Konoha Seishin – amiibo Tournament Announcement

Konoha Seishin is a reoccurring Spirits tournament with multiple stages, held on March 1st and streamed on my personal twitch. This tournament will begin with all amiibo split into 8 groups for a round-robin. The top 2 of each group, 16 amiibo, will move on to a Swiss stage. After the Swiss stage, we will finish off with the top 8 moving on to a standard double elimination bracket.

Complicated enough? It’s a bit conceited of a format, but I wanted a tournament that maximized the amount of opponents any particular amiibo had to fight to go far in the tournament, to minimize the chance of flukes or miracle runs (although I do love fluke runs; it’s how we discovered the potential in amiibo like Lucas or Yoshi.)

The main catch for this tournament comes in it’s reoccurring nature; the top 8 of any tournament are automatically reinvited to the next, and get a free pass to that second phase, the Swiss stage; in future installments, only* the #1 spot in each group will move on to compensate, but for the first one we don’t have a returning 8, so the top 2 will be brought instead.

The rules for the tournament are as follows:
Omega Stages, 3 stocks 8 minutes, best of 3 matches.
No FS Meter
2 entrants per tournament**

The following bonuses are banned:
Super Armor
Slow Super Armor
Any bonus not obtainable through regular play*** (Lifesteal, Poisonous Smash Attacks, etc. etc.)

All bins are due by 11:59:59 PM CST February 28, 2019.
DM all bins to smashfork1337@gmail.com
My twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/leaf_1337

* – If one of the top 8 is not resubmitted for the next tournament, all 2nd places of each group will play off in their own mini group stage in the form of a single elimination bracket. I will not automatically resubmit a top 8 amiibo’s bin unless specifically asked to.
** – Entrants brought into the tournament through it’s invitational nature do NOT count against the total you may enter. For example, if Cloud enters his Ness and Kirby into this tournament, and his Ness makes the top 8, which gets it reinvited to the next tournament, he can still enter his Kirby and one other amiibo into the next tournament.
*** – Entering an amiibo with hacked bonuses or impossible stats will result in a permanent ban from Konoha Seishin and other tournaments hosted by me (including Clash of Chumps). (Legal stats are 5000 with 0 bonus slots, 4800 with 1, 4500 with 2, and 4200 with 3.)

WOW that’s a lot of fine print. I’m excited to see who all gets entered! Remember; the best of the best are gonna be here. That doesn’t mean not to enter your fun and experimental amiibo though; see how they hold up against the top dogs in the VODs afterwards or during the stream itself. Who knows, your experimental setup now might be the best for that particular character.

Thanks for reading and be on the look out for two new guides coming from me in the next few days; one for an amiibo who (technically) isn’t released yet!


2 thoughts on “Konoha Seishin – amiibo Tournament Announcement”

  1. Any predictions? Any requests on FP to train? There’s obviously “popular” amiibo out there that get entered more than anything else. Who’s an infrequent pick? I may just start from there.

    1. I can predict a few specific trainers’ amiibo who will make it to the top 16/top 8, but I also love surprises.

      Diddy Kong, Sheik, and Sonic have to be the least frequent picks for sure.

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