Amiibo Nicknames: Lucas

Welcome to the first iteration of Amiibo Nicknames! This week’s character is Lucas, who appeared in Mother 3. Out of every fighter playable in Super Smash Bros., Lucas is perhaps the most obscure. Mother 3 was never released outside of Japan, and it appears Nintendo has no plans to release an official localization.

Most amiibo trainers haven’t played Mother 3 – as a result, they’ve given their Lucas amiibo nicknames that have nothing to do with his character or origins. It’s time to change that: I’m an avid EarthBound fan, and have played through each of its entries several times over. I’ve prepared a list of potential Lucas nicknames, pulled straight from Mother 3 – and each one includes context! Do note that there are spoilers inside.

  • Titany: The name of a bug-type enemy encountered early in the game. The name itself might not perfectly relate to Lucas, but it sounds neat nonetheless.
  • Crybaby: Kind of a simple one – and maybe even a bit lame. Lucas’ brother, Claus, is the more reckless and courageous of the two brothers, while Lucas himself is more introverted. Several times throughout the story, he’s called and referred to as a crybaby. In a sense, this nickname is actually canon.
  • Oriander: Lucas’ grandfather, Alec, lives on a mountain called Mt. Oriander. This location is visited many times throughout Mother 3. No one’s really sure what the name means, but it seems fitting to Lucas’ character.
  • TondaGossa: A “hip” greeting used by the DCMC, a band that one of Lucas’ party members joins up with. At the start of each of their concerts, they say “Tonda Gossa” as an introduction.
  • Destiny: A relatively basic name. In one of the later chapters of Mother 3, Lucas has to convince one of his friends to leave the DCMC and join his cause. They wind up playing five games of “Stone-Sheet-Clippers” to “ask Destiny” for an answer to the situation at hand.
  • Voyager: Prior to the events of Mother 3, the residents of the Nowhere Islands decided to erase their memories and live their lives anew. In order to reach the Nowhere Islands, they had to board a white ship. In that sense, you might say Lucas is a Voyager.
  • Titiboo: Perhaps a bit vulgar, when you look into where this word might originate from, but it’s the name of a club Lucas visits in Mother 3. Definitely one of the sillier nicknames on this list.
  • George: You might be thinking: “George Lucas? Really? That’s the best you could come up with?”. However, this name goes a bit deeper than that. In EarthBound Beginnings, the first game in the series, a character named George is abducted by an alien, and ends up having to raise an extraterrestrial child (who becomes Giygas, the main antagonist of EarthBound). George is also credited with the discovery of PSI, which Lucas uses in many of his attacks.
  • Sunflower: Lucas’ hair is yellow, and… No, that’s not actually the reason why this nickname fits. Lucas’ mother’s favorite flower is the Sunflower. After her death, her husband and sons offer sunflowers at her grave.
  • Memento: Mother 3 seems upbeat and happy at first glance, but it’s one of the darkest games ever supported by Nintendo. Death is a common and recurring theme. Lucas loses many of his family members, and even receives mementos of them. Furthermore, the Magypsies, guardians of the Nowhere Islands, gift Lucas with mementos (razor and lipstick) when they disappear. These mementos restore Lucas’ health and revive him when he is knocked out. Too bad he doesn’t use them in Super Smash Bros.!
  • Mr. Saturn: This name could work for Ness or Lucas. Mr. Saturns are among the primary characters of the EarthBound series, and they appear in Mother 3, too. Despite their appearances, Mr. Saturns are super smart.
  • Heartburn: As mentioned before, Lucas loses many family members throughout the events of the game. Heartburn reflects that, and also references the fact that he can perform PK Fire in Super Smash Bros..
  • Yokuba: This nickname references the character Fassad, whose Japanese name is Yokuba. “Yokuba” means greed or pride. It’s not directly relevant to Lucas’ personality, as he exhibits neither of those traits, but it’s still a neat little reference.
  • Skywalker: There are many similarities between Mother 3 and the Star Wars franchise. Both Lucas and Luke Skywalker start their lives as residents of a small farm-town, and troops of an advanced army wind up killing both of their family members. Their quests revolve around rising up to defeat the empire that killed their loved ones. Who knows, Lucas’ name could even be shortened to Luke?
  • Stringent: The name of a battle song in Mother 3. The word Stringent means precise or exact, and both of those words are relevant to Mother 3’s battle style. Training Lucas amiibo requires a lot of “stringence”, as its AI is difficult to work with.
  • Nowhere: Lucas comes from the Nowhere Islands. This is referenced in the splash screen of his Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS reveal trailer.

And there you have it – a whole bunch of names that fit Lucas! If you have any suggestions, feel free to send them in. Otherwise, if you haven’t trained your Lucas amiibo yet, why not do so now? Check out our freshly-updated Lucas amiibo training guide and you’ll be on your way. Until next time!

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