Wave 4 of Ultimate Amiibo up for pre-order!

That’s right trainers and collectors, break out the wallets and get ready to spend because we have three new* amiibo coming out on July 26th!

Coming in just over two months is the Pokemon Trainer, Isabelle, and Pichu amiibo for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate!

Out of these three, two of them actually already exist; Pokemon Trainer exists in the form of Charizard, however the amiibo is locked in starting as Charizard; There has been no word on the functionality of the Pokemon Trainer amiibo, however it would make sense for you to be able to select your starter, and that is the currently running theory.
Also, the Isabelle amiibo is available in her Animal Crossing form. Her Smash amiibo release would be rather lackluster, however her rarity in tournaments partnered with her extremely intelligent AI means all trainers need to be prepared for Isabelle to make a comeback when people get their hands on her figure!
The last amiibo on the list is Pichu, one we are all excited to see, and skeptical on what power level to expect from him. Either way, this is a heavily sought after amiibo and it is extremely recommended you try to get your hands on it early!

Pichu and Pokemon Trainer are available for pre-order at their respective links, while Isabelle is not yet available for pre-purchase; Keep your eyes peeled, however, as she may pop up soon!

Huge thanks to Best Buy for giving the site a shout-out on twitter and for consistently being the best source for in-box amiibo, both online and offline! (We are not officially sponsored by Best Buy yet, however the recent attention, albeit humorous, the corporations twitter has given to the site and to me in particular is definitely a good sign for the amiibo world! Maybe we’ll get our chance in the spotlight, but for now we sit tight and keep doing what we’ve been doing!)

That’s all for now, keep your eyes peeled on the sight for any of the following guides coming in the next few days (I can’t actually decide which to write it’s a problem):
Shulk, Zelda, Mii Swordfighter, Pac-Man


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