Help raise money for Gamers Outreach Foundation

Looking for content related to Smash Ultimate? Want to help raise money to help a very good cause? Want to potentially win some Amiibo by doing it? Well, Splice has you all covered! Let’s dive in and find out how to do all this during #UltimateGamersOutreach on Saturday, December 8th!

While I do hope you’d read the whole article, I of course know a lot of you are busy people so here is the tldr; of the stream:

What: Ultimate Gamers Outreach charity stream
When: Saturday, December 8th from 9am-9pm Pacific time
What are you streaming? Soooo much Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Playing tons of cool game modes (see below) and tournaments for your amusement to raise money for this great organization, Gamers Outreach Foundation
How do I get those Amiibo? Use the hashtag #UltimateGamersOutreach on Twitter or Instagram and let people know about the stream
How can I help out? Obviously, you could donate cash or cheer bits live on stream. All donations and bits will go to the Gamers Outreach Foundation. If you can’t do either of those, just watch the stream to get more viewers and help make the charity stream more visible.

So, now that the tldr; is out of the way, let’s start with what a great organization the Gamers Outreach Foundation is. They started out as a small group of high schoolers looking to help their local hospital by building some gaming rigs in their local children’s ward. Being at a hospital can be a scary time for a kid. You’re sick. Strangers are having to stick needles in you. There are plenty of other sick people around. It’s not fun. The power of gaming can, however, help brighten up an otherwise gloomy stay.

After seeing how much of a difference it made in their local hospital, that small group of high schoolers realized they could do a lot more and started Gamers Outreach Foundation and have helped brighten up hospitals all over America. They specialize in their GO-Karts (Gamers Outreach Karts… get it?): mobile gaming platforms that can be wheeled into any kid’s hospital room, helping kids who ailments make them less mobile by bringing the games to them!


I think this is an amazing cause and want to help. To that end I’ve been organizing for a mega-stream the day after Super Smash Bros. Ultimate comes out! We’re calling the event Ultimate Gamers Outreach and this is what is happening.

Every dollar donated or bit cheered during the 12 hour stream will go straight to Gamers Outreach Foundation. I have invited several of my friends over for various events that we will stream all day in an attempt to bring exciting and interesting content. Here is the schedule of events planned (All times below listed are in Pacific time zone):

  • 9 AM – Stream starts with general play
  • 10 AM – Squad Strike mini-tournament to test out the new feature and see what it offers
  • 11 AM – More general play, might be Amiibo training mixed in as people are likely going to need to level up for the Cyborg Tournament (see 3PM time)
  • 12 PM – Icy Cage Match. 16 Ice Climbers enter Hyrule Temple. The rules: You cannot leave “the cage” in the bottom left of the level. It’s pure madness and mayhem and we had a blast doing it back when there were only 4 players. How crazy will 8 get?
  • 1 PM – Smash Bros. Royal Rumble. Ever seen a Royal Rumble in professional wrestling? Well, this will be a lot like that. Two fighters fight 1-v-1 to start. After two minutes, another fighter gets added to the mix. Last one standing wins. I’m potentially even bringing in intro music for everyone.
  • 2 PM – We try out Smashdown!
  • 3 PM – Cyborg Tournament. Everyone brings one Amiibo. They fight alongside that Amiibo and try to advance to win the title. Team attack, as is traditional with me and Amiibos, will be on for maximum frustration.
  • 4 PM – Meme/theme fights
  • 5 PM – 100 Stock Spicy Slamfest. This is simple in concept but painful in practice. 8 player smash. Everyone with 99 lives. Once you are eliminated, you will have a selection of hot wings to eat from to represent losing your 100th life. This is a test of skill and endurance… and spicy fortitude
  • 7:30 PM – Draw for winners of the Amiibos (Qualify to enter Amiibo drawing by using #UltimateGamersOutreach on Twitter or Instagram)
  • 9 PM – Stream over! Hopefully we can say we reached our goal of $250

There will be other events throughout the day and a lot of general Smashing as we all work to understand just how the new game will work. But… let’s face it, you want to know how to get those sweet, sweet Amiibos!

I’m glad you asked! You can enter by simply utilizing either your Twitter or Instagram account and letting the world know you’ll be watching the Ultimate Gamers Outreach by utilizing the hashtag #UltimateGamersOutreach. Linking to the stream at would also be appreciated to let your followers know where they too can see this but is not required. What IS required however is that you live in the USA because shipping gets too expensive. Sorry to any non-Americans who were hoping to win some Amiibo.

So, what Amiibo are being given away? Well, that depends on how much money we raise. Each giveaway is activated when we cross certain donation thresholds. Luckily, I have a handy chart for you guys!

amiibos image

I wanted the Amiibos to focus on new characters available in Super Smash Bros Ultimate so, if we hit $64 raised for the cause we’ll give away a Daisy Amiibo, $128 will activate giving away the Winter Outfit Isabelle Amiibo, $256 and we give away the Inkling Amiibo, and, if we reach our Ultimate goal (see what I did there?) of raising $512 for Gamers Outreach Foundation, I’m giving away my pre-order, fresh-in-the-box Wolf Amiibo!

But, no giveaways occur if we don’t reach those milestones! To reach those we need to SPREAD THE WORD with #UltimateGamersOutreach! If we reach our goal of $512 that’s four potential Amiibo you can earn by simply spreading the word! You didn’t even have to donate money or bits!

“But Splice,” you generously say, “I want to donate money! How can I do that?” Well, I’m glad you asked. You simply click this link and donate! It’s that simple!

But maybe instead you say, “I’d love to donate Splice, but I just can’t for a variety of reasons.” Well, I’m glad to hear how willing you are and, hey, I understand. There are lots of reasons why someone might not be able to give right now BUT YOU CAN STILL HELP!

If you can’t give money, maybe watch some ads over the next few days on Twitch and give those bits on December 8th. All bits given will be added to the donation total. But more important than bits, just watch the stream! It helps improve our standing in Twitch’s rankings. A more visible stream leads to more views. More views leads to more donations. Even if you’re not going to be actively watching, if you can just lurk in the channel… even lurking helps!

So, please use the hashtag #UltimateGamersOutreach to promote the charity stream and a chance to get an Amiibo. Donate money if you can. Donate bits if you can. Just watch the stream if you can’t do those other things. We hope to have tons of content for you throughout the day for your viewing pleasure. I myself am REALLY looking forward to the the Cyborg Tournament (likely starting at 3pm Pacific time) and hoping we can pull it off as it’s a unique thing that I may not have a chance at again.

Regardless, let’s do it for the kids. Literally! Gamers Outreach Foundation is a wonderful organization and I can’t wait to partner up with all of you to help them out! But, until Saturday at 9am to 9pm Pacific time…

Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!


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