Growing the Meta – Potential Sleeper Amiibo (Opinion)

Welcome to an opinion piece friends! I’m going to share my thoughts on some amiibo that I believe to be notably stronger than their statistics show, either due to not having a proper training method discovered or just under-representation. I don’t expect any of these amiibo to be S tier, but I also love being proven wrong about topics such as these. So, let’s get into it.


Our old mascot!

Despite poor showings thus far and Cloud (Trainer of the best Ness amiibo in Smash 4) having a frustrating lack of success, I personally believe Ness to have serious potential. His AI has some obvious flaws that will have to be worked around, and I see Ness capping out at maybe B+ tier, but his strengths cannot be overstated. His aerial game is amazing and he spams Fire like he’s stuck in Smash 4, racking up lots of damage in Vanilla and absolutely devastating percentage in Spirits. I imagine with a perfect balance of projectile usage and melee kill moves, such as that common to the personality Cool, that Ness will be an amiibo many people are not looking forward to facing. Those of you who keep up with tournament results, watch out for SNES. It won’t be long before Cloud finds the formula.

Pit / Dark Pit

Pit and his edgy twin brother having another fight. Ah, siblings!

Pit and Pittoo are amiibo that I did not enjoy training in 4. I didn’t like their characters and they simply weren’t fun to play on the ground. However, now that we are in Ultimate, not only have I grown an unexplainable love for the characters, the amiibo game has opened up to aerials, raising their potential immensely.

Pit and Pittoo have a serious perk over the other multiple-jump amiibo – even if they are punished for their jumpy nature their recovery is enough to get them back to the stage. These two will chase offstage perfectly, not missing a beat and always using the proper aerial, and reverting to their amazing neutral aerial when on the defensive. I have seen very few amiibo able to outclass these two off stage or above stage, and considering amiibo now have a love for those two areas, these two could pose serious threats and cause grand upsets.


The second most terrifying creature in Smash Bros.

Possibly my favorite amiibo to watch, Jigglypuff is an amiibo I see as a serious sleeper. She loves using her side B to get opponents in the air, and I have not seen any other amiibo pull of as long of a combo as the Puffball. She’s been entered in less than 5 tournaments and had poor showings both times, however most of that can be attributed to her weakness to any heavyweight. With proper training, she will use Rest almost perfectly and can dominate the air, being one of the few amiibo I’ve seen who can effectively use air-to-ground combat and not get punished (Mostly due to the threat of Rest).


Thanks for reading this opinion piece, if this is the kind of post you’d like to see more of, please let me know! I may continue this theme where I write about amiibo I think are underrated, or I may switch to a simple, personal analysis of all/most amiibos potential. The purpose of this was more so to motivate the newer players to try some amiibo I sincerely believe to be better than they currently show. Thanks again and see you next post!

Reminder that Clash of Chumps 3 is approaching! Be sure to train up your amiibo for the Spirits AND Vanilla tournament!

All images are borrowed from SSBWiki


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