S.A.L.T.I. Week 3 & S.L.A.P. Week 8 Rundown

Whoa nelly! This is going to be a doozy of a write-up! I don’t normally want to combine so much but with S.A.L.T.I. starting to take shape and S.L.A.P.’s regular season about to come to a close, there is a LOT to talk about. So… shall we begin?

Let’s start with S.A.L.T.I. because some interesting things happened last week. First of all, it couldn’t have started with a bigger bang. Day 5’s first match saw one of the more dramatic comebacks I’ve ever witnessed in Amiibo team combat. The 4-0 Corpse Brigade were down 5 lives to 2 to the Spiked Shells. With their perfect record on the line however, they made a comeback that would set the tone for the rest of the day.

Lord Aether’s Cloud, Mew2King, took on the Androgynous Anime Avatars and won. In an interesting moment, Diddle’s Ganondorf, Demise, did not take his teammate’s (the Link named Link) extra life. This allowed Link to comeback against a highly damaged Magnificent Capes. And, in maybe the most dramatic match of the day, Bluetrainer’s Ness, PK GetRekt, sparked a 2-vs-1 comeback against the Transformers: Royals in Disguise on Midgar that was pure nail-biting fun. Fun note, in that match PK GetRekt scored all 6 kills for his team, marking the first time an Amiibo has gotten 6 kills in a SALTI match. Luma Naughty even had a near comeback against Bad Matchup (the day being saved for Bad Matchup by the awful Sir Pong of all Amiibos.)

All told, that was 4 comebacks in 16 matches. That my friends is a recipe for drama. But despite all those juicy comebacks, the moment of the entire week had to be Breakfast84’s team, My Little Homie, proving that they are, indeed, petty little children. (Thanks to DarkSearchMan for clipping that for me)

As fun and dramatic as Day 5 was, sadly, Day 6 saw a lot of blowouts and very little in the way of upsets. Day 6 did, however, have our most explosive open to a match I’ve ever seen in the match of Dimensional Shift vs. (once again) My Little Homie (thanks Diddles for the clip). And in the lone real upset of the day, The Pointy End knocked off A Little Weird, A Little Wild and dealt them their first loss of the season. This leaves MegaSharkX’s team, Corpse Brigade, as the only undefeated team left. This also sounds like a good spot to take a look at the standings.


Corpse Brigade now has an impressive two game lead in the Mushroom Kingdom Division. I did not expect this level of separation this early. Part of that separation is because four of his six wins have come against teams of rank #8 or higher, with wins against the #2 and #4 ranked teams in his division. It’s not like he’s only beaten up cream puffs.

It’s going to take some pretty good play from the gaggle of 4-2 teams to overcome them. Also, in that gaggle of 4-2 teams, I’d like to point out that while Luma Naughty and January 10th have very low Betrayal Percentages, Musicians Unite has nearly a Betrayal Percentage of around 30% and Dangerous to Game Alone is at a whopping 40%! I do so enjoy winning while killing your friends. It shouldn’t work but, so far, for those teams it has.

Over in the Koopa Kingdom Division, with their first loss, A Little Weird, A Little Wild lose their #1 spot to Star Blitz. Still haven’t even hit the halfway point of the season so plenty can change but with Termadiddles also in that 5-1 group, and a trio of 4-2 teams behind them, it’s anyone’s Division.

This week will prove very important for the teams sitting at 1-5 records. Spiked Shells, Big Chargy Balls of Death, Brain N’ Bronze, Dimensional Shift, and (sigh) One-Punnnnnnnch need to win both of their matches this week if they are to have a real shot at climbing back into talk of the playoffs. Remember, to get into the playoffs you have to take one of the top 8 seeds..This week represents us crossing the halfway point and if you’re at the very bottom halfway through, well, it’s kind of hard to imagine you climbing back to the top.

So, with all that discussion of rankings done, let’s see what the schedule looks like tonight and tomorrow (broadcasting on twitch.tv/splicestream at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern):


The highlight of the matches tonight has to be A Little Weird, A Little Wild (5-1) going up against Fist And Fire (4-2), though Dangerous To Game Alone (4-2) vs Brothers From Another Mother (3-3), Like Father Like Son (3-3) vs. Nightmare Elite (3-3, My Little Homie (3-3) vs Twoo Wuv (3-3), and The Pointy End (4-2) vs. Androgynous Anime Avatars (3-3) are also matches of some intrigue.

Wednesday night however should be really wild though. We have four matches set up between teams with 4-2 records or better. We’re definitely going to see some stratification of records that night! It’s especially wild in the Mushroom Kingdom Division where ranks #1 & #6, #2 & #4, and #5 & #8 go head to head! Should be exciting

With all that team talk out of the way, let’s discuss Amiibo stats.


Obviously there is too much to get into right now but let’s look at a few items. First, there are only two Amiibos left who haven’t killed their teammate: PK GetRekt of Fist and Fire and Mabel&Dipr of Luma Naughty. I wonder how much longer that can last?

Two Little Macs top the DoSomething stat. It’s not surprising but how they got there is very different. Big Linux is, well, bad. We saw a match last week where he died FIVE times. You start with 3 lives. That means he bummed BOTH of his teammate’s extra lives. That’s worse than a roommate who eats your leftover pizza in the fridge. So yeah, Big Linux makes things happen but those things… they are not good. Tachyon of A Little Weird, A Little Wild though is one of the best Amiibos we have so far. Goes to show you that just because you are doing something, it doesn’t mean that thing is good.

A Ness is still the #1 ranked in Average MoVEC (Margin of Victory Estimated Contribution) but it’s surprisingly not Super NES. The January 10th superstar had a very mediocre week while PK GetRekt… well… wrecked his two matches last week.

Sir Pong is still flailing at the bottom of Average MoVEC and is cursing his team as a result. Interestingly however, his teammate, still had the best match overall. In that 2nd game of the season, Lt. Pigeon had an amazing stat-line of 4 kills, 1 death, no team kills, 751 damage dealt and only 378 taken. So yeah, the season has been weird. Also, let’s not leave before pointing out SirMixalot of Musicians Unite has one of the top 5 best and top 5 worst matches of the season so far. So… that’s interesting.

Now with that out of the way, I want to talk about S.L.A.P. because this Saturday is going to be BIG in terms of production value. Season 4’s regular season is wrapping up and each team has two matches left. Let’s take a look of how the standings are shaping up over there:


That’s right. Corpse Brigade is #1 over there too.  His team is good is the main takeaway here. But the schedule has huge implications for the playoffs. Playoffs are done a little differently in SLAP because there are only 18 teams. An unusual number to be sure.

Understand that there are 4 big cutoff points in SLAP’s playoffs (though the oddness is something we hope to eliminate in future seasons by having more teams).

  • All teams ranks 15 and lower are out of the playoffs and will fight in the anti-playoffs for the title of worst team
  • All teams rank 11-14 will fight against one another for the right to fight the #1 seed
  • Teams 5-10 will fight against one another for the right to face seeds 2-4
  • Seeds 1-4 automatically get into the quarterfinals

playoff bracket.png

Because of these multiple breakpoints, there is a lot of intrigue around who finishes where. Obviously the #1 seed is best by virtue of not having anyone higher than rank #11 in the quarterfinals. But seeds 1-4 are all coveted for getting straight into the quarterfinals as their reward for playing very well in the entirety of the regular season. And there WILL be movement on Saturday because #1 Corpse Brigade will fight #4 Pits of Despair and #2 Anonymous Insomniacs (the defending champs) face #3 Princess Weh…

This gives teams a chance to climb over one another and create openings for seeds lower than them to climb up. Even MORE exciting though to me is MythrilZenith, my stat man, has agreed to help me try something I haven’t done before: LIVE STAT UPDATES

Obviously people want to know where they stand so I want to help them as best I can. We are going to try to update standings after each match. It’ll be a challenge and this is why I need YOUR help!

We need commercials. If you haven’t watched my Saturday Morning Smash stream, in between each match we entertain you by playing nostalgic commercials. Well, given the updating of stats, we need more commercials than usual. Like, a LOT more. If you could use this form to submit 2-3 nostalgic commercials from your childhood, I’d greatly appreciate it. Because come 9am Pacific/noon Eastern on Saturday, we are going to be SLAPping Amiibos silly… sorry. That was a bad joke. Well… I’m not THAT sorry.

Anyway, we’d love to see you there and love your help even more. Regardless, this is shaping up to be a VERY exciting week of Amiibo team combat so whether you watch Tuesday night, Wednesday night, Saturday morning, or all three I’m looking forward to having you join us on the Splicestream for some good strong fun-time haves!

Think about it. And until next time…
Stay fit. Keep sharp. Make good decisions. Splice out.


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