Make like a pretzel and get S.A.L.T.I…. again!

Those who participated in the Seasonal Amiibo League Team Invitational’s first season learned two things:

  1. Planning for doubles is different than planning for a 1-on-1 match
  2. Splice really works hard to make his acronyms spell stuff. Too hard

Well, we may be entering the new, Ultimate meta but those two items are still true! So, if you’re interested in learning about the strange world of Amiibo doubles, why don’t you just keep on reading and find out how to enter S.A.L.T.I.- Season 02!

First things first, here are the rules for S.A.L.T.I.:

  • To sign up, click here and fill out this form!
  • Due date for Amiibos .bin file submission is December 27th at 11:59 PM Mountain time
  • First matches start on December 29th, on @ 9am Pacific/noon Eastern
  • Format is an extended league format (think Round Robin but with LOTS more rounds leading up to a playoffs)
  • Playoffs will be best of 3, double elimination bracket
  • Up to 32 teams allowed (if we get a huge influx I might be convinced to go up to 40)
  • Team and Amiibo names must be family friendly. If you’re unsure if a name would violate this rule, feel free to ask me
  • Top half of the League will get into the playoffs after completion of Regular Season matches
  • Matches consist of two teams of two Amiibos apiece, 6 minute timer.
  • Stocks set to 3
  • Team Attack is ON
  • Stages are random Omega or Battlefield versions of all stages that aren’t Hanenbow because Hanenbow is banned and nothing can redeem how bad that stage is… okay Hanenbow is on but we are not doing any of its music
  • All spirits, skills, and special effects are allowed
  • An Amiibo’s Learning may be turned “On” or “Off”
  • Final Smash Meter will be turned off
  • Items are turned off (note, this will not affect Amiibos who have item based skills attached. Item based skills are completely legal)
  • Submitting two of the same character will be allowed but I will be asking for photographic evidence that proves these are two different Amiibo (this is to prevent people from sending the same .bin file)
  • Be a good sport. If I find competitors harassing another competitor (in or out of the stream chat) I reserve the right to suspend teams as I long as I deem necessary. Let’s just be adults here, people.
  • Winner of SALTI Season 02 will receive a 3D Printed Trophy that doubles as a Peach Amiibo

For those of you new to my tournaments, I always have a prize at the end that is a trophy that doubles as an Amiibo. Yes. Playing with Amiibo can win you Amiibo. It’s a cycle. The trophy is the golden thing you saw on the preview picture. We do this by buying a legit Amiibo, bust open the Amiibo and rip out it’s NFC chip (ie: soul), having a buddy of mine 3D print the trophy, and shove the NFC chip into the trophy. Basically we were doing Spirits-mode in real life!

Last season (season 01) was a Mario trophy, the first character in Super Smash Bros. 64. This season the trophy is Princess Peach, the first character in Super Smash Bros. Melee (as determined by fighter number). 

So, why would you play doubles instead of regular 1-on-1? Well, doubles presents new challenges, especially with Team Attack on. Simply grabbing top tier characters doesn’t always work because Amiibo can get in one another’s way. For example, Season 01’s champion, Corpse Brigade consisted of a Link and Zelda pair. While Link was a S-tier character in Smash 4, Zelda in the B-range. 

The strongest teams tend to be made up of Amiibo who are good at not getting in each other’s way. For this reason, the better teams TEND to have at least one ranged-based character. That said, there are teams that have utilized two melee-based characters just fine. It’s all in how they work together.

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention one of the other reasons I find doubles interesting is the team name dynamic. I love funny or clever team names. I myself will be submitting a Duck Hunt named “Max” and a green DK named “Mr. Grinch” to form my team “#TeamReal”. As far as I’m concerned, submitting a team is as much about artistic expression as it is combat!

This also will be interesting as this tournament will allow for all skills and Spirits to be in use. This includes item-based skills. So, if you have this idea for a “mad bomber” style Amiibo and you just give him the “start the match off with a Bob-omb” skill three times so they have it each life, that’s cool. I don’t see that strategy working for you but I admire your spunk!

The inclusion of the skills and Spirits should let you customize your Amiibo to be whoever you want. Also, as we’ve mostly been focusing on regular training so far, this will give us a chance to take an extended look at Spirits and see what that world of Amiibo training will be about.

Lastly, if you’ve never tried out the League formats I’ve done in the past, I think you should because it’s a hoot. Yes. A hoot. over the course of many streams Amiibos gain reputation amongst the viewers that create a storyline and it’s quite enjoyable to see.

So, if you’d like to participate just fill out this form to reserve your slot. You don’t need to have your Amiibo already trained just yet, but you do want to reserve your slot so that, if we get more than the expected number of teams, you aren’t left in the cold. Again, the due date is December 27th. But until then…

Stay fit.
Keep sharp.
Make good decisions.
Splice out!


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