Clash of Chumps 3 Summary

The two biggest amiibo tournaments to date have concluded, and there’s a decent bit to talk about from what we saw. Without wasting time on fluff, let’s jump straight in!


The vanilla tournament was very diverse compared to expectations, even with most of the Bowsers and Links surviving pretty late into the tournament. This was the most rounds a Ness and a Roy had survived so far, placing 3rd and 4th respectively.

Coming in 2nd was a Link (it was to be expected that at least one of the top 4 would be a Link or Bowser) trained by Nozomu, who was sent to the Loser’s bracket rather early by the amiibo who won the tournament, but made a spectacular comeback, fighting a diverse list of characters to make it back to second place.

Placing 1st, a nice breath of fresh air, was a Ridley, trained by Omega. Some of us wrote Ridley off way too early, and I will admit I didn’t give him a fair trial before deciding he was bad. This Ridley made it all the way to the finals without dropping a set, where he lost the first set against the Link, but came back to win the bracket reset. Througout the whole tournament, he only dropped four games, three of which were to the same Link.

The Vanilla Champion, Ed Teach!


The Spirits tournament suffered from quite a bit of Bowser and Link strangulation, but unlike the Vanilla tournament, it was the Bowsers who all made it far, rather than the Links.

3rd and 4th place were both Bowsers, whose super armor smash attacks paired with high damage output carried them far in the tournament.

2nd place went to… a Ridley again. Jeez, really rubbing in my face that I was wrong about Ridley aren’t we? This Ridley, trained by FarmingSim/Blue, defeated three separate Bowsers. Each set against a Bowser he won 2-0, proving Bowser may just yet have a counter that can do consistently well.

1st place went to a Lucas. My Lucas! I did it! All emotions aside, my Lucas absolutely abused his offstage play and safe recovery to defeat other amiibo excessively early on in matches; during one of his matches, he took both of his opponents stocks in 27 seconds. Throughout the tournament, he dropped two games, one to a King Dedede and one to the aforementioned Ridley. One thing against him, however, was that through this whole tournament he never faced a Bowser. On four separate occasions he was one set away from fighting one, and while I can’t say for sure, it most likely would have resulted in a massively different bracket.

The Spirits Champion, Leaf ψ


In conclusion, thank you all for entering and making these the two biggest tournaments to date! I’m very glad to see such a diverse range of amiibo doing well, and glad to have broken my curse of never winning big tournaments! Be on the lookout for guides over the next few days, including the Lucas guide released today, and expect the next Clash of Chumps to be announced no sooner than a month and some change from now.

Congratulations to Omega, Nozomu, Farmingsim, and everyone who did well (and even those who didn’t do well! We love you Keebert!). See you all next post!


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  1. ‘Grats on the win. Good to see that there’s still shakeups. It would be disappointing if the community had already doscovered all there was to discover.

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