Amiibo Summer Smash – New Tournament on August 3, 2018

It’s that time again – it’s time for one of the final Amiibo Dojo-sponsored Smash 4 tournaments. This time, it’s going to be me hosting the tourney. The name Amiibo Summer Smash (A.S.S. for short – it’s not a curse word if it’s an abbreviation!) might look familiar to you. And that’s because it is – in recognition of Amiibo Dan, a former amiibo content creator who has since moved on to other topics, I’m hosting the spiritual successor to his Amiibo Summer Smash series. All of the information is enclosed – be sure to read it carefully.

Once again, be sure to read these rules very carefully. Any entries that do not abide by the rules will be immediately disqualified – no exceptions. Now then, here’s everything you need to know:

Tournament Rules

  • Trainers can submit up to three amiibo
  • Little Mac cannot have any points in Attack nor any Attack-boosting bonus effects
  • Cloud cannot have more than 60 points in Attack nor more than one Attack-boosting bonus effect
  • Marth and Lucina cannot use the Iai Counter custom move, and cannot use the Lifesteal or Auto-heal capability bonuses
  • Critical-hit capability and Explosive perfect shield are banned
  • Players cannot send more than ONE S-Tier amiibo
  • Stat points cannot exceeed a sum of 120
  • Single elimination rule is in play
  • Matches are best two games out of three
    • Timeout games go to the amiibo with less damage
  • All matches are played on Ω-form stages

Entries are due by Thursday, August 2 @ 11:59PM EST. Send them to The stream (which will take place on my YouTube channel) will most likely take place in the afternoon. I will tweet out the link to the livestream, so if you haven’t done so yet, follow the site on Twitter. Happy training!

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