S.A.L.T.I. S01- Week 2 Rundown

We have completed 4 out of 15 sets of matches in the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational have been completed. With a little over a quarter of the season done I think we can now actually take a look at the Standings and Statistics and figure out some things. So, come with me on a journey of numbers and results!

First off, let’s do a quick reminder that once Set 15 of matches completes, the playoffs will start and it will pit seeds #1-#8 of the Mushroom Kingdom Division against seeds #8-#1 of the Koopa Kingdom division. So, what are the standings?


We only have two undefeated teams left and both are atop their respective divisions. MegaSharkX’s team, Corpse Brigade, is on top of the Mushroom Kingdom Division while the combined team of PKMNMasta99 & REDLx, A Little Weird, A Little Wild, is dominating the Koopa Kingdom Division.

Corpse Brigade being undefeated is a bit surprising to me because, well, my roommate is MegaSharkX and I know his entire training regimen for his team consisted of just having players he considered good play against them. He didn’t go with a very specific training schedule and hasn’t had anyone touch them in about a year. Whatever he’s done seems to be working because not only is he undefeated through four matches in S.A.L.T.I. but Corpse Brigade is also the current #1 rated team in my other Amiibo league, S.L.A.P. It would have been easier for me to dismiss them in S.l.A.P. because that League allows items and so random events can boost a team here or there. Hard to ignore results in both leagues.

A Little Weird, A Little Wild statistically avoids Corpse Brigade‘s formula for success but has achieved the same results. Corpse Brigade has a pretty even split going on between their Amiibos, the Link named Destroyer and the Zelda named Souleater. Such equity is not found in A Little Weird, A Little Wild. No, on that team, Tachyon is doing almost all the heavy-lifting. Actually, this is a pretty good segueway into the stats.


As you can see, Tachyon is #1 in Kills Per Death, Killspan, & Do-Something Rate while also being in the top 5 of several other categories. That’s the mark of a VERY active Amiibo that is making things happen. The problem for him is that Carry stat at the very bottom of the stats selection.

Carry is a byproduct of my MoVEC stat which is an experimental statistic that will have a lot of it’s statistical weightings change mid-season when we get all the data back from S.L.A.P. Season 4. MoVEC stands for “Margin of Victory Estimated Contribution.” So if an Amiibo has an average MoVEC of 1.00, then that means their Amiibo, on average, contributes to a single stock advatage over the enemy. An Amiibo with an average MoVEC of -0.50 on average contributes half of a stock disadvantage against their opponents.

How does this lead to the Carry stat? Carry is calculated by simply subtracting the Average MoVEC of the lowest teammate from the AverageMoVEC of the higher teammate Curse is the reverse calculation. To qualify as a “Carry” your team has to have a 50% winning percentage or higher. To qualify as a Curse your team has to have a 50% winning percentage or lower. Notice that Tachyon‘s Carry stat is higher than is Average MoVEC, meaning his teammate has a negative Average MoVEC. Despite this, his team is undefeated. Tachyon has been doing some work.

Despite all this, Tachyon doesn’t have the #1 Average MoVEC. No, that honor belongs to Cloud-sensei’s own Amiibo, the infamous Super NES. There is a good chance that no Amiibo has ever seen more matchest than Super NES and it shows. The Amiibo is aggressive and is, frankly, quite the bully. Cloud-sensei’s defeat on Thursday was one of the highlights of the young season, as LizzyPetrichor’s Luma Naughty was able to upset the team. Main reason for the upset? Well, Super NES’s teammate, the Ganondorf named Phil Swift (I sawed this boat in half!) stole one of Super NES’s lives. If that final showdown at the end had been the beastly Super NES instead Phil Swift, maybe January 10th is also an undefeated team.

But, if you ask me, that’s what’s so interesting about Amiibo Team Combat. You can train an Amiibo as much as you want but there is no way to truly prepare for the team dynamic. Amiibos will team kill. Amiibos will misprioritize targets. Amiibos will fail to help out a teammate who is getting ledge guarded. Amiibos will steal their betters’ lives. In many ways, in the team format, your weaker Amiibo will be the key to victory.

Trying to extract a meta from details like this, especially only 4 sets of matches worth of data is probably fool-hardy but if there is one thing we’ve learned, it’s that the poor teamwork between Amiibos can rock your chances of victory. And given that I can’t even get my Mii Brawler to stop short-hopping and using his fair, the concept of trying to train Amiibos to work together is… well, it’s a daunting task.

Regardless, maybe, as we trundle along this path together, we can start to piece together somethign of a strategy. For now, we’ll have to wait and watch. And I truly do hope you swing by my Twitch channel and watch because it’s been a blast so far and the only way to make it a bigger blast is to get more people in chat while we watch Amiibos frustrate their owners… or perhaps explosives. But those are illegal so don’t do that.

At any rate, I hope to see you all on Saturday Morning for the craziness that is S.L.A.P., complete with cereal and nostalgic commercials. That will be starting at 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern on Saturday. But if you cannot join for what is a great time on Saturday Morning, be sure to stop by twitch.tv/Splicestream at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on Tuesday and Wednesday for Week 3 of S.A.L.T.I. as we continue the chase for the Golden Salt Shaker Amiibo trophy.

But, until then…
Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out.


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