It’s crunch time in S.L.A.P. & Amiibo League

Yes. It’s time. This week, with Ultimate almost upon us we have some things to take care of. Those things would be, of course, crowning champions of Season 5 of the Smash League of Amiibo Pairs and Season 00 of Amiibo League. And those events are right around the corner. So, let’s dive in and figure out what will be going on!


We’ll start with S.L.A.P. because that’s whose playoffs get started first. Those will be starting at 9AM Pacific/Noon Eastern this Saturday, November 24th as part of our Saturday Morning Smash block on Here is what the final standings looked like:


thegoodpirate’s team of Historically Inaccurate was able to overtake Pits of Despair and The Pointy End and claim the #1 seed in the playoffs. On the other end of hte spectrum, Shimada Complex, Chocolate-Frosted Sugar Bombs, & Greedy Gobs were barely able to escape falling into the Anti-Playoffs. These teams all live to fight another day.

Speaking of the AntiPlayoffs, now is a good time to bring up the fact that S.L.A.P. is wacky and some people decide to try and send teams DESIGNED to lose. For them, they shall be “fighting” for the title of worst team in the AntiPlayoffs. That’s actually what we will be starting with on Saturday. Here are what the AntiPlayoffs look like:


The Battle for the Black Flag should be something. I mean… maybe not something GOOD but definitely something.

But most people are here to win. Let’s take a look at the playoffs:

playoff bracket

S.L.A.P. utilizes a single-elimination, best of 5 format. Ranks 9-24 will face off against one another in the the opening round for the right to advance to the Hemidemisemifinals. For those who don’t know what hemidemisemifinals means, that’s just what comes before quarterfinals. I only know this is actually a word thanks to my landlord who has an English degree and is looking for excuses to use it. By that same token, the word “antepenultimate” is what comes before penultimate. Neat, huh?

Nabbing a top 8 seed in the regular season had two benefits. The first is, of course, you get to skip the opening round and go straight to the hemidemisemifinals. The second is the the entire playoffs gets reseeded at the end of the of the opening round. The lowest remaining seed will face off against the #1 seed. The second lowest seed after that faced off against the #2 seed and so on and so forth.

So yeah, you can see having the highest seed, fought for over a set of 15 matches in the regular season, confers a real advantage in the playoffs. However, seeds are not the be-all, end-all. It’s a best of 5 tournament. Items are on. Anything can happen. In fact, in Season 4, the entire tournament was won by a single, plucky #11 seed known as The Wiivengers… why! Amazing! That was my team! I definitely didn’t expect to bring that up!

Okay, anyone who watches my streams knows that I was going to bring it up. It was the only time I have ever won one of the tournaments I’ve hosted, be they Amiibo or real life. And I’ve been hosting Smash tournaments since 2006. Yeah. Melee days. There was a lot of pent up frustration in my victory of Season 4 of S.L.A.P. and I’m hoping Wiivengers 2: Age of Amiibo is still hungry for victory again! That said, it IS unlikely they will repeat. No one has ever repeated in the history of S.L.A.P. The closest any team came to repeating was Anonymous Insomniacs who won Season 3 only to get 2nd place last season when everyone’s favorite Wiivengers upset them.

So, a few teams I think you should take note of going into the S.L.A.P. Playoffs:

  • #13 Spared No Expense came close to winning in Season 2 of S.L.A.P., taking a 3-1 lead against Quack Doctor, but Quack Doctor did a 3-0 reverse sweep to win the series 4-3 and leaving the hopes of Spared No Expense and their trainer, NinjaKnight, dashed. They go against #20 Anonymous Insomniacs who have has a puzzingly bad season. As previously stated, MythrilZenith’s team won two seasons ago and came close to repeating. They are a good team. But this season they struggled and barely made the playoffs. Maybe the post-season can help them reclaim their magic?
  • #15 Dangerous to Game Alone is a curious case of a team that nearly won Season 1 of S.A.L.T.I. but has not captured that same amount of success in S.L.A.P. I think it’s safe to say that the inclusion of items are not helping Dangerous to Game Alone’s Jakunna who is a Bowser Amiibo. With items on, big targets are much more suseptible to getting clipped by a random Bob-omb or Pokemon attack. That isn’t to say teams with big Amiibos can’t win with items on. Our very first champion featured a Charizard, however it IS a bit more difficult.
  • The laziest team name in this tournament, #10 Something… Something… team name, proved they belonged despite their lazy name frustrating me because it was… it… it’s such a long team name for being something so dull. Curse you, MegaVGmaster! Regardless, they were part of a trio of 9-6 teams that missed out of the top 8 by virtue of the Margin-of-Victory tiebreaker (the other two being JealousThread’s #9 Princess Weh… and the combined team of REDLx and PKMNMaster99, #11 Titan Slayers).
  • #7 Corpse Brigade is the very same team that upset Dangerous to Game Alone for the title of S.A.L.T.I.’s innaugural champion. They may only be the #7 seed but that belies how well they’ve played. Their average margin of victory is 1.33, tying them for best average margin of victory in the entire season. This, combined with their title as reigning S.A.L.T.I. champion, would indicate that guitarShark’s team is not one you should sleep on.
  • #6 Stalling Powers Unite!, in addition to being the only team to use punctuation in their team name, surprised us all by putting together a 10-5 record despite being composed of a Villager (Ross) and a Captain Olimar (Stallimar). Blue has done a good job of taking advantage of what they are good at. True to their name, they have the 2nd longest average match length of any team (the longest belonged to SFPT’s team, “Team” Fortress 2). Match length tends to be negatively corralated with winning but Blue may have found a way to make it work. Let’s see if he can make that last even longer.
  • #5 Wiivengers 2: Age of Amiibo, are the defending champs. I really have no other thing I want to say about my team other than that. I will continue to lord this over everyone until I am dethroned. I will not be gracious about it. You all have been warned :P
  • #4 Awkward Date, consisting of a Lucina and a Robin, may have been my favorite named team this tournament. It was either them, #8 C-List Actors, #22 Greedy Gobs (a Pac-Man and Kirby), or #30 Weaponized Incompetence (who was trying to lose).
  • #3 The Pointy End has gotten to the Semifinals every year they have been in S.L.A.P. The sadder note is that they have never gotten to the Finals. They always choke right before the finish line. As such, they have finished 3rd twice and 4th once. Maybe this season will be the magical one where they finally win it all? For their trainer’s sake, IsoZero, I hope they do better.
  • #2 Pits of Despair just finished their best season ever and that is saying somthing because they are the only team to have participated in every complete season of S.L.A.P. They have gotten close to winning it all before, getting 2nd place in Season 1 and 3rd place in Season 2. But this season their off-stage aggressiveness has really paid off. Their trainer, LizzyPetrichor, just had a kid a few months ago so we know she’s not getting a ton of sleep. Maybe a blue flag in her stand will make up for that?
  • #1 Historically Inaccurate put together a VERY complete season. They lost only three times and have looked quite dominant doing it. Their average match only lasts 2:31 so they do it fast too. They also buck historical trends by team killing a LOT. They had the highest Team Kill percentage of anyone this season. Normally the better teams are in the middle. But they seem to make it work because a heavy swinging Ike and hard hitting Ganondorf tend to take enemies with them.
  • One more note on Historically Inaccurate is an examination of who beat them. They somehow lost in week 1 to #25 Bad Matchup (a team TRYING to lose). They lost in week 11 to #18 Ultimate Rejects, another team far below them in the standings. Their final loss came the next week to… #2 Pits of Despair. Do the angels have their number perchance? I guess we have to wait and see in the playoffs.

Well, I don’t know about you all but I’m excited to see how S.L.A.P. wraps up. Again, we start with the AntiPlayoffs at 9am Pacific/Noon Eastern on Saturday, November 24th. This is part of my usual Saturday Morning Smash block that always comes complete with nostalgic commercials between matches to capture that Saturday Morning cartoons feel from your childhood. Given that it’s now officially the Christmas season, you can expect to see a few holiday classics mixed in with our normal nostalgia line-up. ;)

With that out of the way… let’s talk about Amiibo League-Season 00

amiibo league temp symbol

We started Amiibo League all the way back in September with the goal of creating a league that got us hyped for SSBU by making settings as close to Ultimate as we could get. Well, some of those goals worked and others… didn’t. Yeah, in my defense, it looked like, at that time, like equipment was going away. It was, in terms of this Smash cycle, a very long time ago. Isabelle had barely been announced. See, forever ago.

My lack of precognition notwithstanding, Amiibo League HAS been a hoot (yes, I said “hoot”. I’m in my 30’s. I say weird things. You know this by now.) and I didn’t expect to enjoy one-on-one Amiibo content so much. This was first attempt at such a tournament and I’d like to thank all of those who have been stopping in and participating in chat as I’ve gotten used to this new format.

All that said, we are almost done with our regular season in Amiibo League. There have been 14 days of matches. Only one day remains until the playoffs. Day 15 of Amiibo League will occur on Tuesday, November 27th at 5pm Pacific/8pm Eastern on, you guessed it, The playoffs will start the next day at the same time. So, let’s take a look at the standings heading into Day 15:


With Aurora losing on Day 14, Blue’s Cloud, 1st Class, has lived up to his name and secured the #1 seed in the playoffs. All that is left to find out is if 1st Class can do the impossible and go completely undefeated throughout the regular season!

The playoffs for Amiibo League are a double-elimination, best-of-3 seeded tournament that will involve the top 16 Amiibos from the regular season. So, obviously, getting #16 or better if of utmost importance.

The action is going to focus almost entirely on the three Amiibos at a record of 7-7, Tosicamir’s Kaytee, isoZero’s Seals, and urfavlilsister’s Witch Pls. You might point out, “Splice, what about Lt. Pigeon and BoyOfSteel? They have records of 6-8. Couldn’t they sneak in?” A fair question but it’s actually mathematically impossible for BoyOfSteel to get in. Even if he wins he’s far too behind on the Margin-of-Victory tiebreaker  to catch up. IN THEORY Lt. Pigeon could get in if he two-stocked his opponent, both Witch Pls and Seals got two stocked by their opponents, and he won his match really fast and they lost their match really slow but… I mean you hear all those conditional clauses. The odds of all of those happening? Yeah, I think you’d have better odds of the Grinch Leak being real.

The hardest pill to swallow then for Lt. Pigeon is the fact that if he just had one more win, he’d be in the thick of this. But where could he have gotten one more win? Look at the bottom of the standings. See where Kanye Rest (the best named Amiibo to ever show up in ANY of my tournaments as far as I’m concerned) has a single win? That one win came against Lt. Pigeon. Think he regrets that?

No, this is all coming down to the 7-7 Amiibos. If ANY of them lose, then that means 8 wins guarantees you a playoff spot. If two or more of them lose, then that means we will have one or two 7 win Amiibos in the playoffs. If all of them win, then it’s likely Witch Pls is the odd one out BUT not guaranteed.

The scenario that is interesting is one where the following conditions are met:

  • Kaytee and Seals win their matches
  • Tachyon or Super NES lose their match and get two stocked
  • Witch Pls wins her match and two stocks her opponent

In that scenario, Witch Pls would leapfrog Tachyon or Super NES and get into the playoffs. You also could have a similar scenario where Witch Pls wins but doesn’t two-stock her opponent or the other two don’t get two stocked and we end up with a tie in record and average margin-of-victory and this all comes down to the last tiebreaker of average match length. If that happens… wow.

Regardless, let’s take a look at how that schedule will look on Tuesday:


First of all, I did NOT plan for #1 and #2 to face off in the final week. Nor did I plan for them to face off on Final Destination. That is 100% happenstance. What ISN’T happenstance is them facing off last to see if 1st Class can complete his undefeated regular season. I have totally juryrigged the order of the matches this day for maximum tension ratcheting.

So, the first match is a match that could determine who gets the worst record for the season between Dr. Nick and Kanye Rest. But beyond that, no matches of REAL import happen until about 6:30 that night where lots of seeding dependent matches occur. But the king of all those matches will be the match-up between #17 Witch Pls and #14 Super NES on the Omega version of Mario Circuit. Other matches matter of course, but that’s the one between the most on the bubble Amiibos.

Tuesday should be exciting. And after the stream on Tuesday, the playoffs start on Wednesday. So things are getting exciting on the Splice Stream heading into the launch of SSBU. So, here is the exciting schedule leading up to launch:

  • Saturday, November 24th @ 9am PAC/Noon EST- S.L.A.P. Season 05 AntiPlayoffs & Playoffs Opening Round
  • Tuesday, November 27th @ 5pm PAC/8pm EST- Amiibo League Season 00- Day 15
  • Wednesday, November 28th @ 5pm PAC/8pm EST- Amiibo League Season 00- Day 1 of Playoffs
  • Saturday, December 1st @ 9am PAC/Noon EST- S.L.A.P. Season 05 Playoffs conclusion
  • Tuesday, December 4th @ 5pm PAC/8pm EST- Amiibo League Season 00- Day 2 of Playoffs
  • Wednesday, November 28th @ 5pm PAC/8pm EST- Amiibo League Season 00- Playoffs conclusion
  • Friday, December 7th @ whenever I wake up- Splice plays World of Light and putzes around with the new game
  • Saturday, December 8th @ 9am PAC/Noon EST- Splices Smash for Charity event… more details to come soon!

So yeah, that’s the SpliceStream heading into the twilight of Super Smash Bros. for the Wii U. I hope we can do this game justice. It wasn’t perfect but I’ll be darned if it wasn’t an absolute blast and the fact that it brought Amiibo combat to us… well, it will at least go down as a good game for that reason.

Here’s hoping the next era of Amiibo combat is better than the last!
Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!


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