Amiibo Training Guide: Lucas (SSBU)

Welcome to the Lucas amiibo training guide for Smash Ultimate! Lucas has been a bit frustrating to train for me, but after my recent tournament win with him I am satisfied that I’ve got him figured out!

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4

Perhaps the inverse of Smash 4, Lucas seems to outclass Ness in almost every way. Lucas’ PK Fire doesn’t trap opponents and his back throw isn’t as powerful, but he lacks the AI flaws Ness has gained in this iteration and has a better recovery. As a result, Lucas’ off-stage game is much stronger, and this plus a few other factors confirm that Lucas is (as of now) at a much higher power level than Ness, and potentially one of the best amiibo overall.

Almost all of Lucas’ moves have been buffed: his neutral aerial is a devastating damage-racker, his grabs can throw the opponent off-stage where he reigns supreme, and his PK Thunder can be used to chase opponents into the left and right blast zones.

Lucas’ most notable buff, however, is to his neutral special: PK Freeze. It is nearly guaranteed to KO any opponent off stage… and yet Lucas’ AI cannot use it. If taught to, it will use it “raw” – short, useless, and uncharged. Unlike Ness, however, Lucas will not “raw” fire the move if he is not taught to use it.

Spirit Stats & Effects

As with every other character, the AKS setup works wonders on Lucas (Armor Knight & Move Speed Up). The small penalty to recovery this build brings is essentially meaningless to Lucas, who can recover from the depths of the bottom blast zone.

Another viable option is Instadrop. Paired with Lucas’ great aerials, Instadrop makes for an excellent approach option. To fill the remaining one-slot gap, a simple and clean bonus such as PSI Attack Up fits the bill perfectly.

With Lucas’ quick, cheap-KO playstyle, there really aren’t any bad builds to use. If you want to maximize the value of your Lucas’ dangerous off-stage game, Spirit effects that increase defense and longevity are the way to go, such as the aforementioned Armor Knight, or even Autoheal.

Moveset Breakdown

New in Smash Ultimate is off-stage and aerial fighting, which was unviable in the previous title. Lucas should be trained as an off-stage fighter, as his quick and disjointed aerial attacks make him a terrifying force to be reckoned with. Combine that with a tether recovery and a PK Thunder that goes farther and isn’t slowed by contact with an opponent, and you have a character who dominates off-stage play.

  • Neutral Attack: A trio of weak kicks that serve as Lucas’ fastest interrupt. Good to throw out to intercept moves with high startup.
  • Forward Tilt: A small burst of PSI that can be angled. Has a sweetspot in the center of the magic diamond.
  • Up Tilt: An upwards PSI-powered kick that can juggle opponents depending on their weight and damage.
  • Down Tilt: No PSI, but at lower percents it can combo into itself, especially at the ledge. Combine with a PSI Magnet, a forward tilt, or any of the dozen moves this can combo into, and your amiibo will replicate it.
  • Dash Attack: A slow PSI attack that deals more damage at it’s tip than it’s base, and at the farther end can KO at high percents. Definitely only use as a safe punish, as this move has a lot of lag.
  • Forward Smash: A faster, weaker version of Ness’ Bat. Deals more damage at the tip. Without a trapping PK Fire, this move is very situational, but a good KO move. Use it to reflect PK Fire or punish.
  • PK Smash Geyser (Up Smash): Lucas’ most powerful onstage kill move, this blast of PSI should be used sparingly. The startup and ending lag on this move is large, so this should only be used as an anti-air attack if at all. Lucas’ AI will love to use this move often so use it VERY sparingly. An upside to this move is that the final frames, where it reaches it’s peak, seems to confuse opponents trying to avoid it, resulting in a decent amount of damage.
  • PK Blow (Down Smash): Three PSI blasts, increasing in range and decreasing in power with each one. In terms of Amiibo, this is going to be one of your main on-stage KO moves. The AI will edgeguard with this if taught, 2-framing his opponents. Not much ending lag, so not too much worry of him getting punished after, but a decent amount of starting lag. Also a good shield punish.
  • Neutral Air: A nice approach option, he traps the opponent with a few small PSI burts, the last of which launches the opponent away, but not my much. Should mostly be used to punish an enemy getting too close or to escape getting combo’d.
  • Forward Air: A PSI emitting kick that can KO at high percents, or otherwise just make space.
  • PK Meteor Kick (Back Air): Lucas kicks and does a backflip. The tip of this will meteor smash and is a nasty and satisfying spike, but is not much good otherwise. Be careful to mostly only land this as a spike.
  • Up Air: A headbutt that deals decent damage and knockback; mostly useful as a KO move above stage.
  • PK Foot Stomp (Down Air): Can safely meteor offstage, and can be used against onstage opponents for decent damage while mostly staying out of reach, and can lock into Down Tilt combos. A main usage of this is to dance above the enemy with until one hits and you can follow up with a Neutral Air or, if quick enough, a tilt after landing.
  • Rope Snake (Grab): Lucas’ tether recovery. Has a decent reach and is a good recovery option. 
  • Throws: Lucas’ forward and down throws are KO moves at the edge at high percents, his up throw is a KO at super high percents, and his down throw can be followed up with a large portion of his moveset.
  • PK Freeze (Neutral Special): DO NOT use this move at all. Lucas will not use this move properly, will spam it, and will get heavily punished for it.
  • PK Fire (Side Special): Your go to zoning tactic. Rack up damage, get the opponent in the air or even off stage, go in for the kill when ready.
  • PK Thunder (Up Special): A recovery move and an off stage killer. Chase the opponent into the blast zone or beneath the stage and force them to recover uncomfortably or get an easy kill. Lucas AI doesn’t miss a beat when chasing with this move and will get some disgusting damage and KOs.
  • PSI Magnet (Down Special): Use this move to absorb PK Fires and PK Thunders, including the ones he uses to recover; that trick will come in handy in Lucas mirrors. The small burst when it is released can stop an opponent enough for a follow-up or even semi-spike them offstage, which opens up all of your super early KO options.


The Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo metagame is very diverse and healthy right now, barring the many Bowsers and Links. So many different characters get a chance to shine and, in Lucas’ case, finally step out of Ness’ shadow.

If you have any questions about your Lucas, or other amiibo, please join our Discord server and ask away in the amiibo chat! I frequent that chat to answer whatever questions I see, but the rest of the community is happy to help as well and share the information we’ve amassed so far! Thanks for reading and see you next time!

All images save for the header image were lifted from the SSBWiki (Thank you for making my job easier!) Special thanks to Cloud as usual for editing and to you all for reading!


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