Amiibo Training Guide: Falco (SSBU)

Welcome to the Falco training guide for Smash Ultimate! Falco is an amiibo I saw potential for right off the bat, but couldn’t get the pieces to fall into place. With help from Nozomu, who currently has the best Falco in the metagame, it’s time to finally get a guide together for him!

Changes from Super Smash Bros. 4

Falco received a plethora of various nerfs and buffs from the previous title, however there are too many to name and very few apply here; The one we care about the most is that his KO potential has been lowered. However, with aerials and off-stage combat now being viable, Falco’s potential in the amiibo metagame has opened up.

So far, Falco seems to continue his trend from Smash 4’s amiibo metagame of just being better than Fox in every way, however this may change with time. With the opening up of the air, Falco’s power rose greatly making him a considerable opponent for even high tier fighters like Link and Mii Gunner.

Spirit Stats & Effects

While the AKS (Armor Knight + Move Speed Up) setup is universally good on everyone, Falco is one of a handful that have a setup seemingly better. Falco benefits immensely from the “Instadrop” effect, which allows the fighter to instantly shoot downwards outputting a hitbox as they do. This hitbox opens up so much combo potential that Falco has lost since the last game, and works insanely well on this character. He can do some insane things like Instadrop into Up Tilt, and follow that up with even more attacks resulting in heavy damage.

Being very air based, you don’t need to worry too much about your defensive investment as Falco, but don’t go too heavy on attack! Your amiibo still needs to be able to take a few hits.

Other than this, Physical Attack is a great bonus for Falco, covering most of his moveset, however Air Attack would work just as fine due to his playstyle.

Moveset Breakdown

Falco is mostly an air fighter in this game; his best KO options, approach options, and edge guards are air based. However, this does not mean his grounded game should be neglected.

  • Neutral Attack: Two swift jabs from Falco that leads into a flurry of jabs that ends with a kick from above. This move is good for stunting approaches from the front, use this in a pinch if you need a fast move to bail you out as it comes out on frame 2.
  • Forward Tilt: A forward kick from Falco that can be angled down or up. At low percents this move won’t push them that far back but it can combo into things like down tilt, at medium percents this move begins to push back further giving you space to breathe.
  • Up Tilt: Two fast and arcing jabs overhead. This move is by far the most important on the ground when trying to start long combo strings. This move does hit opponents as long as they are in front of Falco, but you primarily want to look for them to be above you to use it as an anti-air.
  • Down Tilt: Swings his tail out in a circular motion in front of him. Down tilt is one of the more important moves on the ground, as it puts them in the air-right where Falco wants them. This move can also kill at relatively high percents if you hit the sweet spot.
  • Dash Attack: A rush forward with a flying frontal kick. This move sends them at the perfect angle for plenty of Falco’s aerial combo starters. Use this to punish landings, as it has decent distance and active frame time.
  • Forward Smash: Falco lifts his arms up and swings them down onto his opponent dealing considerable knockback. This smash attack is very useful when you’re near the ledge, as it can kill early and puts them off stage, which is where Falco gets most of his kills. Use this as an onstage kill option, but don’t prioritize it; your amiibo needs to primarily be an air fighter.
  • Up Smash: Kicks two times above him sending his opponent soaring. This is one of Falco’s combo smash attacks and his fastest smash attack. It can also kill once your opponent gets into the higher percents.
  • Down Smash: A perfect split, kicking both legs in front and behind him and sending the opponent flying horizontally. This smash attack is strong and decently fast, and sends almost fully horizontally which can lead into a laser or down air.
  • Neutral Air: Spins his arms around much like his jab attack. This attack can be used to combo from all the tools that send your opponents into the air, but its range makes it outclassed by his other aerials. It may be better to train as a defensive option, or just a quick way to catch their opponents off.
  • Forward Air: Spins his entire body horizontally using his beak as a tipper. This move is far more useful that Falco’s neutral air when in combos. You can even use this move with instadrop to land onto people! This is a high priority move, both as a KO option and an edge guarding tool off stage.
  • Back Air: A quick kick behind him delivering a powerful kick. This is Falco’s strongest kill move based on his style, and should be heavily prioritized.
  • Up Air: A swift overhead kick.. This move is one of the main moves you want to be using to combo out of up throws and up tilts. Anytime they are in the air, you want to up air them if possible. Up air also combos into itself, making it one of Falcos main juggle tools.
  • Down Air: A downward kick that delivers a satisfying spike. It combos with instadrop perfectly and can set up into grabs, up tilts, and smash attacks. This is also Falco’s main way to kill people off stage if they recover low, so definitely teach him to prioritize this move.
  • Throws: Falco’s throws all have combo potential besides back throw, which eventually starts to kill at high percents, but down throw and up throw are Falco’s main go-to combo throws as down throw combos into forward air and up throw combos into up airs. Forward and Back throw can also assist in getting the opponents off stage which is useful if you’re looking for a forward aerial or down air spike off stage!
  • Blaster (Neutral Special): If you’re using Instadrop, Blaster won’t be useful outside of gimping jumps off stage or forcing low recoveries to look for a down air, but Falco’s Blaster does 3% per laser and can be good against characters that want to zone!
  • Falco Phantasm(Side Special): Dashes forward, leaving an afterimage behind him. This move primarily is usually used to extend recover as you can act out of it after using it, but be careful as you can only use it once while in the air if you do not get hit. There aren’t many situations where this is good to use on stage, so it’s probably better to avoid for anything besides recovery.
  • Fire Bird (Up Special): Charges up in flames and flies in any direction held. This will be your primary recovery tool. I would not suggest using it on stage for damage, as Falco will begin to randomly fire bird upwards at nothing which makes him a sitting duck (That was Nozomu’s joke not mine). You can use this move from below or horizontally or even higher up from the stage, though Falco Phantasm is more useful horizontally.
  • Reflector (Down Special): Unlike Fox, Falco kicks his reflector out in front of him to damage his opponent and to reflect projectiles. This is the primary tool you need to use when teaching Falco how to deal with projectiles. With the presence of zoning and camping in the Amiibo meta, this move can give Falco an edge against them.

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