 of MKD will face off against #7 of KKD. This pattern repeats until it ends with #8 of the MKD faces off against #1 of the KKD.

Levels are no longer random in the playoffs. In the sign-up sheet the players selected what they thought to be the 7 best stages to play on. They are….

  • Battlefield w/ 15 votes
  • Midgar & Smashville w/ 14 votes
  • Dreamland 64 & Umbra Clock Tower w/ 12 votes
  • Final Destination w/ 11 votes
  • Peach’s Castle 64 w/ 10 votes

Within the same round, everyone will play on the same 3 maps. So, in the first round of the playoffs everyone would play Battlefield, Midgar, & Smashville but in the second round everyone would play Dreamland 64, Umbra Clock Tower, & Final Destination. This will help us to still have a variety of stages but omitting the most egregious stages.

The Finals will be slightly different form the rest of the playoffs as they will be a best of 5 and will be decided on the 5 maps that received the most votes: Battlefield, Midgar, Smashville, Dreamland 64 & Umbra Clock Tower. I can’t decide if we should go in that order or reverse order. Either way, those 5 maps to determine who is the champion and who gets the trophy.

What trophy you ask? Why, it’s only the coolest trophy ever! Designed by thread_speaker (owner of team Bad Match-up) the trophy will be designed to look like a golden salt-shaker but also be an Amiibo! That’s right! Since this is season 01 and Mario is smasher 01, the first season will be a Mario Amiibo. It’s why the Divisions are named mushroom Kindom and Koopa Kingdom. Those were the only real “worlds” in the first Mario game. In future seasons of SALTI the divisions will always be named after levels or worlds in the universe of whatever Amiibo is the trophy (so next season is DK, season 3 is Link, etc)

Surprise Part 3: The Anti-Playoffs

Some of the fun of training Amiibos is watching them learn and grow. But if my experience in my other tournament, SLAP, has taught me anything is that the other half of watching Amiibos is seeing them do dumb crap and wonder “Why?” To this end there will also be an Anti-Playoffs. All the teams that were eliminated in the regular season will participate in a single-elimination, best-of-1 tournament to determine who the worst team is. The rules on levels will be exactly the same except LOSERS are the one who advance. This is to determine which team was truly the worst and win the Golden Dunce Cap! What is the Golden Dunce Cap? Well… it… it’s really not a real thing but a title. Maybe I’ll mail out a sticker you can shame your Amiibos with to spur them on to do better. I don’t know. The point is we WILL know who the worst was!

So, what teams are participating in Season 1 of SALTI? Click here to see the full roster and click here to see the schedule for Day 1. All times listed on the schedule are Mountain time zone.

There is one more aspect of SALTI you need to know and that’s the stats. I keep close track of the statistics Amiibos earn and will report them at the end of each week. Big thanks to Mythril Zenith who helps me aggregate the data. So what are all the stats we keep track of?

Team Stats

  • Wins
  • Losses
  • Average Margin of Victory
  • Plus/Minus
  • Betrayal Percentage
  • Average Time a match lasts (in minutes)

Amiibo Stats

  • Kills per Death
  • Damage Given Per Damage Received
  • Damage Given per Kill
  • Damage Received per Death
  • Lifespan
  • Killspan
  • Damage Per Second
  • Damage Received Per Second
  • Peak Damage
  • Do-Something-span
  • Hit Percentage
  • Margin-of-Victory Estimated Contribution (custom stat with long write up on it)

If you’d like to know more about my stats you can read the explanation of stats here.

Whew! That was a long one! I’m super excited to get this league started and hope to see you all live on stream tonight!

Stay fit. Keep Sharp. Make good decisions.

Splice out.

Formal S.A.L.T.I. rules

  • Trainers can submit one team of two Amiibos
    • Alternatively, two people can team up to submit one Amiibo each but one person must act as the contact
  • You may not submit the same Amiibo character twice (example, a team cannot consist of two Donkey Kongs)
  • Team Attack is ON
  • Equipment is NOT allowed. All the Amiibo’s stats must be set to 0
  • All items are turned OFF
  • All custom moves are allowed
  • 32 teams will be split into 2 seperate divisions of 16 teams
  • The league will be seasonal in nature with a regular season followed by playoffs. The playoffs will be double-elimination, Best of 3 sets until we get to the finals. The finals will be determined by a Best of 5. Seed 1 through 8 of the first division will be pitted against seeds 8 through 1 of the second division in the first round
  • Matches have no time limit
  • Amiibos stock is set to 3
  • Matches will be broadcast Tuesday & Thursday on twitch.tv/splicestream at 5pm Pacific time. Matches start July 10th
  • All levels are allowed except for the following levels (these levels can appear as Omega stages)
    • 75m
    • Big Battlefield
    • Boxing Ring
    • Bridge of Eldin
    • Flat Zone X
    • Gamer
    • Garden of Hope
    • Gaur Plain
    • Jungle Hijinxs
    • Mario Circuit (Brawl)
    • Mario Galaxy
    • Norfair
    • Onett
    • Oribital Gate Assault
    • Pac-land
    • Palutena’s Temple
    • Port Town Aero Dive
    • Pyrosphere
    • Suzaku Castle
    • Temple
    • Great Cave Offensive
    • Wooly World
    • Wrecking Crew
    • Wuhu Island
    • Yoshi’s Island
  • Team names may not exceed 40 characters
  • Team and Amiibo names may not be vulgar, sexual, or in any other way offensive in nature. Splice gets to be the one who determines what crosses those lines.
  • A contact email is required so that I can push out announcements as needed
  • If you watch the matches on stream you’re expected to behave yourself and follow the rules of the Splicestream chat. Show good sportsmanship. Failure to follow the rules could result in suspension or even bans from future SALTI tournaments. The rules aren’t hard to follow. Basically don’t be a jerk and you’ll be fine.



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