Olimar may very well be the strongest amiibo in Smash Ultimate

Here’s an interesting development: the title of “strongest character in the amiibo metagame” doesn’t belong to Marth, Lucina, Bowser, or Little Mac: it belongs to Olimar, of all fighters. Here’s why: there’s a glitch in the current version of Smash Ultimate that incorrectly applies the effects of Spirits to Olimar’s Pikmin. This incorrect application is so significant that I have chosen to ban Olimar from my tournaments until it is patched. Note that I said my tournaments. This doesn’t mean everybody is forced to follow this move; instead, I’m taking action to try and balance my tourneys.

So here’s the deal. I tested the above team setup on both Olimar and Mario. The sweetspot of Mario’s forward aerial deals 14%, while Olimar’s forward aerial deals about 12% with a Purple Pikmin (the strongest type). Powered up by the effects of these Spirits, Mario’s forward aerial (when sweetspotted) dealt exactly 54.5%. Not too bad, right? Olimar’s forward aerial dealt 158.8%. Literally a one-hit KO. And that was with a Red Pikmin, which isn’t even the strongest type of Pikmin. The decision to ban Olimar should be very clear now: a character that can use a short hop forward aerial and get a one-hit KO from it is absolutely, positively broken. I’m sure this will be patched in the future, so this restriction is temporary. Here’s some more proof of Olimar’s unrivaled attack power.

Indeed, that is Olimar’s forward aerial dealing 158.8% in just a single hit. In case there’s any further doubt, I am going to be training an Olimar amiibo on-stream in the near future. I felt the need to post this because there has been a lot of misinformation going around. In other words, a single person is spouting misinformation and hoping that it gains traction. The claim that it is too early to ban anything from the metagame is actually true: we shouldn’t go around banning things that seem broken, overpowered, or toxic. Unfortunately, this glitch is all three of those things. As I mentioned earlier, I am going to train an Olimar amiibo on-stream to provide video evidence of this. In the meantime, I encourage you to test this on your own, and to stop supporting those who spread misinformation to create drama within an otherwise friendly community. Thank you very much to all of you who have read this. We are working hard on a new set of training guides, and new tournament announcements are coming very soon. Please stay tuned!


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