Clash of Champions Ultimate – Win a Digital Code (US) for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Welcome to the final Amiibo Dojo-sponsored Super Smash Bros. for Wii U tournament! Four years ago, amiibo were introduced to the Super Smash Bros. scene for the very first time. Since then, we’ve worked hard to study proper training techniques. And now, we’ve reached the absolute – the ultimate competition – are you ready to compete and aim to win a digital copy of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate?

Tournament Rules

Read this section carefully. Violations of tournament rules will result in disqualification. Now then, for the first time in several months, equipment of all kind is banned. That’s right – all entries must be completely vanilla – with the exception of custom moves, which are both allowed and encouraged.

Clash of Champions Ultimate will follow a single elimination bracket. Each player may submit two amiibo, but there’s a catch. Have a look out our amiibo tier list (the vanilla version). The S-Ranked fighters are Ness, Marth, Lucina, and Shulk. If you plan on using one of these characters, then you may only send one total entry. In other words, you can either send one S-Rank fighter or two non-S-Rank fighters.

Matches will be two-stock, five minutes, and best two out of three. Entries will not have their progress saved after each set of matches. Stages will be randomly selected between Battlefield, Final Destination, Town & City, Smashville, and Miiverse. Tournament entries (or entry, depending on your desired character) are due by Friday, November 23 at 11:59 PM EST. At the time of writing, that gives trainers over two weeks to prepare. The tournament itself will be streamed on the Amiibo Dojo YouTube channel that weekend.

Send your entries via email to Be sure to include your desired bracket name as well. Late entries will not be accepted – sorry!

Prize Information

That’s right – the price is a digital code for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. However, it’s only good for residents of the United States. By entering this tournament, you acknowledge that this code may not be usable in other countries. If you don’t live in the United States, but still want to enter, I encourage you to do so!

Start Training!

It’s time to start making preparations! You may think our amiibo training guides are only good for fighters with equipment, but that’s not true! Each guide doubles as a handy reference for vanilla characters, too. Here’s some quick links to entries I expect to see a lot of: Mario, Lucas, Cloud, Bowser, and Ganondorf.

We’ve got a whole bunch of other resources at your disposal, too: Frequently Asked Questions, Training Misconceptions, and information on Mechanics and the Metagame. Even if you haven’t seriously trained an amiibo before, it’s not too late! If raising your own customized AI interests you now, it’s a good idea to start learning now prior to the release of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

If you have no idea how to submit your amiibo, don’t worry – you don’t have to ship it across the country. If you have an Amiibo Powersaves or an NFC-compatible Android device, you can send a backup of your amiibo’s data, which we can then scan into Super Smash Bros. as if it were a genuine figurine. For more information, read our article on submitting to online tournaments.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to join the Amiibo Dojo’s Discord server to ask for advice. Even though we’re going to be competing against each other, we’d be happy to help you strengthen your potential entries. Good luck to all who are entering, and to those of you who are not, we hope to see you in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate! 

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