amiibo Style Guide: Logical

Welcome! It’s time for the first entry in a long-requested series of guides: amiibo personality types. Now, I’m not going to sit here and act like I know everything about these – there’s still much to be discovered, which is why we’ve been rather quiet in terms of posts and updates. There are over fifteen styles available, and Logical is one that many Smash 4 veteran trainers get on their amiibo. We’re going to go over what this personality is, how its amiibo play, and how you can get it on your own amiibo. Let’s get started.

What is the Logical style?

Here’s a simple answer: a grounded defensive playstyle that incorporates the use of projectiles (if applicable to the character in question). For example, the Ness amiibo shown above will generally stay on the ground, only infrequently using its aerial moves. If the opponent is in the air, the amiibo will occasionally chase them down with aerials. However, it will rarely leave the stage to gimp (at least, compared to other personality types).

The Ness amiibo shown above is a prime example of a Logical-style character. Over the course of more than 100 battles, I have tracked its movement and decision-making. It likely does not apply to all Logical amiibo, but this information could still be of use to you. For one, it does indeed remain grounded most of the time, and as I mentioned before, will usually only use aerials if an opponent is in the air. It doesn’t dash dance or run around too much, although it will rarely make use of the former. It also uses a good amount of grabs, but this doesn’t seem to have any ties to the Logical style itself.

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What amiibo benefits most the Logical style?

Honestly, the Logical style is good on virtually any character. It’s rather easy to obtain and provides the amiibo with a solid playstyle that can challenge most others. By the way, personality styles likely won’t have a tier list: given a few months, we may find that each style is viable with enough training (and turning the Learn button off against opponents whose styles are vastly different). Overall, I’d say Logical may work best on characters with projectiles who aren’t necessarily projectile-based, if that makes any sense. Ness, Lucas, Pac-Man, Luigi, and Dr. Mario are a few options. But again, Logical can work on any character. I’m just throwing some examples out there.


How do I give my amiibo the Logical style?

Logical is one of the easiest styles to give to an amiibo. If you train yours using Spirits, it’s very easy to find one that will change its personality to Logical. If you don’t, try playing several 3-minute matches against your amiibo. In these matches, don’t run around, don’t dash dance, and don’t use aerials. Stay on the ground and rely on jabs, tilts, and then smash attacks to KO. Utilize some special moves, too, especially if they’re projectiles. Don’t go overboard with them, though, or else you might end up with something else. You should also throw some grabs into the mix for good measure.

Within a few matches, your amiibo should become Logical… or get close to it. You see, there’s a “pool” of different personalities this match can get you. In addition to Logical, you may also end up with Cool, Sly, or even Unflappable. The latter, Unflappable, is obtained by playing full defense, but that’s for another time.

If you already have a Logical amiibo, and want a different one of your amiibo to become Logical, turn Learn button of the already-Logical amiibo off. Then, have it fight the amiibo who you want to become Logical (keep its Learn button on). It’s not a guarantee, but you may end up with two Logical amiibo in the end! If you haven’t noticed, it’s really difficult to have a personality in mind for your amiibo and then actually obtain that style on it.

We’ll have another personality guide coming up within the next few days. Thanks for reading! Be sure to join our Discord server, etc. etc.

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