Stream Analysis: December 11, 2018 (Ness & Ridley)

Welcome to the first Amiibo Dojo Stream Analysis! As you may or may not know, I like to stream amiibo training when I’ve got the time to. Given that Smash Ultimate is a new game, watching amiibo battles live can help us all learn together. Today’s stream focused on Ness and Ridley, two characters I’ve written about already. It started off slow, but by the end, we made some important discoveries that could help us in the future. The link to the full stream archive can be found here. Now then, let’s get started.



We started off training Ness, as most of my streams do. He’s the site mascot, after all! Unfortunately, Ness started off slow. He developed a strange tendency of jumping and air dodging constantly without making any attempt at attacking his opponent. As a result, most of the challengers sent in by viewers beat him with ease. Considering how strong Ness was in Smash 4, this was a sad sight. After several crushing defeats, I decided to employ some creative training methods to bring him back to his old self.

First, I tried using Special Smash with Mega size and Heavy gravity. Then I went in and spammed Ness’s best moves: PK Fire, up smash, and back throw. The idea was that Ness would be discouraged from jumping around thanks to the heavy gravity, leaving him vulnerable to my attacks. And the idea was right! Unfortunately, the moment these settings were turned off, Ness went back to jumping around and air dodging. How frustrating.

I put him against several more amiibo in an attempt to beat some sense into him. He lost most of the matches, but began contending after he had lost to many opponents. Eventually, I had an idea. The key concept that led to my Ness amiibo’s tournament sweep in early Smash 4 was defensive play. I decided to try to train him more defensively in an attempt to increase his match consistency. Using an old training method, I set both of our handicaps to 300% and entered Slow mode with Heavy gravity switched on. For the next hour and a half, I proceeded to perfect shield, block, and dodge the amiibo’s attacks to try and get him to play defensively. After just one match, he began perfect shielding much more often. However, he was still jumping around, so I went in and did more defensive practice against him. As a final test, I had Ness fight a powerful Link amiibo. He was defeated, but I saw progress. Although Ness isn’t quite where I want him yet, he made progress, and I’m happy with that.



Ridley is one of the newest additions to the amiibo line-up, so I decided to try mine out for a bit. Admittedly, I didn’t do much training with Ridley, it was more along the lines of putting him in matches with viewer-submitted fighters. That being said, Ridley performed well, and was certainly stronger than Ness. What confused me is that my Ness and Ridley both had the same personality – Logical – and thus the same playstyle, yet Ness was incredibly weak but Ridley was quite strong. Was it Ness’s character style bringing him down, or was I training him wrong? I’m still not quite sure.

Most of Ridley’s KOs came from well-timed forward smashes. He still likes to use Wing Blitz as an on-stage attack, and although it was successful for him tonight, it might not work out so well in the future. I’m certainly going to be doing more training with Ridley, because I think there’s real potential to be found within the character. He’s also really fun to train, especially after ten rounds of spamming PK Fire against Ness.



I learned a lot from today’s stream, and hope to do so again tomorrow! If all goes as planned, we’ll be training Jigglypuff, hence the above image. I’m going to try very hard not to train Ness as often, because I’m sure it gets tiresome to see the same fighter on different streams multiple times in a row. So we’re going to mix things up tomorrow! I hope you’ll all tune in when I go live. Not quite sure of the time frame yet, but you can receive updates through Twitter and Discord. Until next time! Thanks for reading.

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