Stream Analysis: December 12, 2018 (Jigglypuff)

Today’s stream was rather short, but for good reason. We only trained one character! This time around, we focused on Jigglypuff and tried to answer one burning question: can it use Rest? In Smash 4, Jigglypuff amiibo could be taught to use Rest, but if it missed even once, it would forget how to use it. The link to the full stream archive can be found here. Without further ado, let’s begin.



I transferred my Jigglypuff amiibo from Smash 4, and began training it at Level 12. At first, I used several moves against it that I wanted it to learn: forward tilt, forward smash, and back aerial were among them. I made sure to KO it with Rest as often as possible, and within a few level-ups, the amiibo had started to use it too! If you did watch the stream archive linked above, you might notice that I wasn’t very active during training. I would walk around and not do much of anything. In this case, I was actually trying to bait the amiibo into KOing me with Rest, and this would encourage it to rely on the move more often. From Level 30 to Level 45 or so, Jigglypuff used Rest a lot. But her usage of the move began to dwindle as she approached Level 50.

After reaching Level 50, I had Jigglypuff fight my Ridley amiibo. To my surprise, she actually KO’d it with Rest several times! This means Jigglypuff is now capable of learning to use Rest. For you “memers” out there, this also means you can teach a Jigglypuff amiibo to use nothing but Rest. It may incorporate other attacks as well, but rest assured, your training will shine through.



It was indeed a short one, but we still learned a lot from it! Tomorrow’s stream will feature both Pac-Man and Ridley. I know I already trained Ridley yesterday, but I think there’s still lots of potential yet to be found within the character. You can receive updates on when I go live through Twitter and Discord. Until next time!

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