Growing the metagame in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Less than a month remains until Super Smash Bros. – and, as a result, amiibo training – changes for good. In essence, we’ve been given another shot at bringing amiibo training to the forefront of the community, and it’s up to us to make that happen. That being said, we can’t handle all of it ourselves, and that’s where you come in. Here are a few simple steps you can take to contribute towards the growth of the metagame.

Growing the Metagame

  • Write down and share your findings. When Super Smash Bros. Ultimate releases, we’ll know as much about amiibo training as all of our readers; which is to say, not very much. The mechanics, characters, and AI were all overhauled, so we have to assume that everything we thought we know has been thrown out the window. One step you can take to grow the metagame is to write down your observations as you train your amiibo and share them with others. In fact, if you really want to, you can submit your findings to our contact form. From there, we’ll verify your claims and determine their validity. If we end up including your information in a post, we’ll give you a shout-out by name.
  • Tell others. lot of people don’t know that there’s a metagame centered around amiibo. To some, it’s a ridiculous concept. But once you start playing and get involved in the community, it’s really fun! Try spreading the word to people who already play Super Smash Bros. but haven’t trained an amiibo.
  • Answer players’ questions. This is moreso our job (arguably), but every so often, someone will post a question regarding amiibo training on a different site. Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, you name it. If you see a question you know the answer to, give them an answer! If you don’t know the answer, you could always link them back here, but that part’s up to you.
  • Host tournaments. If you’ve got an Amiibo Powersaves & Power Tag, you can host online tournaments! Gather as many players as possible and have at it! Alternatively, if you’re attending a Smash event, you could always set up a side event for amiibo, but that can be a bit tough. Those haven’t been around for years, but who knows – maybe Ultimate will change that?
  • Share amiibo training content. It’s also a good idea to get the word out in a more direct manner. If you’re really excited about amiibo training, or more realistically, just want more players to square up against, writing a quick post about it is never a bad idea. As mentioned before, sites like Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit are great places to recruit new trainers! Furthermore, it’s always okay to share our content – just as long as you link back to the site in one way or another. Yes, that means you can post quotes, too. In case anybody was wondering.

Smash 4 is coming to an end. Its last hurrah is in-progress right now. As always, our training guides are available to help you prepare for the new game. If you’ve got any burning questions, or just want to join us for a quick chat, our Discord server is always open. Until next time!

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