S.A.L.T.I. Weeks 4 & 5 Write-Up!

Wow! What a week it has been for the Smash Community. First Sakurai drops mics with a wonderful presentation on Wednesday. Second though was the amazing matches we had in the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational… was that too big of a stretch? Regardless, we have stats, standings, and we are two-thirds of the way through the season so we are starting to get a feeling for what the playoffs are going to look like! So, what do you say we make like some McDonald’s French fries and get S.A.L.T.I.!

First, I want to start off with some special thanks, as always, to my great statkeeper, Mythril Zenith. I also want to the generous viewers of my stream who put up with me cutting out early on Tuesday when I came down with a pretty severe migraine. We made up the rest of the matches on Wednesday though so we are fully through Day 10 of our 15 Day season.

As a reminder, to get into the Playoffs you need to have the #8 rank or higher in your division. As everyone will play 18 games, in all likelihood that means 9 wins gets you in. There are some edge cases where 9 wins might not get you in but those are extremely rare. Even if you only get 8 wins you’re still likely to get into the playoffs but you’re starting to tempt tiebreakers to betray you.

On Wednesday, heading into the matches Corpse Brigade was sitting pretty at a 9-0 record. They’ve already locked up a playoff spot. Now they were only going for the unthinkable, perfect record. Given they had already faced most of the top teams in their division, they had a deent shot too! Especially because their Day 10 matchup was lowly Brobot, with a meager record of 3-6. Seems like an easy victory.

But, we all know I wouldn’t set up a narrative like that if it went the way we expected.


That’s right! Brobot beat the undefeated Corpse Brigade! No one shall go undefeated! It was a thrilling match that came down to Brobot’s Luigi, Mr. L and MegaMan, GreenGunner, both at very high percentages versus Corpse Brigade’s Zelda, Souleater. However, she was at high percentage too. It was anyone’s game. However GreenGunner grabbed Souleater. Fresh off watching Luigi’s soul get ripped out by the Grim Reaper, Mr. L had had enough and determined to give Luigi’s everywhere at least one win for the day. With a well timed karate chop he ended his teammate… but Souleater as well to secure the most unlikely victory of the season.

If you didn’t watch it live, well, you missed out on a thrilling match. And you clearly don’t have the stamina of superfan KingPingu who stayed up until 3AM his time to watch! Seriously, the dedication was enormous and I marvel at it. I barely can stay awake past 10PM anymore. But I’m old so, I guess that’s expected.

Regardless, with only 5 matches left we are getting a clearer picture of who might be in and who might be out. So… let’s take a look:

  • Definitely locked in a playoff spot
    • Corpse Brigade
  • Probably locked up a playoff spot
    • Dangerous to Game Alone
    • Star Blitz
    • Termididdles
  • Probably in the playoffs as long as they don’t lose out
    • January 10th
    • Musicians Unite
    • Fist and Fire
    • A Little Weird, A Little Wild
  • Need to win out to have a chance to get in
    • Fox Kids
    • Twoo Wuv
  • MAYBE have a chance to get in if they win out but probably not
    • Bad Matchup
    • Big Chargy Balls of Death
  • Eliminated from the playoffs
    • Spiked Shells
    • One Punnnnnnnnnnnnnch
    • Brain N’ Bronze

Yes, Sadly my team is one of the ones already elminited. If I could just get my Saitama to stop jumping and fairing… alas I cannot train him midseason. His incompetence must go on. My woes aside, if you did not see your team on this list, well guess what, you are RIGHT in the thick of things. Sure, your team may have some work ahead of it, but don’t give up on the chance to get into the playoffs just yet!

And besides, if you don’t get into the playoffs, there is still the AntiPlayoffs to determine who has the WORST team. So, you know, pray your team doesn’t do “well” in that.

So, with all that talk of playoffs, let’s look at what the playoffs would look like if they started today (but they don’t so don’t panic. You still have 5 more games):


As stated previously, the playoffs (when they start) will be best of three, double elimination until the Finals where it will be best of 5. But again, this is NOT time for the playoffs. Just a look at how the playoffs would be if they started today. If anyone comes into my stream or Discord talking about who they are facing in the playoff I.. well… I won’t really do anything other than feel really sad that people don’t read things properly.

You don’t want to make Splice sad, do you?

Of course you don’t.

With all that said, it’s time to take a look at the match everyone will have next week. That’s right, only a single set of matches next week. Tuesday a new expansion of WoW will be coming out and coming out basically right as the stream starts normally… and frankly I want to enjoy opening day instead of stressing over streaming matches so I’ll only be doing SALTI on Wednesday of next week.

Regardless, it’s time for Day 11’s schedule


We will be starting off with a pretty high powered match with #2 ranked Termididdles vs. #3 Fist And Fire. Both teams are all but gauranteed to get into the playoffs at this point so this is a simple jockeying for position, but still. I like watching good teams fight one another.

Twoo Wuv needs to win out to have a shot at getting in the playoffs. Dimensional Shift needs to almost win out. With both teams have poor records, they both desperately need this win. Basically an elimination game.

After starting the season off 0-2, My Little Homie has quietly gone on a 6-2 streak and is definitely heading in the right direction heading into the end of the season. However Wednesday they are going up against #1 ranked Star Blitz. Time to find out how far their momentum can take them.

While those matches are all well an good, the highlights of the day will be matches between teams vying for those final playoff spots with records of 4-6, 5-5, and 6-4. For that reason The Pointy End (5-5) vs Transformers: Royals in disguise (4-6), Mew2King & Abadango (6-4) vs Punching Blades (4-6), & Super Luigi Bros (6-4) vs Brothers from Another Mother (5-5) will be the three matches that will most heavily influence the playoff picture.

Anyway… Amiibo Statistics!


So, there is a lot that could be talked about. I’d like to focus on a few stats. Let’s looks at Damage Given-to-Damage received ratio. The infamous Super NES has one of nearly 2. That stinkin’ Amiibo nearly deals twice as much damage as he takes. Just… wow. More impressive though, the gap between Super NES and the #2 guy in that category (Tachyon) is bigger than the gap between Tachyon and the 24th ranked amiibo in that stat. Yeah. That’s how big his lead is.

In opposition to how good Super NES is, let’s look at the WORST Amiibo, Sir Pong of Bad Matchup. Oh… what can be said about Sir Pong? Let’s start with the fact that he has the worst stats in 3 different categories. Including Average MoVEC. Remember, MoVEC tries to estimate your average contribution to your teams margin or victory or defeat. Sir Pong’s Average MoVEC of -0.8425 means basically every match he’s in, his team basically starts with four-fifths of a stock of disadvantage… just because he’s there.

If you thought that was bad, then look at the gap between him and the next worst Amiibo, Genos of (sigh) my team. The gap between the worst and second worst Amiibo is bigger than the gap between the second worst Amiibo and the 10th worst Amiibo. Sir Pong is setting a benchmark for bad. It’s a special kind of impressive, like so impressive that you get sad.


We also broke the benchmark for best and worst games since we last talked. In Day 7’s match against Musicians Unite, Grn Gunner of Brobot had a horrendously bad match:

  • 0 kills, 4 deaths (remember, we start with 3), 208 dmg given, 775 dmg received

Anytime you almost take four times as much damage as you dealt, you’ve had a bad game. Going to be hard to have a worse match than that.

However, the next day, the Amiibo I can’t stop talking about, Super NES put together a match I hadn’t seen before against easy prey in Bad Matchup:

  • 5 kills, 2 deaths, 1 team kill, 1039 dmg given, 358 dmg received
    • Single game MoVEC of 2.9455

Wow… to put that stat line in perspective, that 1039 damage given would be good for best in SLAP this season and they have FOUR lives over there, not three. It was disgusting. Plus that was, what, nearly 3-to-1 damage given to received for that match? Wow! I didn’t think we’d see another match like that for a while.

I also would have been wrong because on Wednesday night, S.T.O.R.M., the Cloud Amiibo of the Nightmare Elite, put together this statline… also against Bad Matchup. Seems you really can make hay against Sir Pong.

  • 5 kills, 2 deaths, 0 team kills, 1059 dmg given, 538 dmg received
    • Single game MoVEC of 2.9861

S.T.O.R.M.’s line is almost exactly the same as Super NES’s except for taking more damage, dealing slightly more damage, and not killing his teammate. And we are inching closer to a 3.000 game. I wonder if we’ll get there before the season ends? Regardless, congrats to Dreamy Jay for training an Amiibo who is going to have a very good shot at claiming best game in Season 1 of SALTI.

Before I go, let me give two quick shoutouts to SLAP, the Smash League of Amiibo Pairs. SLAP playoffs for Season 4 start out THIS SATURDAY! So if you want to watch that action, be by my Twitch channel at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern for cereal, nostalgic commercials, and Saturday Morning Smash!

Also, Season 5 of SLAP is starting up soon! SLAP is super fun. It’s like SALTI, but with items turned on. It’s meant to be more about sending your favorite Amiibos rather than simply your best. Come on, you know you have two Amiibos you really like but that are just never that dependable in a super competitive environment. It’s okay, we ALL have guilty pleasures! Why not send a team and join Season 5 of SLAP? We won’t judge which Amiibos you send! We love all Amiibos equally… well, maybe not equally but we won’t judge you.

Unless you send a Marth/Lucina team. Then we’d judge you ;)


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