Amiibo Tier List Update: July 22, 2018 & Final Training Guide Revisions

Hey there! It’s been quite a while since our last update, but it’s finally time to give the amiibo tier list a bit of an overhaul. We’ve got a bunch of rises and drops to talk about, and just like last time, I’m going to explain why each character’s position changed. Now then, let’s get started.


  • Bowser Jr. moved from C to C+: Bowser Jr. hasn’t seen much tournament representation, but it’s clear that he has much potential yet to be uncovered. His up smash, particularly, is an excellent KO move. Its multi-strike properties often trick opposing amiibo into letting their guard down after they block the first hit.
  • Sonic moved from C to C+: Sonic’s tournament representation is becoming more solid. Since he’s seen more often, he’s due for a rise. Sonic’s unorthodox properties, particularly his speed, can catch opponents by surprise.
  • Villager moved from C to C+: Villager used to be the bottom of the barrel. Even now, trainers are still figuring out his potential. Villager’s definitely a tough one to train, but raising a champion Villager amiibo is slowly becoming more and more realizable.
  • Yoshi moved from D to D+: Yoshi is a bit of an unfortunate case. All of the other amiibo in D Rank have crippling AI flaws that hold them back – Yoshi has no such issues (and no, Yoshi amiibo no longer spam Egg Throw), it’s just poor character design. Even so, more trainers have been training their Yoshi amiibo lately, and the character’s maximum potential appears to be increasing.


  • Peach moved down from B+ to B: Peach isn’t seen very often in tourneys these days, and her light weight is a detriment to her success. The amiibo also has problems misusing its float ability – this often costs her a stock in a competitive environment.
  • Pikachu moved down from B+ to B: Pikachu’s claim to fame is its custom down special, Thunder Burst. It’s powerful and hits through shields… but that’s all Pikachu has going for it. Light weight, unreliable smash attacks, and problems overusing Quick Attack mean it’s time for a drop.
  • Mewtwo moved down from B to C+: Mewtwo is essentially a worse version of Lucario – in the amiibo metagame, at least. It’s really difficult to train Mewtwo, and this is becoming apparent, as its tournament performance hasn’t been good at all lately.
  • Palutena moved down from C to D+: Many trainers have tried to raise a champion Palutena amiibo – but that vision is becoming more and more difficult to fulfill. Insanely laggy moves, light weight, and her failure to use Counter all lead to a drop on the tier list.

And there you have it – quite a few updates today. I wouldn’t expect many more updates for Smash 4 amiibo, because the scene’s starting to die down. When Ultimate comes around, you can be sure that we’ll work on a tier list. It might take a while, though, because we need tournament results first!

One more thing – the Smash 4 amiibo training guides will be receiving one last update. Each one will receive new header images (in the same style as the one on this post), more metagame references, and more detailed information. I hope you all look forward to it! Expect the updates sometime this week, maybe – it takes a long time to update over fifty guides. Until next time!

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