Squad Strike amiibo Tournament (Entries Open)

We’ve got a new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament approaching! We host our tournaments online, and if you don’t know how to participate in those, check out our guide. Here’s all the rules and details you’ll need to know.

  • Send in 3 amiibo for a Squad Strike tournament. All characters allowed.
  • Hosted on December 14th. Entries due the night before. Send .bin files to dominicforte123@gmail.com.
  • Vanilla amiibo only! No spirits, equipment, or special effects.
  • Stages will be random Battlefield form.
  • No Final Smash Meter, Items, or Rage.
  • Double elimination rules.

The tournament will be streamed here. This is one of the first Smash Ultimate amiibo tournaments (and the first Squad Strike tourney), so be sure to enter! Please note that this isn’t an “official” Amiibo Dojo tournament: we’ll have one of those coming up really soon!


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