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Tic & Tac is Cloud’s Ice Climbers amiibo. It is considered the strongest Ice Climbers amiibo in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and is one of the only consistent representatives of the character. Tic & Tac is also known to stand completely still when fighting other Ice Climbers amiibo.


Tic & Tac was among the first Ice Climbers amiibo to ever be trained and was used as a test subject during the development of the Ice Climbers amiibo training guide. It started out using Spirits; however, when the Spirits metagame began to fall out favor, it was reset and switched to vanilla. Tic & Tac has been entered into multiple tournaments, but has not achieved favorable results; this is because the Ice Climbers are considered a bottom-tier character in the amiibo game. During a late night Ice Climbers training stream, Cloud discovered that Tic & Tac would stand still against certain opposing Ice Climbers amiibo. This resulted in over an hour of two separate Ice Climbers amiibo standing still; the match had to be exited because it would have gone on forever. A link to the full stream archive (with no commentary) can be found here.

Tic & Tac’s nickname derives from Tic Tacs, a brand of mint that comes in many flavors. Specifically, Tic & Tac are based on the frosty mint flavor of Tic Tacs, and this fact is reflected in their alternate costume. Popo is in a dark blue suit, while Nana is in a light blue one.

Tournament Wins: 1


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