Amiibo Training Analysis: Updated AI

Welcome back! Today, we’re looking at Super Smash Bros. Ultimate’s overhauled AI. It’s drastically different from Smash 4, and in a good way. Each and every character is different, with minimal similarities from their previous incarnation. Those of you who wasted hours and hours in Smash 4 trying to get your amiibo to taunt are going to love what’s new in Ultimate!


  • Here’s a huge change: amiibo now taunt in the middle of matches as well as after getting a KO. You can even choose what taunt they use! Or you can teach them not to taunt at all. In that case, all you have to do is refrain from taunting. Now, if you do want your amiibo to taunt, don’t do it too often, or else your amiibo is going to become an insufferable jerk that taunts every five seconds. No kidding, they’ll taunt right after launching you if you let them.
  • Another important bit is that amiibo use their grabs and throws much less than they did in Smash 4. If you don’t grab at all during training, neither will your amiibo. In Smash 4, amiibo would automatically try to grab an opponent if they were at close range. This is no longer the case.
  • In terms of defense, not too much has changed from the previous title. amiibo are still incredibly good at perfect shielding, but they don’t do it quite as often. Instead, they prefer to run or jump out of the way and then counterattack.
  • Similarly, amiibo almost never dodge or roll unless these techniques have been spammed against them during training.
  • Aggressively-trained amiibo may dash dance as a neutral option. They will also go off-stage and try to gimp opponents more often. However, they also try this against Ness and Lucas, whose recovery moves can KO them if they are not successful.
  • Personality types change even if your amiibo does not inherit Spirits. It will automatically change depending on how you fight it. There’s still a lot of research to be done here.
  • Whatever you do, don’t overcharge your smash attacks. Use them uncharged. amiibo are prone to holding their smash attacks for some reason, which gives their opponent a free hit.
  • amiibo sometimes “freeze”. No, not like in Smash 4 where they’d just stand there and stare only to dodge – but actually freeze in place. This means you can walk up and fully charge a smash attack and they won’t do a thing about it. We’ve found that characters with the “Thrill Seeker” personality (ironically) freeze most often. We’ll be releasing a post about this later.

Thanks for reading! We’re still hard at work with our research, and much more information is coming soon. Hopefully this will tie you all over for a little while longer. Join our Discord server if you need help, etc., more posts coming later, etc.

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